Friday, May 20, 2011

Schiff on NIA, LOL


  1. Well I was happy to hear Schiff rebut the Pump And Dump. It's a sad situation because I knew VisionVictory before he got caught up in the NIA - and also the NIA videos are actually very good. In fact I sent the "College Conspiracy" to my uncle who had been promoting the idea of 529 accounts for "college savings".

  2. I saw this coming a mile away. I was acutaly going to write a post that they would be recoing a stock within 48 hrs of the video.

    But you know what? How is the NIA any different than Goldman, JPM, and Citi, whom on a daily basis, pay THEIR analysts to reco shitty fucking crap? How is this different. Discussion open, lets hear it:

  3. I don't know too much about NIA, but from my perspective I see them as being bi-polar. On the one hand they do disseminate a lot of truth about the economy and money, and on the other hand there is the pump and dump. I have never experienced any of the negative side because I don't subscribe to any of their emails, but I do like their videos. I saw nothing suspicious in the videos.

    Just wanted to point that out - that from MY view as a youtube subscriber ONLY I have not had any issues with their content. It seems like the mal-content comes in the emails or such which I do not subscribe to.

    Regardless I am glad that Peter Schiff is pin-pointing Lebed. If the blood that runs the scheme is rotten then it poisons the whole thing IMHO. I'd advise VisionVictory to jump-ship.

  4. Didn't NIA recommend Great Panther too? I thought I read somewhere they did - perhaps not, but I could have sworn I read on some blog that they recommended it a while back.

  5. They sold great panther rec in Oct 2010 for $1000.

  6. I've seen NIA's videos and really find them too much on the extreme, fear mungering side of the fence for my liking. All looked a bit suss to me, but maybe it was just my Aussie sensibilities. Anyway, I can't deny being a bit pleased to see them outed as a bunch of spivs.

  7. SGS.. You made a crap ton of money on that stock.... and supported it in your previous post :O(
    Man I thought I could trust you :O(

  8. Exactly @Patrick, I wonder how many other stock picks are similar to this??

  9. speaking of price action... shorting amzn again anytime soon? seems like 180's is possible in short orde

  10. Christ I think this NIA stuff is a scam through and through. This looks like the most brute force scam imaginable. Even if they weren't paid by the company they probably established positions and then sold to the suckers on the run up in price. Ledbed or whatever that weasel's name is really must be incapable of doing anything legit.

    JPM and Goldman are basically just more sophisticated versions of a pump and dump scam. I mean does anyone really believe that JPM can have blowout earnings quarter after quarter and be legit? Even so, that doesn't mean that what NIA does is ok. They're scum just like the rest and you ought to distance yourself from them SGS.

    Especially when you post one of their bullshit stock picks make sure people know it's a pump and dump.

  11. NIA is in bed with George 4 Title, a total wanker and scam artist.

    FU George, you fat bastard, and FU you NIA. Burn in hell you felchers.

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  15. I don't know why the link posted to that second. Start from the beginning. Also, how do you delete or edit comments?

  16. SGS, this is pay back for Schiff. Check out Lebed (NIA co Founder) in this video:

  17. here is the inside scope on NIA... take it or leave it. From what I've been told, Lebed is a bi polar crazy genius who has some issues. The founder Adams is a descent guy trying to do right. they represent themselves as an organization but in reality they are for profit. if you invest in their stick you need to make sure you reading the LINGO in their suggestions. with these penny stocks some of them you can ride out for a little and others you are better off just buying a dumping. sgs, made 5 k on wed...

  18. LOL...


  20. George4Title's youtube video response. I wonder how far this will go.

  21. this is the last thing the movement needs. i'm sick of this bs bickering between a bunch of self promoting scum bags. this movement needs to be more about making money... if these are our leaders in this we are screwed.

  22. SGS:
    THIS is no different that JPM, GS, etc...
    I been watching crap companies like he states for 9 years now.ALL pump-n-dumpers, all getting ZERO investigation....
    The catch is you must be "sanctioned" (part of their club) or they come after you as an example to anybody else that tries this shit w/o kissing the ring...(as a donation of the proceeds drops into a bucket as you genuflect kissing da ring).

    WHATEVER you do, DO NOT stop covering SILVER.DO BOTH, if you must, just do NOT stop covering SILVER.

    fwiw dept. I bet Schiff is gonna get slapped w/a lawsuit!


  23. Lawsuit? please, these babies need to stop promoting themselves and become true leaders in this movement. How about they use there resources and file a lawsuit against JPM? all schiff and NIA care about is themselves. Where is the leadership in this movement? Fuck NIA, Fuck Schiff. Kudos to SGS, SilverFuturis, Vision Victory, Zero Hedge and Turd! I'm sure there are alot more out there. Some one take a stand and fight the true enemy... full force! fuck this NIA/Schiff bullshit... fucking weirdos.

