Monday, April 18, 2011

Paging Blythe, SLV May call Options surging like a raging hard on in volume, paging Blythe

We. Go. Higher. For. May 21. I. will. never. give. up. you. wench.


  1. No offense, but I don't know what that chart means.

    Calls are buy prices, and puts are sell prices right? So you have circled buying at 41/42/45 and low selling at 45? What am I to make of it? Thanks

  2. So much for that outside reversal attempt by the cartel. Hope you bought the dip with us this am!

  3. Jack, see my saturday posting to explain the chart please.

  4. Jack...think of it this way. If you were sitting around a roulette wheel and a bunch of suits put 25,000 chips on 45...they believe the ball will hit 45.

    GOT IT?

  5. Jack.

    Call (it out) - A bet the price will go higher.

    Put (it away) - A be the price will go lower.

    People are placing big bets (Calls) that the price will be above $45 next month. Those bets will be in the money this month for sure.

  6. I get most of that except what I'm seeing with the Volume 314 Put side? Is that intended to show the low interest in Puts?

    I'm also a bit confused with how the Call volume and Put volume can be so far from each other; assuming someone is buying a put against each call? Maybe a discussion for another forum but still on topic, but it's got me scratching my head.

  7. I use the phone method to keep them straight:

    CALL someone up

    PUT the phone DOWN

  8. Silver is finally moving faster than gold again, smelled some kind of decoupling earlier today - but that smell is now gone!

  9. @SGS: Hey, didn't I tell you in the other thread? It said that the day was not over yet! Looks like we are closing close to the day high – I love Blythe today, because she's broke.

    And boy, did I BTFD!

  10. Just got off the phone with 2 big bullion dealers in Vancouver, both sold out of all silver.
    End game is nearing.

  11. Just secured my order from apmex 5, 5 ounce America the Beautiful Silver PCGS coins I got 25 oz for $38 an ounce LOL. They picked me on a lottery system, I think the mint required them to sell these at a fixed price, no gouging

  12. Have to sit on the phone for long periods of time today making silver inquiry. Unreal! EPIC week here developing! I can't keep up with the news but managed to post a few things.

    Looks to me like gold is going to take off here if we don't get the Marc Faber 20% correction....developing....

    The News UNIT of course. :-) BREAKING NEWS type of day.....

  13. J Finkle the call volume does not have to match the puts at any strike price. All it means is very few people are betting that silver will be below $45 next month.

    lol Blythe is fucked she is gonna be slobbin' knobs for silver before this is over.

  14. Noob, option guy needs help?

    Long time PM phyzz guy since 2004 384 gold and 7 silver, BAMM loving it. But just opened option account today and bought 2 may 45 SLV calls. All good.

    ? is I want the OCT GPL 5 calls.
    Bid .70 ask .80
    Do you ever do market orders or always limit orders and if so should I bid at like .75? My order for 20 @ .70 didn't fill.

    Any advice is much appreciated on placing order in general.

    Thx you SGS and board.

  15. A market order will get your order filled faster at the best available price at the time. A limit may not be filled and take longer depending on the bid/ask

  16. Thanks all for help! It's clearer now.

  17. Hello everyone!

    I've been reading as much as I can over the last few months and I'm ready to take this leap of faith in Silver as I now see the light! Like most of you, I'm just trying to do the best for my family (3 little one's under the age of 5) I'm in southern Ontario and I was hoping someone could give me a list of the most trustworthy places to purchase bars & coins(preferably local). Also, I'd like to buy futures and if anyone has recommendations as to which brokerage house is the best to deal with (Lind-Waldock???)that would be greatly appreciated!

    @SGS: Donations coming your way via my conquest on the futures!

  18. SGS, your circles on the presented table are disingenuous at best.
    Its no surprise vol on the call side is highest on an up day, vice versa for a down day on the put side.

    The real story should be in the OI on selected strikes - 36 and 38 - BOTH on the put side, stand out; as well as total calls vs puts for that month.

    As of yesterday total puts OI was 293,290.
    Calls was 237,457.
    Or about 1.24 put2call ratio. Typically you want to see this < 0.5 to be bullish.

    So as not to be chastised by the bugs here, my disclosure is i am bullish long term in silver, but anyone who is buying long here for a trade will get their ass handed to them. Wait for the pullback, probably 35-36s on the SI contract.

  19. AHHhhh, aaahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, HAHAHA!!! Oh, oh, oh, HAHAHAHA, Ahhh, ahhhhhhh!! Stop, STOP!!!

    slobbin' knobs

    Where the hell does the creativity come from?!?


    By the way, you guys are looking for metal in the wrong places. Look for coin shops in YOUR area before buying online. There's plenty where I'm at.