Monday, May 16, 2011


I gave a buy PUTS on amazon (AMZN) last week. This was a NO brainer. I'm assuming my donation button will light up tonight as people realize how much I just made them. Take profits, but I do expect to close out most of my position when it hits $192.


  1. always ready for donations . You should start some other business for donations.

    You also said that you were really bullish when silver was 48 $ .. remember that ?

    "So. We go higher. They have given us a "tell." May not be tomorrow, but this report just told me to keep buying. Up we go. "

    Things happened just opposite of what you said. "Like I Said "

    i thought your blog was different as you have Insider Information ? What happened to that insider information when it really mattered?

    Need more donations for your Excellent call to buy at 48 $ ? (Like I Said)

  2. @16e2a0...

    If you are not understanding that market analysis is no foretelling, if you don't get it that there simply can't be someone right all the time (otherwise we ALL would be millionaires), if you blaim a guys that takes this much effort in educating others, well then ...

    I think you should read a different blog.

    I am not with SGS most of the time and I have called him names (and vice versa). Still, I give him cudos for what he does.

    What have YOU done apart from moaning?

  3. I am assuming this is the NEWS UNIT under a gay alias so here we go as you are calling for $20 silver this week on your shitty blog.

    ""So. We go higher. They have given us a "tell." May not be tomorrow, but this report just told me to keep buying. Up we go. "

    If you look at the key term in there "may bot be tomorrow" we are currently still in the time frame of 'not tomorrow.'

    I told people to buy at $17, 29, 32, 35 WHEN IT MATTERED YOU FUCKTROLL.

    I also told people to buy TINKA at .32 and it hit .73.

    YOU HAVE TO BE A COMPLETE MORON TO HAVE LOST MONEY ON MY CALLS. Greed is one thing, but not taking profits is completely dumb, especially for amateurs like you.

    If you finally went all in at $48, YOU ARE AN IDIOT and deserve to loose everything. Keep rackin'n em up asshole, Im in that mood today, trust me.

    Go back to your great blog news unit, you are an idiot.

  4. Ladies and Gents,
    The first response is exactly what I would expect from someone who does not do their DD. If you feel the same as them, then please read the sentence in red and do your DD.

    Let me put it to you this way, silver's rally was very strong and it was very hard to see any natural market factors that were going to take the price down. 5 margin hikes by CME and one further margin hike in China bought the price down. This is unprecedented. If you are not shocked by the statement I made, then with respect, you have not yet fully understood the seriousness of the situation. All the articles predicting a "correction" were very vague and they could have claimed accuracy with almost any outcome.

    I refer you this very fitting quote by Henry Ford: "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

    It is encouraging that many are beginning to see straight through the Uruk-Hai rumor mills. Remember, reporters are not experts. They sound competent, but in real life, they're less qualified than a recent graduate when it comes to financial engineering (or any other topic). Those cretins have no clue what they're talking about.

  5. @16e2a0

    Stop fuckin' crying. This is a temporary blip. Read the fundamentals you fucktard.

    When silver is back way over £48, you'll look even more of a dumb smuck.

    This is a huge buying opportunity, wake up. SGS is the bomb.

  6. That's the number one sign of a true sheep... blaming the guy who sticks his neck out constantly because the sheep is too ignorant to understand the big picture, too lazy to try, and too scared to take action until the whole herd does.

    If one doesn't like what's offered then one should simply STFU and go tune into CNBC.

  7. When Silver hits $100, you will only have doubled your wad and not tripled it.

    Investing and speculating are all about time!

    Crapotkin, my kid is watching a PBS show called Super Why and one of the houses in their fairy-tale land has a green 1 dollar bill as the roof and not a gold/silver roof! Bernanke has his tentacles everywhere! That has to come of the playlist!

  8. @SGS,

    Good call on AMZN, I missed out on the trade though :(.

  9. $dollar down, Silver down, Gold up, hmmmm. This hedge fund mantra of short Silver/long Gold is getting silly!

  10. Hey All,

    Been a long time stacker, just getting into the options game and opened an account on OptionsExpress. I'm considering buying some July 50 calls on the SLV ETF, but I had a question for all those with more experience..

    The May options expire on friday, perhaps I don't understand everything fully yet but it seems like I can make easy money by purchasing some $30 May calls, knowing full well that SLV will likely be 34-36 on friday. I won't make a fortune but it seems like an easy 400-500 to make on a safe bet.

    Does anyone else take this approach when they see options about to expire?

    Also what kind of options chains are people playing with out there for July and beyond?

    All constructive responses are appreciated, thanks.

  11. Guys,

    I did not buy at 48 or lost any money.. infact made lots of money.

    I am just telling you what i feel. if people like sgs they wil donate themsleves sgs should not
    ask it in every post.

    I was planning to pull SGS's leg for so many weeks and today was the day. sgs always claims he has
    inside information but they did not provide any info on may 2nd.

    Among all our fraternity .. best and most clever and most level headed have proved to be StellaConcepts.

    sgs : i am not newsunit. i hate that hole too. i will keep reading ur blog and i hv also donated
    enuf money to you in the past.

    calm down guys. i am just having some fun. i love u all. muuaah

  12. It's Blyght's Mom fuckin' with SGS hahahahaha...just kidding.

  13. SilverSurfer...I don't know that I'd go out and throw money into July $50 calls. The delta on those is only 5. That's not very high. It's a very speculative trade to purchase those calls. No you don't need the market to reach that high but you should also know that if we start running up volatility will come in on those calls and you could get the market doing what you think but not see the same result in your long calls.

  14. for your May expiration play...there isn't a lot of time value in those options so it will trade pretty close to the stock. An internal alarm bell should be going off in your head when you hear yourself saying things like "easy money" and "knowing full well where a stock will "likely" be. If you are THAT GOOD, then go for it.

  15. this trade is now over 50% profit in 3 trading days. God bless America and amazon.

    Let me know if you took this trade please, I love hearing that I helped people.

    I am 100% sold. $193 is good enough for me. See how easy this is? Now we can go and buy 50% more phyzz today with this worthless shit...boooya cramer.

  16. @IS - Let us agree to make money :-)
    Sell as paper silver goes up and buy as it goes down.
    It is gambling to hold this evil ETF over night so, lets not gamble.
    Our money, which sits in pocket.
    Let us not begrudge our daily profit as we sell before it is all taken away.
    Forgive us our successes as we forgive those who lose money.
    For ours is the profit, the benefit, and the happiness.
    O Silver.

  17. Before the European market closed, I bought paper silver sell options with everything I could spare, and right NOW with silver being weak and all, it seems like a pretty nice move, however, the night is long, and the plan might as well blow up in my face.

    All I need now, is some kind of event, acting as the great paper sell catalyst, then I will buy bullion BIG-TIME for the assumed profit.

  18. Holy shit SGS, good call on AMZN. I took out several puts so thanks for that. I also took a few on AAPL which are also doing well. What did you see in AMZN that made you confident it would go down? And what the hell is going on, it seems to be breaking down? Are you expecting it to go back up now?

  19. $192, and out. Wow, that was quick and painless now wasnt it?