Monday, April 18, 2011


Things have been rainy in Peru, but the platforms are ready, drills to be moved any day now, just spoke with the Prezz as I now have him on speed dial.

Thanks to whomever sold me their .53 shares today I appreciate it. I suspect the RSI will bounce tomorrow, and the MACD should pause and move higher...I see .65's tomorrow.


  1. It's crazy how the miners get hammered no matter what...the "regulators" turn the other way and let the naked short sellers reign...

    Many of the miners are LOWER than half a year ago when silver was waaaay below 30. Just crazy...but as always: in the long run WE WIN!!

  2. Good to see the RSI so far from 80 where it was. Time to buy!

  3. So CEE,

    Did he have pretty much this to say? Details please!

    "The educated and well informed prefer Fujimori but Humala will still keep all the miners happy as he is anxius to
    raise the Peruvian poverty level with foreign capital and in fact he is forming alliances with then to get elected."

    The management team lives in a Lima gated community and they employ local workers who are thankful for work and in fact it was difficult to arrange the diamond drill and reverse circulation rigs which are booked for both the Colquipucro / Ayawilcasilver project as well as for the Tibillos copper project later in summer.

    The employed middle class who split the vote with the other centrist right wingers (Kuczynski and Toledo) will back Fujimori but Humala has made assurances with the business community that no radical deleterious changes will be made and that mining should continue private NOT like Bolivia) and profits be made benefial to the community.
    The business leaders are being courted avidly and the situation in Bolivia bt Morales is beiong used by Humala as what he will NOT do. Maybe he is a "wolf in sheeps clothing" but even if he is they have a single house Congress has 135 seats and Humala has less than 40. The constitution honours private enterprise and to change that requires legislative passage by over 70 % or 95 seats. He admits that Peru has changed and so has he.

    They say the locals talk much about politics but life goes on and the business continues to be carried out much like here in Canada.

    More important willl be the finding of mineralization from the two diamond drill holes of Ayawilca in May / June