Monday, May 16, 2011

From my butcher

So, I stopped in today to see my butcher, as I try to stay away from big meat sellers like Walmart, and he told me something I didnt want to hear today: Canadian beef is about to double.

So after I bought a half cow for the summer BBQ season, I asked him what the fuck was going on. He told me prices increased as of late, and next week they are going to double. Hummmmm.

I said your full of shit, whats the deal. He told me for the last 10 years Canada has been selling all its beef to the USA, and now we are out and will be buying it back. Awesome. Not only that, we just sent some insane amount of cattle to Japan. Sweet.

Take whatever info you can form this, trade it, buy some meat, get prepared for Chairsatan's ZIRP and endless supply of fiat paper shithole.

Nothing to do with silver, I know, fuck yourself. I guess I cant ask people to thank me anymore, as its frowned upon, so I guess I'll keep posting valuable trading info for the $40/day I make on adsense. Maybe I should make this into a pay site, maybe we will get rid of some trolls around here....developing.


  1. SGS Hey bro its all good.. a great majority of people appreciate what you do.... and I know a lot of them would thank you if they had the cash ha ha! just as you said though.. so many people don't want to hear about buying silver because from your own mouth.. so many are poor! I mean I was in the military and gave up six years of my life to help others for peanuts... and even took a damn bullet. Your good deeds will come back just be patient bro... I know I have gotten some back. But you gota do what you gota do... If you need more cash than charge simple as that. take care.

  2. SGS, it looks like the Bears Part 6 are on target:

    "Any time we get into silver into the $33’s we get very, very big, high volume buying. This buying we are seeing out of Asia is thought to be continued diversification out of dollars, so the physical gold and silver which is being taken out of the market in that case is not expected to return.

    This physical buying is part of an increase in hard asset reserves for China and other Asian countries who are underweight precious metals and it is expected to continue for quite some time, most likely for many years. Right now, each time we see gold under $1,500 the demand out of Asia is massive, they are huge physical buyers.

    Some would say the paper market is diverging from the physical market and that is probably accurate at this time. Also remember that open interest may be indicating a rally in the very near future even if we have a bit more weakness.”

  3. SGS:

    I think the point of that last post where you label him as a troll had some truth to it, as does what you have to offer.
    The point being that if you truly have "inside information", then you have something that people will pay for and keep coming back to read about.

    But if all you have is a stock pick, well those types are a dime a dozen. I've been reading since inception and very quickly after you started this blog the inside information died. I believe it was about the time you talked about a new global currency, and all readers chimed in saying it was old news.

    So I don't see anyone discrediting you, as all you are doing is offering information. But the value of what you said you could bring has been depleting at the same time you are asking for donations. Offering information for day traders is one thing - thousands of sites like that, but inside info to bring down the corrupt banking cartel via silver is another. Many of us would gladly donate if you provided the latter.

    Just my opinion.

  4. Do not make it a pay site. I got no wad left after getting fleeced the last 2 weeks!

    How do you trade beef? Closest I trust is Rogers Agriculture ETF

  5. ...feeds into the web bot prediction of a lot of people going vegetarian possibly...

  6. How funny... My Little Meat Eater had me make her a Double Pentagram Burger on the grill for lunch. She loves the taste of Beef but she hate, hate, hates the mild temperament of some cattle. Sometimes when she gets cranky she makes me drive her down to the Slaughter Haus so she can choke out a few steers and then suffocate them with her armpits. Last year she tried to start a new trend... She took a few beef tails home after tormenting those poor cows and hung the tails from her head to simulate dread locks; it never caught on. I hope she knows that if prices go up she will be the one to do the shopping. Actually, I am sick of grocery shopping for her the way it is. Just for shits and giggles she likes to have my grocery lists screen printed onto the backs of my shopping t-shirts. I end up standing in front of the live lobster tank looking like a not so fortunate doggy who has spent way too long caged up in back of a Mongolian puppy mill.

  7. Nothing wrong with asking to be thanked. Ungrateful pricks. I sent you some fiat and so should everyone else.

  8. @Diamond that's ok and they're smart people to buy it.

    On the whole surface of this earth and under it - there's only 10 times more Silver to mine than Gold.

    Means if Gold will be $500, Silver should be $50.

