Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wildcat hits some chimu! WS.V or WLDVF, 20.0 metres which averaged 329.8 g/t silver, 6.9 metres averaged 839.8 g/t silver

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VANCOUVER, Jun 1, 2011, 2011 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX) -- Wildcat Silver Corporation (WS) ("Wildcat" or "the Company") is pleased to announce the results for five additional holes (four step-out), completed on the Company's Hermosa property located in Santa Cruz County, Arizona. The Company continues to focus on increasing the width and length of the current resource and these results further support the extension of mineralization.

A complete list of drill intercepts, location map and 3D model of the Hermosa mineralization are available on the company's website at .

Step-out Holes

HDS-136 lies east of the American Fault zone and intersected high grade silver on the down dropped side east of the fault. The hole intersected 20.0 metres which averaged 329.8 g/t silver, 3.81% lead and 2.83% manganese. Within this zone, a high grade intersection of 6.9 metres averaged 839.8 g/t silver, 7.12% lead and 8.17% manganese. This hole represents the eastern most drilling on Wildcat's patented claims, indicating the Hermosa mineralization continues east of the American Fault and remains open to the east on the Company's unpatented claims.

HDS-137 is located to the north and intersected three zones of significant manganese mineralization. These intercepts extend the north-south trending skarn zone to the east and indicate the zone remains open to the east. The most noteworthy intersection in this hole was a 39.2 metre section which averaged 87.2 g/t silver, 16.89% manganese, 1.41% lead and 2.22% zinc, which included a 12.2 metre section with average grades of 156.5 g/t silver, 8.34% manganese, 2.73% lead and 1.50% zinc.

HDS-146 and HDS-149 are located in the western portion of the Hermosa patented claim block. These holes intersected moderate silver mineralization over narrow intervals, but have been successful in extending the Hermosa zone to the west. Drill hole HDS-146 intersected 131.5 g/t silver and 10.86% manganese over 4.6 metres. HDS-149 intersected three narrow zones of mineralization, the most noteworthy of which was 4.6 metres averaging 114.1 g/t silver.

Infill Holes

HDS-129 is an infill hole between two widely-spaced holes in the north south trending deep sulfide skarn zone. This drill hole intersected two thick zones of strong base metals mineralization with moderate levels of silver and moderate to strong manganese mineralization that show continuity between earlier drilling. The upper zone intercepted 25.6 metres averaging 89.1 g/t silver, 6.61% manganese, 8.79% zinc, 7.04% lead and 0.19% copper. The lower zone intercepted 10.5 metres averaging 57.5 g/t silver, 3.34% manganese, 6.12% zinc, 4.97% lead and 0.18% copper.


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  2. Nice! :)
    Are they already mining some older claims, or are they in early stage prospecting only?

    SGS: Is Hinterland prospecting also? (You know the saying: The "lower the younger")

    Earthquake-notice: Finally Relief in South America as well as Pacific Ocean:

    Happy Tiems!!!1

  3. When Blythe loses her grip silver will absolutely fly.
    All it will take now is a little more demand for phyzzzzzzz from all the corners begining to stack globally. It is a numbers game. Just like McDonalds increasing demand by building arches around the world. More people are seeing not so much the deception of the current system(MATRIX), but are realizing the safety of owning metal. The relative low price of silver will drive demand higher now due to economic demographics of individuals buying. Those millions of people protecting themselves buying an oz. or two a month. Thanks Blythe for making this SO easy!

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    I got my finger on the panic-button now, Swedish markets closed, however I can still buy Bear X3 LARGE DJIA within minutes if this is "it".

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  7. Let's see if they can close the day in the green... Looks like it's struggling to get over the 50MA.

  8. Picked up some more WS at 2.18.

    Thanks for the pick @SGS.

    I didn't buy phyzz today. I'm sleeping on it tonight.