  24. & FUCK you too weather unit! I said Kudos to SGS, Silverfuturist, Vision, Zero, and Turd! How can you post what you just posted and sit here talking about keeping your physical no matter what! Why are you posting here?

  25. Great stuff from Peter Schiff. I watched the "College" video of NIA and assumed they were genuine. It only goes to show you have to be very very careful out there.

    Just buy physical and forget the rest.

  26. SGS do you have access to his PREVIOUS video from his blog? I mean - the talk on IMF.

    It has been removed, which means it could be very important video to watch.

    I saw it appeared some time ago, and I wanted to wait till this weekend. Now it's gone :(

  27. Guys... Five >5.0 earthquakes rapidly shaking North Alaska, that place, like many other spots being hit recently, doesnt even have a rift,
    not normal at all seriously..

    Tectonic plates to check it for yourself:

    Be safe!

  28. Okey, this is getting ridiculous..

    EIGHT identical 5.0M just "rattled" New Guinea.

    Hmm, this is clearly bias.. then the shakes in North Alaska probably is as well, considering that none of these helicorders picked it up:

    Yawn, zzz now.

  29. Today the world ends (apparently) so I am selling all my phyzz and spending it on hookers and blow. It was nice knowing you guys lol.

  30. OK, I have discovered how to become rich beyond your dreams using every person trying to recommend a stock like: NIA, SGS, Schiff, I hate this current pissing contest. When they recommend something (1) pull up the chart. Then ask yourself this (1) is it going up, then buy the motherfucker
    (2) is it going down, then sell the motherfucker (3) is it going sideways, stay out of the mother fucker and keep and eye on it until the motherfucker is either going up or down. You are welcome.

  31. walp86: I know earthquakes can lead to some serious stuff, but so far, these ones you have been pointing out to us these past few days, what impact have they had on investments/speculation/governments?

  32. @SGS, you mentioned you were shorting YONG, are you out of that position or still sitting on top of it? I bought a couple of cheap puts and am waiting to sell them, but yesterday they were back up. Thoughts?

    Remedies for Freedom

  33. Ledbedder: Im only trying to pinpoint hotspots before a big one strikes Peru\Chile\SF\NewMadrid\Rome\Tokyo\Indonesia\Bejing etc.

    We´ve already seen what the Japan 11th of march earthquake did to their poor people and country, as well as their economy.
    Nikkei index went almost -20% in three days. Consider that with 25x bear-leverage, thats close to 500%.

    And if it is false alarm and nothing happens, you will still turn out fine since exchanges rarely skyrocket 4% in a randomly selected normal day, considered the epic failure times like we live in today.

    By watching "seismic flows" one can with a mediocre certainty predict what region a big one is about to strike, judging from foreshocks.

    As was the case of Japan the 11th of march:

    Select non cumulative in the drop down menu, start the simulation and click the arrow to step your way forward, noticing the average number of quakes is 3 - 13, but then on 9th of march, two days before the big one, it goes to 30!, i.e out of the region average with statistical significance.

    Also, "seismic silence" is another indication that something is about to happend, as in the case of the 26th of december 2004 Thailand "tsunami" quake

    Select non cumulative, and start the simulation, then use the arrows to step your way forward in time, noting that the average is ~2 earthquakes per day. Then when you get to 24 and 25 of december, all is quiet in the whole region, then BAM, 65!

    Though almost 300 000 people lost their lives and the coast line was devastated, the market barely declined a few percent or so after the holiday opening.

    I have 60% of my belongings invested in world indices sell options, due to the excessive seismic activity seen the recent weeks, as well as CME´s going off randomly in the world.

    A CME induced fuckup hitting some of the financial capitals will turn high frequency trading into a stop loss bonanza.

    Sorry SGS for flooding your channel with pseudu-economics.
    I will shut up for now,
    but I´ll keep you informed if some really strange anomaly occurs, indicating that the BIG one migiht be "around the corner".

  34. Weather Unit, what amazes me is why you keep on posting here. Why not just try to write informative posts on your own blog? If no-one reads them or posts any comment, maybe that means people recognize you don't really know anything. Read more, post less.

  35. I get Adam's Wall Street Grand emails and he's picked and "dumped" some real winners. I missed HNHI at $.10 (tried to fill a market order should have went limit.) That stock rant to $1.68 in a few weeks. Now, if you're an idiot and hold you get burnt, but if you take advantage of the pump and get out in time you can really come out head. You could also go to Vegas an play roulette, too.

    Shiff is wrong about a few things and NIA's motives are dubious. The fool is the one who believes everything they hear/read from ANY source. Let these kids fight it out, get your popcorn and enjoy the entertainment and dont' get caught up in it all.

