Friday, May 20, 2011

Gold through $1500

Anyone that can explain the parabolic move in the last 5 minutes, just let me know. I'm all ears. Might be the fact that the world is ending Sunday, but that just a hunch.


  1. World's ending ! Although I don't know why you'd want to collect gold - won't be useful in the afterlife.

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  3. probably bc the weather unit has gone long (all in) on gold! he is the one controlling the markets. developing....

  4. Sunday? No, no, no! It's tomorrow, the 21st! I'm gonna blow off cleaning the house or cutting the grass. :)

  5. options expiry day for ETF's ...random swings I expect

    Hey...just discovered this ...Hong Kong opened a bullion futures trading platform 2 days ago. HOPEFULLY this gives us a source of honest price discovery...they expect to offer silver in June.

  6. Because Zimbabwe said that they are going to trade their diamonds and platinum only for Gold and not the USD. Wait till this movement goes global. Can't even begin to wrap my mind around the implications if Saudi Arabia started demanding Gold as payment for their crude.

  7. This could be why:

  8. in addition, mexico is thinking of moving to a silver backed currency....the movement to metal backed currencies is on!

  9. Unit, I just read your post.
    Dead cat bounce? Listen man, you are weird.


  10. weather Unit your blog said silver was to hit $20 this week. FUCK OFF. Dont post here.

  11. you mean like this lol

  12. just read something that makes total sense:

    "gold $1500 and silver $35 are key areas where options sellers can do very well if price just hangs around here through expiry. The sellers (team bookie) do well on both the calls and puts they sell if they can hold price near a major round number into expiry day for those options."

  13. yup

    ...thus the "quotes" and the reference to another author ;)

    Stewart is in BC...and late publishing today...but ontrack as usual

  14. this is from '97, but i believe still relevant today.

    Date: Sun Oct 19 1997 17:26

    Where are my THOUGHTS leading?

    Yes, Mr. Cole you are correct. The Central Banks have known for quite some time the true value of gold in today's paper world. In a very real sense they are on our side. Let's take their side if you will. They are not dumb or stupid, in fact many of them are the best of the best! You see, the world grew up and ran away from them, totally out of control. It has left in it's wake a money system of colossal debt and political mismanagement. They know it is over.

    We are all at a giant poker table and the CBs act as the dealer. One day soon the game will end and the players will try to cash in the chips. In that day the dealer will act in our own best interest. They will not pay out gold for the chips. The money system will start over, from scratch.

    It is easy to know that gold could not have been traded for all oil sold. This was never the intent. They only wanted to pull a small amount out of circulation on a regular basis. Using a small amount of oil as a partial trading vehicle gold could be purchased in an all paper deal to hide it's price. As I said before, if they walked up to the plate and started buying outright it would run the price. It is working. They only need 200 million ozs. When the system breaks that gold would be worth all the oil in Arabia and then some.

    The Asians are the problem, by buying up bullion worldwide and thru South Africa they created a default situation on all the paper for the oil / gold trade! Now the CBs are selling in the open to calm nerves but it's known that they will never sell enough. It was never their intent to provide the gold, only the backing until new mining technology could increase production. Over time the forward sales, such as ABX's should have worked. But LBMA went nuts with the game and the whole mess has now accelerated.

  15. These idiots predicting the World's End are morons. Just one of the group of fools giving Christians a bad name. Jesus says in Matthew 24 no one knows the day or the hour. These family radio people are retards.

    On another note, does anyone know anything about Mike Dillard and the Elevation Group, he claims to work closely with Mike Maloney.

    And I don't know what happened to gold, only that I want more of it.

  16. Exergy,

    I find Stu hard to understand sometimes. I mean I get the gist of what he's saying I just wish he'd use " financial slang" or Stu speak!

  17. the last time gold exploded and silver did nothing was before the bin laden farce/silver -6 collapse at the turn on april to may

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  19. Funny how no one is mentioning the gold launch on the mid-day talking heads. As a matter of fact, CNBC said that gold shows some upward movement and is now above $1500. Are you fricken kidding me? The chart was YTD and because of the scale (not to mention some logo obscuring the mid-day spike) no one could see what is happening.

  20. Norway will no longer throw good money after bad in Greece. This has explosive potential, methinks.

  21. For mid and long term investors, THIS VIDEO EXPLAINS ALL!

    New Competition for Comex:

    The bull has returned.

  22. @Cleburne61...

    Me thinks you're right!


    It's options expiration today (stating the obvious, I know). I'm not sure how many people pulled the plug on their short positions, sold their puts, and turned around and went long...but that could be one explanation for gold squirting parabolically. OOOOH!

