Thursday, April 7, 2011


Guys I have just launched another buisness today, so I apologize for any shortened commentaries goign into the weekend.

Comex Fraud News:

-37 deliveries sent down, LOL
-withdrwalas from dealer=ZERO, LOL
-deposits = ZERO, LOL

-144,221 OI rises again, LOL, oh boy Blythe you are in a world of shit
-deposits = ZERO, LOL

GLD removes 7 tonnes yesterday, and then in 24 hrs moves back in 11.74 tonnes, LOL
SLV adds 975,000 oz today. Where did they scrap that up up?

Here is my commentary tonight: LOL. Seriously, you better be laughing out loud for real. This is the biggest con going right now.

QUICK NEWS: Brought to you by-Ron Paul-look below for reason

Ron Paul wants to audit the US mint LOL, central banks possibly buying gold under the radar, secret bankers headed to Bretton Woods for tribal cabal "operation fuckthepublicsomehowagain", Home price drops-so much for QE2 working QE3 is 100% a go now, Israel under the guise of wars it about to make a move.

Oh and the $US just puked..LOL


  1. SGS, keep up the good work. In the mean time here are a few words from Peter Schiff. Feel free to embed this!

  2. Harvey's comment section tonight is a hoot! Brian and KD are stirring up trouble....

  3. Join me on "The News UNIT" Blogspot for the $40.00 celebration post. Are you ready? I'm going to fire off 40 rounds of precious metal. Maybe we will hear these shots around the world? How about you SGS? Get your powder ready! :-)
    The News UNIT

  4. kid dud and brian a couple of jerk offs..

  5. My counter just went ballistic.....literally....WOW!!!!

  6. @NewsUnit, fire away. $40 is here.

    Took it long enough... I've been waiting for literally days...

  7. I Hate Blythe Today (16) I Love Blythe Today (3)

    There's a lot of Love in this room...

  8. It was $40.01 on the ASK at and then came Blythe....