Monday, May 2, 2011

SIlver is flying

Keep it rolling dont stop it, it gets intense...always find your sense of humor when things are not going your way.


  1. Proof? You want proof? I buried it at sea like any logical person chasing a goal for 10 years would do. Here's to the next Internet meme: buried at sea.

  2. Get ready to BTFD again guys...


    Bob Chapman on OBL etc

  4. Okay now that I'm hedged with puts its time to let this ride out...

  5. Love Silver...
    Hate animal abusers.

    Human beings should love animals like the knowing love the innocent; and the strong love the vulnerable.

    'Nuff said

  6. There... now all those peeps that missed out yesterday can still get a decent haul out of $43.80/oz.... i've heard people say, "($)40 is the new ($)30..." Get it while you can!

  7. HOORAY!!! The price is dipping again. Like Agauag said; I hope the price goes all the way down to $5.82 per Oz. Then I will be able to afford 3 Ounces when My Little Foot Worshiper pays me my allowance on Thursday. I'm really sick of polishing her Bunions all the time but it might be worth it for 3 Philharmonics.

  8. SGS said they were going to be throwing everything at it to keep the "price" down weeks ago and looky here... Yet another example of why this guy might not be right all the time but rather he essentially knows what the fuck is going on.

    Cue Chumbawamba's Tubthumping

    SGS, it is a privilege to be able to be party to your blog.

    Many thanks.

  9. Seriously, what the fuck is up with AG's weakness today? Is it the fact that the Asian and LME (LMBA) markets are closed and Globex is thinly traded? This is a little disconcerting. Someone stroke my hair and sing humpty dumpy to me, so I will feel better. I watched the shiny start to plummet when the POS started going up. Who is the fucktard(s) parking money in the green cotton/linen asswipe paper?

  10. Temporary, who cares?

  11. Cocksmokers at CME!

    And Scene: CME Hikes Silver Margin For Third Time In 7 Days, Raises Initial, Maintenance Margins By 12%

  12. "DM said...
    Temporary, who cares?"

    Just trying to totally be in tune with the AG markets from every direction. I am a long term holder and have a price target of $300 an ounce, so I am just bitching to blow off some steam with this fucking bullshit, unjustified dip. No trouble with AG here!

  13. Thought we needed a laugh here, buy silver now, gonna get some more myself

    AP sources: US used 'multiple methods' to ID body

    The U.S. used multiple means to confirm the identity of Osama bin Laden during and after the firefight in which he was killed, before placing his body in the North Arabian Sea from aboard a U.S. aircraft carrier, senior U.S. officials said Monday.

    The al-Qaida leader was identified by name by a woman believed to be one of his wives - bin Laden had several - who was present at his Pakistan compound at the time of the U.S. raid. He also was visually identified by members of the U.S. raid squad, a senior intelligence official told reporters at a Pentagon briefing. Under ground rules set by the Pentagon, the intelligence official and two senior defense officials could not be identified by name.
    The al-Qaida leader was identified by name by a woman believed to be one of his wives - bin Laden had several - who was present at his Pakistan compound at the time of the U.S. raid. He also was visually identified by members of the U.S. raid squad, a senior intelligence official told reporters at a Pentagon briefing. Under ground rules set by the Pentagon, the intelligence official and two senior defense officials could not be identified by name.



  15. Now, if people hoard commodities (like silver), what will currency buy? It seems to me that there is a delicate balance that must be played in order to keep commodities flowing. At the same time, the current huge overhang of investment capital must be evaporated (like in a stock market crash) or intentionally channeled into some precious commodity in a well controlled fashion -- in order to keep all other commodities flowing!

    Having seen that central banks all around the world are treating gold as the reserve currency of choice, if the investment overhang were to flow into commodities in any way to trigger a situation in which the commodities would be hoarded, gold will be used to counter that other commodity. It only makes sense. The central banks would strengthen their positions and work to keep the other commodity flowing.


    Today, not only do I hold a hedge against inflation, but I hold an unencumbered asset that is intentionally being devalued in order to buy time. The clues, that anyone can find with a little persistence, will show that the world is trying to shed the political dominance of the dollar and, even though it looks unlikely, it's plugging along like the little train that could. What might have been a long shot many years ago, looks to be highly probable. There is an advantage to those that see this if they buy gold today. Ultimately, the investment overhang will eventually think that all commodities are as good as money, but, central bankers must keep commodities (like silver) flowing for the function of their currency, thus they will turn to gold to absorb this investment overhang and use their surplus of US dollars to liquidate the Open Public Markets as long as they can. Eventually, all resources will be tied up and require the function of local currencies.

