Thursday, April 7, 2011

October SLV calls looking goooooddd

Check back tonight, looks like my prophecy on Israel is bang on, 100%, co-fucking-rrect, go fuck your hats to all the haters, I called this months ago.


  1. not a tough call.wars kicking off all over the place.keep up the good work.

  2. @SGS...

    I'm not going to fuck my hat tonight, but I'll probably bang my MILF. But good call.


  4. SGS..
    Thanks for your insight and sharing you knowledge, I'm new to this post and really appreciate it. I'm adding 10-12k oz. phys. to
    my stash, and times are freaking me out, should I continue to wade in hoping for pull-back
    or go all in.

    Thnaks.... open to all opinins

  5. We have been climbing steady for awhile now. If it was me I would put half in now and wait a month or so to see wait happens and maybe get a chance to BTFD.

  6. "co-fucking-rrect, go fuck your hats"... where do you get this shizza from yo?? This is great material.. and the silver leads are ok too.

  7. How many times can I pump my blog over here SGS? Only 3 now per day?

    The News UNIT

    Actually I came here to say hi. Not really pump my blog. Just checking your posts too. Someday maybe I'll run with the big boys.....developing....

  8. @capitald
    Thanks, just looking for advice
    I appreciate it