Monday, May 16, 2011

Let their be consolidation, for the next move in SIlver will be worth waiting for

"Today is most peculiar, spot paper price goes down, price to own physical goes up."

A lot of people are beginning to see what the Bears Part 6 were seeing and were predicting weeks ago. China is now DECREASING margin requirements and are ENCOURAGING their citizens to buy gold and silver.

The US Government tells you to buy hummers and netflx.

Lets accumulate at these consolidation levels, if we go lower, even better.

The world is running out of physical silver.

The wealth transfer has commenced....


  1. Bomb warning in London:

    ObamaNuke? Well I hope not, always wanted to see the chimes of Big Ben in action.

    In other news, I got another package of physical today, mmm, love them coins basquing in the twilight!

  2. Trading some paper or digital "money" for gorgeous Maple Leafs is such a gift in the first place under the circumstances, who can resist?

  3. anyone get those AMZN puts last week when I told you too? Yummyyyy, free fiat people!

  4. Hey all...

    Thanks for all the kind words of support in last Friday's post:

    Much appreciated!

    My daughter had her first communion this past Saturday and it was great. Heineken helped too.

  5. @SGS... I tried to but the broker at schwab said i only got approved for protective options trading. in order for me to buy a put option I would have had to have bought 100 shares of AMZN! f'n joke. whatever i bought SPXU... triple inverse ETF. QE3, bring it bitch!

  6. Shit, I'm still dealing with fallout for sharing the college conspiracy video. Got attacked bigtime by two certificationist's.

    Touchy touchy touchy... BOOM!

    Guess I'll just keep my mouth shut and go back to buying phyzz. Sure hope those people like eating paper...hmmm, wonder what it's nutritional value is...

  7. I have to put my fucking dog down, shit! 14 year old black lab, I love that stupid dog. My kids are going to freak. BTFD!

  8. Sorry to hear about the pooch, I know how feel.
    Recieved my package from APMEX on friday. the ATB 5 oz set that are PCGS graded. Paid 1008 with shipping according to PCGS the coins I recieved are worth over 4 grand! Man is the plastic really worth that much?

  9. Tom H - sorry to hear about the dog, that's no fun. anyways, I LOVE the picture of the supa-fupa. there's a Wal-Mart nearby me (which I refuse to shop at) and half of the people there look like that. absolutely disgusting.

  10. @AdamChalm.

    Congrats to your daughter. If I was at the service I'd've flipped her a Silver Maple with the provision she didnt even think of cashing it til her Confirmation!

    Speaking of confirmation, like how we're hovering round 1500 and 35. These numbers are too round, and I smell a manipulative, not-for-profit selling rat.
    The world is running out of silver, the wealth transfer has indeed commenced.

  11. @Tom H

    That sucks...sorry to hear that. Been there done that and it's difficult to explain to the kids.

  12. @Strannick

    Thank you. I actually saved seats using 10 silver American Eagles on top of 10 hymnal books. People were like what are those? My brother-in-law's wife asked me, why do you buy silver...what's the point?" I said it's an investment and left it at that...didn't wanna get into the "why."

  13. I'm currently in Shanghai and am buying silver here. I can give you the low down on the situation. my youtube blog....

  14. This article straight from the heart of the Uruk-Hai Rumor Mills.

    Title: In Gold, Play the Shares Not the Metal: Fund Manager


    This is a farce. I can't believe anyone would publish something like this.

  15. It is beginning to look like we have a firm base building at $34.00......does anyone agree? I know they might try to get it to $32.00 with another margin hike, but I think this is about as low as they can get it with all the buyers waiting to pounce.

  16. I think silver investors have given the Comex/CME/JPM/HSBC folks far too much credit and assumed they are intelligent. They have no idea that silver metal is in a stupendous buying frenzy and it metal is scarce and back logged almost everywhere. The lower they hammer silver the more intense the scarcity. The fact they continue to hammer it down in NY pits clearly demonstrates their disconnect and ignorance.

  17. BTW, check out this link. Nigel Farage is absolutely right...the Eurodream is gonna come crashing down. Coupled with a dollar collapse, metals are going to the moon. Don't let them shake you out.

    Check it...

  18. "If you rob people of their identity, if you rob them of their democracy, then all they are left with is nationalism and violence."

    Nigel Farage is the man.

    People in the US should listen to this, except substitute FED for EUROZONE.

  19. @IS - Let us agree to make money :-)
    Sell as paper silver goes up and buy as it goes down.
    It is gambling to hold this evil ETF over night so, lets not gamble.
    Our money, which sits in pocket.
    Let us not begrudge our daily profit as we sell before it is all taken away.
    Forgive us our successes as we forgive those who lose money.
    For ours is the profit, the benefit, and the happiness.
    O Silver.