  16. /rant on

    Another fucking margin hike?!?! WTF? Pretty soon, traders will need to put up 100% of margin to even trade the fucking CRIMEX. And WTH for? I guess they want to see who the big players are with the deep pockets and big cojones who stand up to the criminal cartel. Fucking hell! I need to start trading GC or ES now since I can't trade my favorite fucking instrument. FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

    /rant off

    sorry for that. I needed to vent.

  17. Silver is flying...err, inverted!

  18. Those flying Asian carp are bad news. We have them here in Wisconsin and they are spreading into rivers everywhere now. The water just boils when I run my electric motor fishing. It's really weird!
    They start jumping at vibrations with the outboard and you can't even go fast anymore in certain places. At the rate they are reproducing they will be so thick like the carp are in Smith Mountain Lake Virginia (if anyone has been there). The government (DNR) doesn't know what to do. It's going to have a major impact on our hydroelectric dams, what's left of our paper mills and power plants as these fish plug up water pumps and other cooling systems. These fish were brought to North America and probably were genetically modified on purpose. All part of destroying the earth and eco-warfare.....

  19. I think margin rate hike went down something like this:

    JDime: OMGosh, there's so much volatility on silver last night! Get me on the phone with the CFTC asafp!

    CFTC: Yah?

    JDime: Did you check out silver last night?? Intense volatility!

    CFTC: Yah.

    JDime: Are you going to do something about that?

    CFTC: Like what?

    JDime: about raising margins!

    CFTC: We did that last week. Twice. And the 'policy' is to raise margins when volatility is high.

    JDime: but but but...volatility was high last night!

    CFTC: That volatility was induced by the margin hikes you told us to apply last week, you moron!

    JDime: oh. yeah. Ok, well can you do it again? The price is going back up!

    CFTC: Ok, but I need a 5th villa. I'm getting bored of the ones I have.

    JDime: done!

  20. B said...
    "Silver is flying...err, inverted!"

    Nice post, dufus. Silver has been brutally hammered by every fucking dirty trick in the book and it is still in the mid 40's. It is consolidation for a move in the mid 50's so buckle up or bend over cabin boy.

  21. Cut the crap news unit and Michael you are a dumbass

  22. Man, the CME's becoming more addicted to margin hikes than the CFTC is to internet porn!

  23. I dont know how much further low we can go from here. Yesterday there was a huge buyer at around 43.60 and there was another one going twice that at 43.50. Even with the raise in margins, silver is still going to consolidate in the 40s for awhile as it takes a huge move upwards around the big delivery month of July. I sense silver in the 60s come June. At the moment supplies are being DRAINED at Apmex. Apmex was down to their last 8000 Eagles for 2011 (the delayed stuff) until they upped their inventory to 80000 just two hours ago.

    Get this, their inventory went from 88500 (give or take) to right now of 81512! Silver is being DRAINED at the moment and alot of the weakhands dont understand the logic of how much physical is being drained.

  24. where do you guys see slv at by end of week and May OE?

  25. Apmex only has 2034 total Silver Eagles in dates before 2011....almost all dates sold out. Sunday morning, they were all available.

    Lets see what happens when the Globex opens up before Sydney and Hong Kong tonight... hopefully they BTFD!

  26. I feel like I channeled my inner SGS this morning, making this comment (on fb, not here): "Well... that dip lasted about as long as traders were asleep, I guess it's time to hike margins again?"

  27. Every pullback we have this inane discussion.
    Has the US Treasury become solvent?

    Silver Technical Analysts: War's over, man. Dimon dropped the big one.

    SilverSurfer: Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

    Fencesitter 1: Germans?

    Fencesitter 2: Forget it, he's rolling.

    SilverSurfer: And it ain't over now. 'Cause when the goin' gets tough... the tough get goin'! Who's with me? Let's go!
    [runs out, alone; then returns] What the hell happened to the Silver.Liberation.Army. I used to know? Where's the spirit? Where's the guts, huh? "Ooh, we're afraid to go with you SilverSurfer, we might go broke." Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I'm not gonna take this. Dimon, he's a dead man! BlytheMasters, dead! CFTC Commisioners...

    Fencesitter1 : Dead! Silversurfers right. Psychotic, but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part.

    SilverSurfer: We're just the guys to do it.

    Fencesitter 1: Let's do it.

    Fencesitter 2: LET'S DO IT!


    Come on Chindustralia, if you cant do it no one can!

    Remember what the hike-ralley did to cotton, now people are hoarding t-skirts, cotton wads and pillow stuffings everywhere, Hell, there are even people investing in q-tips, NOW IT HURT MY F*CKING WALLET TO CLEANCE MY EARS!

  29. Time to FISH or cut bait!
    Silver too is jumping in the boat!!!
    Soon through the FIFTY, and the rise will be amazing at that point.

    One thing I don't get about the video.
    Where's the BEER?