  23. Here's an interesting fact I just figured out: When new, a good Ferrari in 1972, 1987 and 2011 cost around 290 ounces of gold.

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  25. Better hold on to your saddle, its gonna be bumpy from now on.

    Gold up, dollar slightly up, silver down. Qúe?

    In average, stress relieving earth quakes happends every 2 hours.
    Its now 4 hours pass that average. Soon it will be outside the CI for standard deviation,
    which is bad news.

    EDIT: Kuril Islands north of Japan just had an mid 5M earthquake, still, that is not enough for "world wide" stress relief, since area close to Japan seems to shake all the time these days.

  26. Weather Unit..what the hell would be the reason for silver going to 15 or below....and you worked for the USG...what as a postal worker?

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  28. News, Weather unit, please present your case....
    I saw what your referring to about the IMF several days ago. Push USDX up and others down, OK. That alone doesn't make it so. The Bernake said he was going to sell treasuries and other assets as well and that's a joke. U just throw shit out. Make the case and sell it as to why, U may be right but just throwing shit out about 15 silver is not the way to do it.

  29. Norway announced an end to aid for Greece, other European countries to follow ensuring a Greek default. Euro flees to the dollar and gold. that's why the run up in both.

  30. This might explain the sudden urge for gold:

    Yeah, I know it's all actually a MSM school-play, but still, they both know what is going to "happend" during the
    "_days_...weeks..(months)." (Sic!)

    Freaking me out big time!

    Fuck me and call me Charlie, I just temporarily liquidated my Tinkas at a great expense :'(, cant afford a 50% drop or so if Chile is struck by 9.3M

    EDIT: New Guinea just had a severe 5.8M on the mainland. Stress buildup over, poor Guineans.. :(
    And my poor poor Tinkas..

  31. "Weather Unit..what the hell would be the reason for silver going to 15 or below....and you worked for the USG...what as a postal worker?"

    I put it all in on WUnit being an ex-postal worker. HAHAHAHAHA. LOL. Lookin' all goofy with those daisy duke shorts and pinstriped shirts.

  32. seriously Weather Unit, if you are here to HELP....well...present some of your 'insider' info...
    your not helping anyone here by just being an ass....If you are such an American,...Help you fellow Americans that are trying to make a better life for themselves.

  33. @WU,
    Worst case I see would be ~$27, and I strongly feel we will see ~$38 before then. ABC
    Silver merely hanging out down here to create the doubt necessary to propel it higher. It is all about perception, weak hands vs Strong hands.
    Even TPTB use this against the herd.
    Had I the DP Walp, I would have bought your Tinkas!
    Nice weekend all!

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  35. Picked up some AMZN PUTS again 190's June/July, who ares cant even remember. Sold my SLV puts on that rally today. Silver sucks right now. No one wants to play in that garbage manipulated area anymore. I may transfer my energies into Gold now, until silver is done being beat like a baby seal.

  36. if tinka has an earthquake at their mines they wont have to dig so much, just walk around and pick it up the silver thats pretty fuckin bullish, right sgs...

    astrology.....its worth an ounce across the board....

  37. sgs, you're keeping the physical though correct?

  38. Anyone been watching what the stock of GS has been doing? And to a lesser extent JPM? Think these corrupt companies know something? Oh, of fucking course not, because I have been bringing this up for over a month. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ WITH NOT ONE RESPONSE

  39. Ledbed... so what are saying? this party crashing finally?... interesting chart of GS

  40. Ledbedder,

    I know that lots of HF lowered their exposures to financials, and that GS has, don't quote me on this, EU exposure and they are currently being sued by the USG for mortgage fraud.

  41. Beware the NIA Penny Stock Pump & Dump

  42. 2pac4ya: Don't be stupid, phys > all.
    freddi607: Yeah, I love you too.

    But may you please explain why Australia (which has no seismic rift at all) just had a mere 4.6M in the middle of nowhere?

    Im a physics scientist, which happend to be interested in ASTRONOMY.

    People believed the earth was flat some 500 years ago. The same people today (Christians) believe that earthquakes are created by an angered God. lol

    Others believe that they are created due to tectonical drift and magmatic motion.

    And some (like me) agree with the tectonical drift/magmatic phenomenon, but also believes that the celestial bodies with their mass and perturbation of B-/E-fields, can increase the seismic activity on earth and the coronal mass ejections on the sun.

    Did you know that we have tides on our earth, known due to the moons gravitational influence on the mass of water, with density 1000g/dm3.

