Friday, May 20, 2011

$1500 Gold, $35 silver...

I sit here baffled at LinkedIn's IPO yesterday. I mean $45-$120 in 6.5 hrs of trading is, quite frankly, preposterous-this isnt 1999 anymore. Silver goes from $25-$50 in 4 months, and it attracts all of the investment worlds bubble characters.

We are getting fucked people. Plain and simple. $35 silver is a joke, even inflation adjusted prices should reflect $80-120.

You better pray that the entire system seems the PTB has a strangle hold on this right now.

On the next closure of the ratio around 20:1, I will be transferring 30% of my physical silver into Gold.

The regulators are paid pussys...

Keep buying Phyzz at any level here or below. I have a small hedge of SLV PUTS just encase something gay happens today (highly possible).

And lots news spewing out from Israel, Libya etc. Should be a fun day.

I will be keeping an eye on AMZN again, to see if we are headed to $190 and below, this LKND IPO is pushing up all these worthless tech stocks.


  1. @sgs

    lol..dump it.I gotta question..sounds cheesy but i ran into your blog,turd,silver docs,js after i lost money in options.Better late than never!!!!!

    I ain't tryin to promote anybody but have u heard about Franklin Sanders?I guess he isn't a troll but his predictions have been amazingly accurate from $49 to $33!!1

    he says though the bull run is imminent and will last upto 10years ther's still some correctio left in Gols & silver both will stoop to 1380 & probably $28.

  2. Actually, according to John Williams, silvers inflated price should be around $375. I am planning on trading silver for gold once the GSR is around 30:1, which should be sometime in the 3rd quarter, according to the research that I have been doing.

  3. I have somehow managed to save up 108 ounces of silver. I keep them in my underwear drawer next to the tiger balm. I know that My Little Daughter Dearest will kick me to the curb the moment her house of cards catches a breeze. She is going to be giving me a little bonus at the beginning of June because I deloused her collection of stuffed Tasmanian Devils (again). Here is my question... I do not have any food stored up and I have no weapons. When I get my little bonus from Blyght should I buy storable food, a Glock 23, or a roll of Philharmonics. I know it's important to think about food and protection soon, but I haven't made a substantial purchase since the great crash of 2011 and I can't seem to help myself from just buying the physical everytime I have a spare dime (mercury's excluded). So I open this forum; If you had 108 Oz of silver and no weapons or storable food what would you buy with $900.00? Thanks for being the support system that My Little Bitch of a Daughter could never be.

  4. Sorry but target G:S ratio is around 1:20.

    There's only 10 times more Silver on our earth than there's Gold. Add to it small fact that some of the Silver disappears in industry while Gold pool remains more or less constant.

    And this is what happens when you screw with Silver bulls

  5. Most frustrating part about the last couple of weeks is the total lack of volatility. Even with the talk of the debt ceiling being breached, no move in the metals? C'mon?!

  6. Blyght's Mom, take your $900 and head down to the clinic for a 130th trimester abortion.

  7. If Lnkln can get that bubbilious, just wait til the lid blows off silver/gold. Its a runaway train picking up steam, and the COMEX brakes cant hold it much longer.

    As for this Franlin Sanders dude, just through him on the 'Im a top calling chump' pile with Nadler, Kass, Morgan, CNBC, ect.

    Below is today's Fedspeak for 'roll out the barrels' of QE3.
    Gold may gain in New York as speculation the Federal Reserve won’t start tightening monetary policy soon spurs demand for the metal.
    Fed Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans yesterday said improvements in the economy, labor market and the outlook for inflation aren’t sufficient for the central bank to begin reducing its record monetary stimulus. Gold pared some of its gains after the dollar climbed against six major currencies. Gold typically moves counter to the greenback, which earlier today fell to a one-week low.

  8. Haha MH, I tried to abort Blyght long ago but as usual she just wouldn't cooperate. When the doctor inserted the Jacquemier's Decapitator she bit the end of it off and then stabbed it into my liver. It's still lodged in my liver today and I pay the price if I drink too many Dirty Martinis. I think back then the decapitator was made out of .9999 SLV... Maybe that is why she is holding such a grudge after all these years.

  9. Blyght's Mom - buy some rice, beans and a gun. the phys you buy isnt going to protect you from some a**hole that has a gun and wants your phys. hope it never gets to that, but better to be safe than sorry. there could be some months ahead where a gun and some food is worth more than phys.

    gold and silver are going to go up, thats a fact. but staying at these prices is great for those that are still stacking. i know it sucks for those holding paper gold and silver. but thats their game. i would be thankful that prices are this low for now, just keep on buying and keep on stacking. you will be rewarded with time and patience. the lower it goes the more time you will have to keep buying before the SHTF. so keep stacking that phyz bitchez.

  10. Sanders is not one of those top calling douchebags.

    All his posts end with

    "To avoid confusion, please remember that the comments above have a very short time horizon. Always invest with the primary trend. Gold's primary trend is up, targeting at least $3,130.00; silver's primary is up targeting 16:1 gold/silver ratio or $195.66; stocks' primary trend is down, targeting Dow under 2,900 and worth only one ounce of gold; US$ or US$-denominated assets, primary trend down; real estate in a bubble, primary trend way down. Whenever I write "Stay out of stocks" readers inevitably ask, "Do you mean precious metals mining stocks, too?" No, I don't."