    Oooops, I meant Gold (north of) $5000

    And this is all provided we immediately stop killing any Silver in the industry.

  9. When AMZN hits $192, I will be donating.

  10. I'd pay just for the entertainment value alone!

  11. Coincidence, just decided to expand our farming (from veggy and chickens to deer, sheep and goats). Mistres Maneki got this for mothersday two weeks ago:

    and put it to use yesterday when we killed our first sheep. If you want good food you'll have to start farming it yourself...

  12. Silver monkey I'm out...$193 good enough, dont get greedy...

  13. never mind, $192 might print as I write this LOL

  14. nope I waited for $192. GREAT CALL! donation coming right now...

  15. @sgs... thanks for the info. this is the type of information that most people are ignorant to. here in the states the music is still playing and everyone just continues to dance.

    as far as the donation is concerned, i'm down on all 3 of your stock picks but be expecting something anyway.

  16. Silver spot just hit $33.64
    Time to buy I think and watch it go up overnight in Asia.
    Of course if it goes down then I'm stuffed!

  17. SGS: Keep up the good work! I love it :)

    AddleStrop: If paper silver goes up tonight, my account will need to have extreme home make over (the bad kind).

    But as someone else stated earlier, dollar down, silver down, gold slightly UP. This is a strong indication that the smart money (what ever thats supposed to mean) are mostly going into physical silver, but also physical gold and some paper gold.

    I can only watch and pray that my relatively big bet on the falling silver goes well tonight, while the eyes of the sheep goes O_O

    However, with me being paranoid and all, I continue to think that something really bad is around the corner this week, not only the imminent London Bomb threat, but something much more perplexing.

    What if all US nuclear power plants we´re S.C.R.A.M.E.D as a consequence of a big "earthquake", the loss of power for some days would leave people very sensitive\succeptible to a false flag event.

    Just my conspiratoric 2 cents.

  18. This dude is a RETARD (who takes donations) LoL

  19. New post at

    Yes this retard bum recommended it. LoL

  20. How about my mining stocks getting absolutly BUTCHERED today, and yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that... yikes! (Great Panther down 9.6%, Tinka down 11.1%.

    Lately mining stocks have led the price action in silver - and today's sell-off is not a good sign, especially with silver at a pendant..... could we go crashing through $33, $32, $31 tonight?

  21. Reefman, tell me about it, Im down a lot of money on them potential silver rockets, however, Im so long that it´ll make the Suez Canal look like a stream of piss.
    But it it's never funny to take a piss against the wind!

    Hopefully my massive puts will cover everything^3

    Trying to desperately to hold 33.5 now, the 10 000$ question is, will the massive $32.5 break tonight?
    (Without the help of a ObamaNuke that is..)

    ACE, I heard there's rumors on the internets that the women of the Nkbaki Tribe really appreciates small weiners, get movin' ?

  22. Beef prices in the USA have been increasing a lot. Prime rib at my local grocery 9.99 a pound "rib in". London Broil was 4.99 a pound on sale and ground round is 3.99. I have noticed there is very little decent cuts, NY strip, Rib eyes and filet are available, but they only have 3-4 of each type on display. With an average of 7.99 a pound. However they did have a new cut "mock steak", which is an eye round sliced into steaks.

    For the time being I can get a cooked steak dinner for about the same price as I can purchase the meat. I do still buy whole tenderloin at Sams club but the rest is too pricey and is rarely as tasty when i cook it.

    My understanding is that beef farmers have reduced herd size due to corn prices. If this is the case prices will likely hyper inflate. I recommend people buy the cuts they enjoy while they still can.

  23. sgs - you're awesome - I just started following your blog a week or so ago and I fuckin' love it...just donated for the first time too...keep it up

  24. ...this is an abusive relationship, I LOVE it when you tell me to fuck myself...

  25. You can have deflation under ZIRP... now QE.. must different story.

  26. for what its worth i think thenewsunit guy secretly admires you and wants ... badly.. for his blog to "make it" like yours did..

    imo hes prolly got some doctor raising his prozac every month or something.. told him a while back he needs some kind of tranq lol

    on to more important things i say, besides if u made this a pay website who would you get to vent all your anger at.. it gives this cozy forum quite the ... comedic relief ...

    btw if you could elaborate sgs... by "next week" you mean literally that soon?