Thursday, May 19, 2011

Long weekend, Printer toast, awesome.

Instead of writing a report for you tonight, the last 2 hours has been spent trying to pry open a space the size of lady gaga's vagina (sarc added), and fish out the small piece of paper the is creating a paper jam in the fucking unreal printer. In the process, I have cracked plastic, fucked up the rollers, and have not got the paper out so this light can stop flashing. I am now going to proceed to throw it on my lawn, and join the wasteful society I live in. Made in China. Seriously, whos printer has a paper jam? Its 2011 for fucks sake, not 1993.

We have long weekend this weekend, so most people will go and get drunk while I work like a mexican and mull over charts so we can eat them up come monday.

I will be posting like normal, holidays are for sheep.


  1. Just take it out and execute it Hunter S. Thompson style.

  2. Funny post.

    Seriously, printers are so much cheaper these days, it's almost better to toss it out and get a new one.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I got laid tonight.

  4. Me to, hurry up the kids will be home in 20 minutes. It took me 19, LOL

  5. LMAO.. me too Heward... LMFAO.. Hey SGS.. use that printer for target practice after you take the tiny bit of silver in it out. :) oh thats right. you Canadiens can't run down to the open field and lock and load. I forgot.

  6. this is the holiday weekend?

  7. Yeah, May 24 in Canada. Re the printer I think this Error Code is accurate - "PC Load Letter" The problem, and the solution:

  8. SGS:Let me guess, you have a Canon Pixma 510 printer? Worst crap ever.

    Okey, how about this:

    Easter Island 4.9M, Sakha, Russia 4.9M
    Both at the same time this morning, and almost the same depth.
    And the best part, they are almost perfect antipods to each other. Wierd!

    Im super serial, we´re getting pulled real' good folks, and tomorrow we´re gonna reach maximal fuckpull :S

    I will buy puts for my every last penny today, especially if the indices go up on opening.

    New:South Pacific, mid 4.9M, "randomly" located in the middle between Easter Island and Russian Sakha.

    I will only report mayor\wierd earthquakes from now on, dont wanna get spambanned.

  9. @sgs

    lol..dump it.I gotta question..sounds cheesy but i ran into your blog,turd,silver docs,js after i lost money in options.Better late than never!!!!!

    I ain't tryin to promote anybody but have u heard about Franklin Sanders?I guess he isn't a troll but his predictions have been amazingly accurate from $49 to $33!!1

    he says though the bull run is imminent and will last upto 10years ther's still some correctio left in Gols & silver both will stoop to 1380 & probably $28.

  10. Interesting you speak of GaGa's vag and fish in the same sentence.

    Yea so the Cartel pwnts PM's. You can continue hating them or play their game to your advantage. Every move they make you can also stand to benefit. They days of fighting BM and the rest of the cocksuckers are over. I go to bed every night and say a silent prayer that they knock it down to $0, 100% cash market. The quicker the better cause time and every fundo is on our side, not theirs...they're time is limited and on day the ponzi will end.

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  12. Indosil: interesting!

    As the representative for United Negative Nancys, I agree on the $28 mark, since there is a HUGE support at that level, but I even think PAPERsilver may go down a bit further than that.

    This is strongly supported by the fact that it have been trading sideways the last weeks, and not upways as it should have done post correction without the further margin hikes. The paper market is as scared to margin hikes, as Im scared the hell about the increased seismic activity all over the globe. And once again the pressure is building up (i.e silence) since the relatively big one in Turkey last night.

    But as for the physical price for silver...
    I got another shipment of physical today at $55(!), damn, Im addicted!
    Those newly mint 2011 Canadian Maples are so beautiful, they even made me wipe a tear out of my sleep deprevated reddish eye.

    Im totally loaded with puts over this very special weekend, a really exciting feeling!