  11. is an absolute joke what is going on. it would be one thing if Johnson & Johnson took off running. After all they produce a real product and pay a dividend. these companies that don't produce a thing (linkedin) and that are trading for over 100$ a share is retarded.

    I would love to see this collaspe... however, I have such a hard time thinking it will with what the US is capable of doing. They will bomb and kill whoever gets in their way. "you won't take our dollars!? ok, you are terroist! bombs away!"

    one day soon!

  12. Don't get despondent dude. That was their key goal, that we walk from silver. Don't let them get to you.

  13. PTB =

    Powers That Be...

    ...Passing the BUCK

    'nuff said

  14. Yeah Sanders is great "on the way down" but he seems to always thing it needs to go lower than silver thinks it needs to. He works strictly of of technicals so he's often surprised on the upside. Overall he seems like a decent guy.

  15. You know.. as long as they can print money to solve problems, I think they keep doing it. This even includes squashing the price of the PMs. Eventually the dam will break, but probably not just right now. The dollar is still accepted as good currency.

  16. @Blyght's Mom...

    This may sound ridonkulous but you should get about 4 Sunday papers and start cutting out coupons for shit you need like toilet paper, paper towel, razors, bread, canned goods, bottled water and drinks. You should do this every Sunday and clip coupons for all the stuff you'll need. We have been doing it for 3 weeks not and are saving between 50% - 70% on our grocery bills and stock piling shit.

    Yes, we have big time food inflation right now, but I don't think the kind of inflation where bread will cost $8 - $10 will be here anytime soon (i.e. this year). But I do think it's a good possibility in the next few years. So you have time to stock up. Besides, $900 won't even get you enough storable food to last you a month...maybe if you got the Mountain House cans. But I think couponing is the way to go for a while.

    In fact, you might want to get a Big Berkey water filter. The Berkey Light is only $231 with free UPS ground shipping. Here's the link: and be sure to use coupon code "Alex Jones" at final checkout screen to receive a discount. I think these things filter out fluoride and a bunch of other shit you don't want in your water.

    Of course buy more silver!

  17. Linkedin is fucking stupid and Gold just overdosed on Viagra Enjoy your weekend !


    There has been debate about the gold-silver ratio. I do agree with Eric Sprott that silver will more than likely hit a 10-1 ratio or lower when the panic sets in.

    The reason why silver hit the higher 60-100 to 1 compared to gold is how it has been mined recently. Back in the late 1800's and early 1900's silver and gold were mined mostly by human and animal labor at very high ore grades. Thus, the price of gold and silver were based closely to this relationship to the geology in the ground.

    We have to remember back in those days a gold coin had a value of $20 and silver $1. Thus we had our 20-1 ratio.


    If we go back to 2004 we find the averge cost per ounce of gold was $300 and for silver it was about $5. Thus we have a 60-1 ratio.

    Going back to Kitco and look at the gold and silver price this is what we find:

    2004 GOLD AVG PRICE = $409.72
    2004 SILVER AVG PRICE = $6.67

    $409.72 / $ 6.67 = 61.4

    What we find that the price of silver is tied more to its production cost than its ratio of gold-silver production which was about 8-1 in 2004.

    The reason silver has been priced according to more its cost than its rarity is due to the fact that analysts where pricing silver as a mere commodity and not a precious metal or a monetary metal.

    70% of silver comes from OPEN PIT mining with other metals like Zinc and Lead. More often than not, silver was treated as a credit for the other base metals. Thus cheap oil has allowed silver to be mined below its actual value for many decades.

    This will all change as the world is peaking in oil at the same time ore grades are falling which makes OPEN PIT mining less viable as time goes by.

    The gold-silver ratio will hit 10-1 or less....not because I say so....but because of its monetary value when the US DOLLAR DIES.


    When I wrote 70% of silver mining was OPEN PIT, I meant 70% of silver mining is BY-PRODUCT MINING utilzing OPEN PIT techniques.

  20. Just to share my finding.

    For intra-hours silver chart, notice that the HFT bots always get booted out after shorting silver for around 6 hours from the peak, then silver goes north again.

    Compare the 3-day silver performance from the chart below then decide your entry point. Once the silver has fallen for nearly 6 hours from recent peak then can consider to buy. This is the best chart working for me so far.

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  22. "On the next closure of the ratio around 20:1, I will be transferring 30% of my physical silver into Gold."

    More info please.

  23. @mossmoon

    "On the next closure of the ratio around 20:1, I will be transferring 30% of my physical silver into Gold."

    This is called arbitration. When the Gold/Silver Ratio is low, as it went down to 32~33% at the high at the end of April, May 1st, it's recommended to swap your silver for gold.

    33 oz of Silver = 1 oz of Gold.

    You hold onto the gold until the GSR rises back up to 50:1, 60:1. I am going for 47.5:1, and then I'm going to swap my Gold back into Silver.

    By doing arbitration, just from simple swaps, you end up with more silver coin in your possessions.

    A beautiful investment strategy that doesn't fall into the need of being turned back into fiat!!!


    And about Franklin Sanders. He has decent information, as he likes dissecting the charts and divulging the shit that he sees.

    The only problem that I have is that he adverts his silver products almost everyday, and when he does that, I just tune it out.

  24. QE3 should break the shackles.