  36. you are fucking cool! The coolest!

  37. Dr. Durden: I wouldn't call it entertainment, but I agree with you. I would hope we all piss ants go against JPM, HSBC, GS and crush their nuts!

  38. @ anyone bashing schiff if you dont like what he says dont come her, go watch cnbc keep the board positive. The man is helping us note, I did not say trying he is helping.

  39. Having listened to Schiff for years you can tell that he doesn't have to the capacity for lying. Just like he misses subtle jokes many time. He's got a bit of Asperger syndrome or something.

    I just watched George4title interview John Lebed. You can tell that guy is an internet fraudster; he would never make in the real world as a scam artist. I'd keep my hand on my wallet if I was next to that guy with the body language he has. "Peter Schiff is selling a book so he's a fraud" Anyone who uses that as an intellectual argument is so f'n clueless. Every salesman in the world is now transformed into a conman.

    All I care about is being able to detect accurate information. Everyone has ulterior motives. Look into John D Rockefeller and the history of education. When people reach a certain level of power they learn to give stuff away for free to gain more power. Are their motives good or bad? I don't really care. Good and bad depends on what tribe you belong to. Look at the controversy over Ron Paul saying to sell the US gold. Do we want to Us to keep the gold because we realize the importance of gold, or do we want to the US to sell it to try to reach a more free market money system?

  40. P Schiff understands basic economics, a commodity these days more suppressed than silver. Investment must come from savings, otherwise=long burn inflation that will explode like the 1000-1 levered Comex.

  41. If you think this site is a gift horse for stock suggestions, look at it's recent history....stocks here are pumped and dumped also. I'm not suggesting foul play by the Mr. Silvergoldsilver but he remains "the man with no name" and his sentence structure and syntax indicates that he most likely isn't even an American. Again that doesn't mean he is up to no good...but buyer be aware when one doesn't tie their name to their advice.

  42. Crusso - if you ever donated to this site, you would know his name...

  43. @Crusso33:
    "stocks here are pumped and dumped also"

    Can you provide one example of this please?

    "I'm not suggesting foul play by the Mr. Silvergoldsilver but he remains "the man with no name" and his sentence structure and syntax indicates that he most likely isn't even an American."

    The poster has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he is incapable of very simple research. Listen to this interview @SGS did:

    If you still can't tell where he's from then realize he was recently infuriated by car insurance frauds in a relatively large land mass just North of FEMA regions 1, 5, 8 and 10.

    @Crusso33 if you can't do any DD (as you have quite blatantly demonstrated) then please stop leveling accusations with nothing but your deteriorating reliability index to back them up.

    There's a sentence in red at the bottom of this blog, if you can't be bothered to read it then do yourself a favor and get out of the market. People spend months researching the best television to purchase, yet cannot spend 10 minutes to do DD on a company they're going to invest in. Shame.

    SGS did not promote MGP. Several diligent commentators pointed out MGP's liquidity issues. They were not censored.

    If you haven't figured out that the idea SGS is promoting is much more important then who he is then you're missing the whole point.

    Our liberties are hanging by the skin of their teeth and all you care about is who SGS is? No wonder many have completely lost hope already.

  44. @ Crusso33 - I believe SGS has said he was Canadian.

  45. One man's advice is another man's pump and dump scheme.

    If SGS has 10 subscribers, it's just friendly advise. If he has 100,000 subscribers, the exact same advise would essentially be a scam. At what point should he stop giving out friendly advise?

    And, while we are on the subject, I doubt that anyone that reads this blog regularly just stumbled here by accident, and THEN decided to start buying phyzz and mining stocks. I'm sure everyone here was already convinced, and decided to come back here because everyone here already gets it. Nobody here needs to be convinced, and nobody here has to hold back their anger, like we do 99% of the time.

    We are all adults here. No sugar-coating. No blaming others when your investment doesn't go your way.

    We are an army, and we are at war. It's not your typical war, but we are determined to survive it, even as those around us refuse to see the truth. We will stand strong, and we will protect as many as we can.

    Choose your allegence. We don't come to this site for advice. We come here to share strategies, and to share our trophies! :)

  46. I agree SpyderTL, the intentions of SGS is as pure as my newly mint Canadian maples :)

    Lol, I just screwed around with anagrams and got:

    Harold Egbert Camping Rapture - Big gap, red thermonuclear trap.

    Kinda wierd eh?

  47. I think Daniel (visionvictory) distanced himself from NIA last year if I'm not mistaken. NIA has some great videos. I think both parties should STFU and move on. That being said, if I had to pick sides, I'd side with Schiff (for my own personal reasons that I'm sure nobody gives a shot about LOL).