    Why wouldnt the sun (i.e a ball of gas/plasma) with a known surface density 1/10000th that of water, be subject to tidal forces created by it's orbiting "moons" as well?

    Do you even know what the Wolf cycle is and what influence it has on the people of earth every eleventh year? (ie 2000-2001, 2011-2012)

    I am paranoid, yes,
    but I see so much bigger downsides in the stockmarket now for a hoard of different reasons.

    Go figure...

  43. Beware the NIA Penny Stock Pump & Dump

    Mega Precious Metals

    NIA are paid to promote this stock.

  44. SGS, did you see this. I got it from Max Keiser.

  45. Weather Unit, I thought we were rid of you.

    What is the difference between a washing machine and the weather unit?

    A washing machine does not follow you around after you dump a load in it?


  46. @walp86 if you have some spare time, I recommend you look into plasma cosmology. It's a non-standard cosmology but will give you a new perspective on viewing the universe.

    If anyone tries to claim that silver supply is analogous to the peak oil myth, ask the cretin the following question:

    How does silver form?

    After that, demand the clod produce an independent global silver survey. Watch the cretins squirm.

    Oil is completely different, there is a huge debate regarding how oil is formed. This debate will surface in due time and hopefully the peak oil story will be settled once and once in for all. None of my technical and corporate colleagues in the oil sector are concerned about peak oil. If anyone knows the truth about peak oil, it would be them. For the reasons of transparency, I should mention, they have never flat-out denied it (I'd never put them in such a difficult position). That said, they are finding oil in many "unexpected" places :)

  47. Yousif,

    Tell me more, as I am intrigued with hydrocarbon science, especially the novel ideal of abotic crude oil? My question is what is the source of the initial substrate? I mean have they been able to quantify the original carbon base, as it would have had to be in liquid form.

  48. not sure why my post showed up 3 times, sorry about that.

  49. SGS,

    What reason do you have for the PUT options of AMZN?
    There E-Book sales are booming, the stock seems strong.

    Just curious.

  50. UT,
    over priced, some crazy P/E ratio, shipping cost, compressed margins, general economic malaise.

  51. so you got schiff's view of the NIA... He is Lebed on Schiff.

    who do you believe?

  52. So your tellin me you wouldnt buy after all this bg talk abt how fiat price doesnt matter and phyzz is limited?

  53. @Yousif
    "Oil is completely different, there is a huge debate regarding how oil is formed. This debate will surface in due time and hopefully the peak oil story will be settled once and once in for all."

    If oil flowed in my toilet we've still got to get the fuck off is killing too many innocents..

    Comprenez-vous mon ami?

  54. More INSIDE INFORMATION revealed:
    This is one you need to pay specific attention to:
    Obama Clashes With Israel

  55. Yes, one more reason to SHTF,
    cause everytime US has messed with Israel, something bad happends to them. :(

    More INSIDE INFORMATION revealed:
    Warning: Immense pressure building up in Indonesia\New Guinea region, expected large +6M earthquake in matter of hours.

  56. ...
    Spain is pissed as well:

  57. Hey Weather UNIT,

    Can I get my 40 virgins? If so I go with you. If not I'm staying in Satan's playground, because I know there are 40 virgins around here somewhere, will maybe not here but somewhere.

  58. Weather unit: Im the only one in here spreading fear, and thats because Im paranoid\schizophrenic.

    You, are just a plain retarded (i.e Christian).

    Of course the world would not die tomorrow, but there might be false flag attacks and or a big fatal earthquake for one or two nations.

  59. WU, your blog is okay, but your silver predictions suck worse than the newbie local weatherman.

    Looks like JPM and fuckbuddies covered almost 4,000 shorts this most recent COT report and shorted almost 2000 contracts last weeks report.

  60. It looks like someone is lighting a fire under Chilton's ass on position limits. These slackfucks where supposed to have these in place months ago...


    South Sandwich Island getting pounded real good.

    6.5M(rather big) and 5.6M at almost the same time!

    Little risk of Tsunami though.

    I will only report on bigger events as said before. This is rather big.

  62. @malcolm I'll recommend the following texts, they opened my eyes to petroleum production in general.

    Petroleum Geoscience From Sedimentary Environments to Rock Physics

    I quote from its preface:

    "Most universities do not offer specific courses in petroleum geology/geophysics
    and only a few have a Masters or PhD programmes in this field."


    Seabed Fluid Flow The impact on Geology, biology and the Marine Environment

    I have discussed CFD simulations in petroleum production with several petroleum geologists. Very interesting discussions. I'll leave it at that :)

    I'll be frank, I'm not a biologist, but I have been involved in very interesting discussions with petroleum engineers who have a biology background.

