Monday, May 2, 2011

And no more than 10 hrs after I said it would happen....

Israeli Jets Prepare For Imminent Strike Against Iran. Who called it? I did. Fuck you haters. It seems that I know shit, and you dont. God bless America if this goes through, have fun with $6/gallon pump prices. And of course this is always bullish for PM's. Thank you Benjamin.

Click hear to watch Israel bomb Iran for no reason as the UN sits around and listens to AIPAC...


  1. Also very good for the Bush Big Oil family! Good call SGS - ZOG really does have high level influence, a great way to take pressure off the fake Birth Cert! This is becoming predictable! I suspect China and Russia will have something to say in dividing the spoils! Harper will send in our F35 peace keepers!

  2. SGS
    Right on the money! here is to you hater bitchez...Gobble cock
    it would be a blast to have a beer with you, you are fucking hilarious

  3. The ONLY thing you posted 10 hrs ago was the same stuff (from an IRANIAN website!) that has now been copy pasted by ZeroHedge.

    Obviously Iran is getting nervous after the US raid on the Osama crib in Pakistan. It's just scaremongering, sable rattling and a weak attempt to drum up anti-American support in the Middle East.

    Seeing is believing and I seriously doubt it will happen. I know you don't like Israel but you have to admit that Israel is not stupid.

    As a matter of fact, they are MUCH smarter than the US, for example by NOT going after Yassir Arafat in the same way the US went after Osama. It just creates martyrs and more trouble down the road you know...

    By the way, to the best of my knowledge Israel does NOT have F22 Raptors!

  4. Israel attacking Iran could start a chain of events of apocalyptic proportions, I certainly hope they don't. This would give the Russians an opportunity to give the US a literal black eye, rather than just an economic shiner among other things

  5. U.S. and Israel are denying the reports. Not sure about the reliability of the source... Iran Press TV. All governments are full of liars. There are no "good guys."

  6. You called what? A bullshit propaganda article? You're too smart for US media bullshit but you'll swallow some garbage out of Iran. Wow... just wow.

  7. P.s. I thought the Israelis were planning to use bases in Azerbaijan and Georgia? :-0

    It just goes to show how much BULLSHIT is being posted all over the internet...

    Of course it's your blog SGS, but a small word of advice: stick to PM's instead of geopolitics (and miner stocks). ;-)


  8. First off, all we do is fight wars for Israel. People use the antisemite card but ironically thing is most Jews aren't even semites, the Arabs are. check out Ryan Dawson's incredible doc on subject of being Israel's stick and stooge.

    My two cents, so it takes 10 years to find an already dead man (Dec 2001), OBL, and he's in this immense heavily armed fortress, getting cocky I guess, and from an inside tip the SEALS roll in and kill this phantom, not one american getting scratched... about as plausible as Zelicow's 9/11 Legend.

    gawd when will the sheep WTFU? then they bury
    him at see, least we got some fake video shots of McVeigh and Sadame.

    I am ashamed to live in the USA. This country deserves everything that comes it way. They can shake the metals by faking shit, truly a psyop of the sheep. Will be interesting to see how this all inter-relates.

    My fave Net radio had great rundown on OBL smoke and mirrors this morning.

  9. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The gootube police are listening:

  10. "You called what? A bullshit propaganda article? You're too smart for US media bullshit but you'll swallow some garbage out of Iran. Wow... just wow. "

    Dont worry give this another month...

  11. Israel won't attack Iran.
    They will sponsor 'rebels' who launch a coup.
    If Israel attacks Iran, fuck me, that is some ballsy shit to do.

    They are cowards usually

  12. yep, great call. As Bin Laden has been rumored to have been dead for nearly 10 years...makes one wonder whether the entire "WE GOT HIM!" campaign was just to divert focus from the Iran invasion.

  13. "If Israel attacks Iran, fuck me, that is some ballsy shit to do."

    It's not out of the realm of possibility. Remember, Israel has done something like this before when they bombed Iraq in 1981.

    That said I don't believe this report for a second. This information is coming from Iran state news media for crying out loud.

  14. Israel may not have F22's but the US is running *joint* operations out of Iraq with Israel, last I checked joint meant together. We (the US) get involved in that particular ass-hat mission and the unrest we are seeing now will look like an ice cream social at your granny's house. 6FRN/gal gas will be a fond memory. Hell life as we know it may be a fond memory. The freakin' Pakistanis have nukes, and dollars to bagels Iran is not far behind. One good pissing match over there and it is a Nuclear winter in our forecast. Obum-fuck needs to get the US's balls off the chopping block.

  15. B:"Of course it's your blog SGS, but a small word of advice: stick to PM's instead of geopolitics (and miner stocks). ;-)"

    You kissed out on tinka at .30 didnt you? HMI at .17? How about FAU at .48?

    My geopolitics are spot on. My miners are okay still.


  16. Just for the record, I would believe Iran news before I would believe ANY Israeli media (90% of USA stations now). USA media (and Canada) are 99% Zionist run. Tell me this isnt not new to you...?

  17. Fair enough. While I respect your conviction, trusting an Iranian news source over any others is a big mistake in my mind. At best, they all suck. To fall for this particular news item shows exceptional bias and objectivity.

    That said, I'm not opposed to your view that something is coming. I am against jumping at obvious shadows.

  18. the illumined ones and their numbers, got to love it ....


    I will side 100% with you on the parasitic/psychopathic state of israel that puppets the USA thru AIPAC owning congress ... O'keefe calls them out on Gaza (cynthia mckinney flushes them too) and exposes their dual citizen shell games.

    You should really listen to that radio link I sent last post.

  19. "Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader."

    From Fox news December 26 ready.... 2001.

  20. sgs,

    david ray griffin wrote a book on OBL's death a few years ago ... his funeral was reported in foreign papers.

    I sit here shaking my head, laughing how stupid americans are ... anyone ever seen Jaco and the gulf war wag the dog, how Fing dumbdowned is the USA

  21. Huh... hate to say it but Lindsey Williams was calling for unrest.. not a bombing of Iran.. hmm...

  22. Bin Ladin family was a very close business partner with the Bush family. Osama was a CIA asset known as Tim Osman. The Al Queda was created and funded by the CIA. The real enemy is already here and controlling your mind with total propaganda and lies through the mainstream media. Do you get the big picture yet?

  23. Lets stick to Silver and Gold here folks... this crap about Osama is about as important as The Weather Units Blog.

    For those whining about missing the $5.00 dip yesterday, shut the fuck up and go buy some fucking silver, price means nothing. If you cant afford 100oz, buy 50oz. Every little purchase that gets delivered to you in hand is more than enough to put these pigs back in their pen. It wont be long before we turn the flamethrowers on em and have a fat fucking BBQ.

    Fuck Obama, Fuck Osama, and fuck the ZOG.

  24. This manipulation today is totally retarded. All the talking heads on TV are pissing me off with their talk of $50 being the all-time high. That was in 1980 bitches. It's well over double that number in today's dollars.

  25. @highrise What about Gaspar Gomez. What about the Dias bothers? :)

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