Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dollar goes to ZERO, Silver hits $40

But I guess this is all a conspiracy against JP Morgan. Maybe they really do have all that metal at the Comex or LMBA? Eat a dick KD.

Okay so lets recap from some previous posts of mine on Feb 20th.

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So as Israel uses other wars to covertly decimate Gaza under the guise of 'human shields' and 'rockets' I will be here to call what will happen shot by shot, and why this higily terrorist, insane state might be the tipping point we need for the next leg on the PM's.

Oh so many haters must licking their wounds now you motherfuckers tried to make me look like an idiot.

You smegma eating fucksquibbles.


  1. Kinda makes me proud to be an American...

    ... with a ton of silver!

  2. wheres the dip :( I am a sad panda.


  4. What's up people? Did you fire 40 SGS?
    Blythe put the breaks on already! Unreal!

  5. You have made me money boss. I will now donate 10 dollars a month to your cause. Keep you insanely accurate information coming and more will be coming...

    Love the bears

  6. I think your wrong on this one SGS, TPTB want the muslim brotherhood to take over in Egypt and Lybia. They want destruction and oil to sky rocket. They want Saudia Arabia et al to go up in flames.

  7. Where's the zionists and haters at?

    Blythe is brewing up a bubbling cauldron of smegma harvested from Jamie Dimon's darkest recesses. LOL eat that dick cheese Blythe.

  8. waffen,, Where in the Hell Is SGS WRONG ! I must of Missed something BIG ! I think he has been warning you that the Banksters are in Charge of Everything ! Pretty much All Governments ! Were just watching a show go on around us ! Don't believe the Show.. He is not against Israel itself, just the Crazy Globalist !

  9. "You smegma eating fucksquibbles."

    I don't even know what the fuck that means, but I want it on a T-Shirt. If I had a vagina I would let you in it. Twice.

  10. "You smegma eating fucksquibbles"???

    I just laughed soo hard, my left leg kicked forward and I punted my dog into the tv... fucking awesome!!!

  11. bflowers1

    I was reffering to his febuary post where he implies that TPTB are telling yemen, bahrain to shoot protestors to keep things under control and thus not a threat to Isreal, atleast thats how I interpreted it.

    Instead I think that TPTB want conflict and destruction in the middle east. Sure I think the zionists stil have influence, but the end game is to cause conflict in middle east to help defer the blame on that and possible war rather then the banksters.

  12. Here's a good logo for a T shirt:-

    Jamie Dimon
    (But everyone else thinks your a cunt)

  13. Where did I hear this first from?–-gfms-forecast-50oz-year

    The gold and silver markets are experiencing a perfect storm due to the heightened level of geopolitical and macroeconomic risk.

    Debt concerns in the eurozone and in the US (possible government shutdown), surging oil prices due to geopolitical risk in the Middle East and Africa, deepening inflation and the Black Swan risk of natural disasters (another Japanese earthquake has led to problems at a second nuclear plant - Onagawa) is leading to continued safe haven demand from a minority of astute buyers.