Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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-121,539 OI, this is rock solid

Thats it. When silver and gold are consolidating, like they are, good news is hard to come by. I would like to turn you attention to an article I saw over at Harvey's. Yes, as "we tin foil hat" people always have conspiratorial things to say, because of course nothing is a conspiracy according to Wolf Bliztmanberg, this seems about right to me.

DSK talks shit about gold reserves, then gets some maid things slapped on him for not playing along with the other PTB's. If this is a shocker to you, start reading my blog more. Here is the article. After that I will get into some juniors updates below.
Click here for entire article ...


Tinka Resources: TK.V or TKRFF

Drilling is underway. I suspect, with a strong move in silver, to sell my shares at $2, like I have been saying for the past eternity. If they hit the Chimu, look for $3-5 by new years day. If they dont, look for .25 again. lol

Wildcat WS.V or WLDVF

TA telling me its going up. Hope we havent been fooled. Looks like someone is selling into any rally, sometime a good sign. 50/50 coin toss, I will be looking for $3. Might get shaken out of this on a gay move though. Should know by Friday.

More to come later folks including APKT updates.

Gotta run out for a bit.


  1. What's up with hinterland and its spinoff? I don't see any news. Anyone find any info? Is that a job for nEWS uNIT?

  2. Sorry a little off topic but did you read that article on Harvey's blog (this eve) re the IMF Chief and a CIA leak re. the gold in Fort Knox is gone - LOL Spin Putin in and we have a real Obama soap opera cover up in play...

  3. Look at the comments section in the link that SGS posted. Looks like our old friend is back...

    wynter_benton UNITED STATES says:
    01/06/2011 at 12:59 am

    Fort Knox is empty as will be the SLV very soon…..

  4. if you check the source of that 'news', it was from whatdoesitmean.com Sorcha Faal...the actual site is decent resource for links of actual news articles..
    his/her stuff is hard to accep, imo

  5. another thing..TD @ZH requested that no links to Sorcha Faal be on their site.

  6. That news story is most likely either disinformation or a hoax. :

    Here is the original source for the story "Sorcha Faal":

  7. The US has been living under a vast conspiracy since the FED-Coup in 1913. Everything else is a side show.

    Joe M.

  8. Sorchal Faal is a known bullshit artist.
    That said, an amazing story even if it was made up.

  9. You all have read the zerohedge about the latest margin limit reduces on the S&P mini. I am not sure if that sound very fishy to you or not.

    But here comes another article on quote.yahoo.com. It is from CNNmoney. It tries to convince people to be more bold when it comes to investment. It is trying to say it is ok to hold onto trades longer to maximize the profit.

    Does that scary you ? It does to me !! It seems like they are trying to set people up for bloodbath. They try to tell them to hang on their shares and don't get out so soon.

    Oh my....


  10. @coco:

    News story was written by "Carla Fried". Get it: FRIED! LOL!

    - oh and word verification is: "press". LOL!

  11. sgs, interesting to see that this story hasn't created much hoopla.


    i'm reminded of the guy who bought the $1 mil worth of SLV 25 Puts before the correction.

    did that story get more press?

  12. Holy hole in a bank vault Batman!

  13. Wildcat released drilling results this morning. :)