    Deep, hot biosphere is very interesting.

  63. @mossmoon:

    "If oil flowed in my toilet we've still got to get the fuck off it"

    Of course, if oil flowed in your toilet, you better get off that damn toilet. What a waste if you didn't.

    " is killing too many innocents.."
    I beg to differ, greed and ignorance kill innocents, I think we need to get the fuck off those.

    If you want to stop using oil. Feel free to do so anytime.

    Don't impose your twisted logic on us.

    @SGS apologies for so many off-topic comments. This is the last.

  64. Ladies and Gents, this post is over the top but in line with the BS we are bombarded with with silver on a daily basis. I am frustrated and only want to point to the corruption that mind fucks us all. Would it surprise you to know that Al Gore is one of the biggest BS stars the planet has ever witnessed and his rise to stardom likely has to do with money and profit. Check this video out it only supports the F**king BS we've all come to know and trust from our leaders in regard to climate change:

  65. Don't split hairs with me byatch.

    Off topic?

    Petro. Dollar.

    Twisted logic and ignorance indeed.

  66. Anyone know to permanently block users here? Or is it impossible? Let me know.

    To all: Yes I keep my physical, will never sell it, EVER- only when its time to trade it I will.

    AMZN puts: fundamentals are great...but it doesnt matter...when Ben's big sucking sound comes without clear cut QE3 announcement, it will go to $100 again. Also, you have to remember I am a daytrader. I hold stuff for a week TOPS. Most times just minutes. But the AMZN chart looks like death...short term, MACD crossed RSI moving lower, $200 is bad level to be testing for upside, overall market tired, heading into June...many reasons to start hedging the puts here. More to some tomorrow in commentary.

  67. seems like this is what we are up against:

    Saddam switched from dollars to euros about a year before the war. 12 months later Iraq was invaded, Saddam was hanged (allegedly) , and the dollar was restored to power. Qaddafi made a similar mistake when he initiated a movement to refuse the dollar and the euro, and called on Arab and African nations to use a new currency instead, the gold dinar.

  68. Zimbabwe is backing it's currency with gold from it's lands.I suppose they will nationalize all the gold mining operations to get this asset.

    IF this story is true, what you think gonna happen to gold, ladies & germs? And, this little rat hole of a country will rise straight to the TOP baby, if they pull this off!!

    And, what if behind the scenes, somehow IRAQ is backing their currency with gold.YES, THE DINAR!! That puppy was worth $3.80 in 2002. It went down to like $.005 I believe, but is back up to 2 cents/dinar.Don't quote me on that, though... I tried to buy 100,000 dinars last week for total delivered of $134!! Had it all ptinted up & approved AND THEY LOST THE ORDER!! It has moved up since....I smell stuff is brewing BIG TIME behind the scenes....WISH the nsa(my assumption) hadn't deep-sixed that order I had!Pricks!

    Regarding AMZN. GREAT call SGS! I see what U see on that chart, too.

    NEWS UNIT: Go pound sand you fukin idiot, ok? THIS is not negative attention, dude. SIMPLY LEAVE HERE.This place is for SANE minds you nut-job!!

    (won't bother posting link2my blog, the master runs this blog, I'm a simple chela!)PEACE.


  69. NIA news:
    NIA Pump and Dump Scam Exposed

    SGS: I don't get paid for this so calm down ok. I'm not as worthy as you are.

  70. SGS:
    Go to "Settings", then to "Comments".

    But, from what I see, the only way to effectively block somebody is if you chose the members only option.....You will severely cripple your readership numbers if you choose that option....

  71. Im sorry that shit is funny!

    Weather Unit are you related to the News Unit?

  72. greeks bearing gifts, qe on the qt

  73. Ok...its 2:25am PST Sat. Morning... and CNN is NOT covering the Rapture. Damnit... Im not religious, but I thought it would be nice to get rid of those that are so off-their-rocker, we here that didn't believe and didn't get saved, could finally get down to business and start a planet with no religion and no money. Both are the only cause for war, and we don't need that shit. Well.... ok...i mean we dont need paper money... Gold and Silver or nothin else...guess I'll wait til 12/21/2012....

    SGS- Hope to hear from a around 6:01pm tonight...

    SGS- Hope you are still here at 6:01pm tonight.

  74. There's elections in spain on sunday. I don't know if that can be related.

  75. "...CNN is NOT covering the Rapture. Damnit...."


    Weather Unit: are you a double agent maybe? Mossad? MI6?