Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Looking good for a Blythe fuck job soon

If gold cant break here, silver will get smoked. Open thread I'll be back in afternoon.


  1. Quick thought, the US defaults on its debt, bonds become toilet paper. Will this not cause interest rates to skyrocket, no one will lend to the US, or will the Fed just keep buying regardless, keeping rates low?

    The moving average on gold is intact so far, typical pulsing upwards in 6 month sections. Looks like we might see $1600 in the next month or two.

    So far gold has been a rock, very little volatility.

  2. Hi,

    A mont back.. most of the bloggers here used to report about silver shortage and the way dealers are selling these days. any updates about the sales of dealers now.

    Anyone in touch with his dealer.. please share.
    In india the rush has subsided. it looks people will rush in again when silver crosses 43$ - or 65000INR.

  3. I agree, gold has been much less volatile than silver. Is there a solid equity for gold (besides phyzz) that is not GLD?

  4. http://www.google.com/finance?q=NYSE:PHYS

    Is a closed end fund with 4% premium above spot!


  5. SGS,
    Thanks for the warning about Blythe.
    Helped my bank balance by shorting for a while.
    Much appreciated.

  6. Today's dip was so tiny that it seems silly to blame it on Blythe. I was really looking forward to seeing early May prices again.

  7. Wanted, info from a vault insider. Forklift driver or gold/silver stacker. Is there any metal left in the house?

  8. @Ex-Dissident

    I'm on the boat with you. I have about 12k fiat that I'm holding onto right now, and I'm waiting for that dip. There has to be ONE more dip left before it shoots to the moon. I really hope I'm not wrong either, but I'm just sick and tired of buying at the peaks. I have to invest this bundle of fiat like a winner this time...

  9. @PaidInGold,

    There is the tricky part. Where is the next bottom. I tried to draw a line through the last 6 months and believe the June bottom should be around 35. We'll see.

  10. @Ex-D

    $35 is what I'm looking for. Anything under that is gravy. I'd even be able to live with $36. $35 is fair though...

    Thinking that I'm gonna stock corn beef hash, spam, and other canned meats in the meantime. I'm pretty set in the water and grains department.