Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ACME update

As you know I took a trade on some puts in this fucking piece of shit based solely on its TA and the fact I hate its name ( I'm serious). That being said, the puts were up by about 50% the next day. I thought the market was going to tank so I got greddy and held on like a fuckwad would instead of unloading 40% of the position. The QQQ's have come back, the world is all better now, nothing to worry about. Fuck's sake. This one I will take in the ass. Here's hoping to some sort of sell off tomorrow so I can get out even. Highly unlikely. Highly gay. Chalk this up as a winner if you took profits, its a loser for me, as it was my hedge against a broad Nazy sell off.
On top of that my orders in the last 5 minutes of trading all got rejected to get the fuck out of this b/c of high volume options trading being experienced. Fuck you. Taking it straight to the red eye on this one.

A little early to the game here, rest assured, I will get back into this and watch it plummet to $50...wait and see.

Still holding the GLD and SLW calls (no fucking clue how those are even) and still long Tinka and Wildcat.

The rest I sit flush with cash. Any trades that are successful, I cash out, and buy phyzz on red days. Pretty simple formula.


  1. Terrible, you keep pulling stunts like this and I might have to ask for a full refund.

    All kidding aside, I actually followed you into this one but then sold out the next day. Although I bought a different strike and sure didnt make 50%...pretty much broke even If i recall correctly. Win some, lose some.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. “The great Khan causes the bark of trees, made into something like paper, to pass for money all over his country.” -Marco Polo, 1324

    Man, those ancients were WILD. Have you ever heard of such crazy $h!+??

  3. I can only watch in awe as you guys have phun with them options :(

    At least I opened a tax free account now :) (a mere 1% profit tax) I will transfer all my belongings there and buy long into OIL-OIL-OIL and hedge with put options on the stock exchanges, (especially Nikkei and DAX)

    I will try to sell off all my miners broke even except Tinka, Sotkamo and Wildcat which I think have the greatest potential.

    haha Strannick, nice!

    Just interchange Khan with Ben, bark of trees with fingertapping on terminal keyboards, bark of tree with glowing pixels, money with dollar, and country with world and you are spot on!

    Everything is back to "normal" on the earthquakes, i.e a lot of stress relieving 4M and 5M´s. :)

  4. I know this has nothing to do with ACME, but I wanted to point this article out, especially to my neighbors to the north (that'd be Canada, eh?)


    Also, has anyone watch that joke of a movie: "Too Big too Fail"? I watched it last night on HBO. I went back and forth from laughing, to frothing at the mouth in complete anger and disgust to almost in tears---and I didn't even have a single adult beverage!! They made all the bastards: Paulson, Bernake, Dimond, et. al. look like ALL they wanted to do is "save the country". Christ, I kept looking for the cape with a big "S" on it.

    Have a good trading day, all!

  5. I just got a mail from Wildcat. They released drilling results. :) http://www.wildcatsilver.com/upload/06_01_2011_Drill_Results_FINAL.pdf