Monday, April 18, 2011

Fruad, Lies...but its okay...we believe the Comex is okay too!

Thank me lots.


  1. What an absolute mess "investing" has turned into! Just an enormous labyrinth of chaos and confusion!

    I think the last resort is to turn all available funds into physical metal. Perhaps sell 1/2 after a short time here and then keep pressing on to survive.

    These are certainly perilous times.


    SGS....great video. The CLOWNS, MAGICIANS and USED CAR SALESMEN at the US GOVT and FED have done an excellent job kicking the can down the street to the next slob.

    Unfortunately, Japan has put a big chink in the can. I am praying and rubbing my ALAN GREENSPAN RABBIT FOOT for a collapse by summer. A friend of mine was able to steal one of Greenspans 8 remaining comb over hairs when he was at a public bathroom a few years back. I have put that hair in my lucky rabbit foot.

    Crap is getting out of hand...and the destruction of liquidity by a down and out Japanese economy with one foot and 3 toes in the grave will help bring down the mighty U.S.A Titanic.

    Time to go out to ones favorite restaurant and see a good movie before the whole SCHA-BANG comes tumbling down.

    The US BANKING SYSTEM is a huge liabilty on top of an even bigger Suburban Leech and Spend Liability bubble. Once she pops, no time for gloating. Grab your Bullion, Bullets, Beans and Glocks at get away from as many yuppies as you can.

  3. After watching that I feel undeniably filthy.
    How do these fuckwads sleep at night.

    So was the Put option on $25 SLV one of these scams?

    If only I could buy some more physical.
    I need a proper dip. Not 50 cents, like $5.

    Anyone reckon we could get one of that magnitude this week?

  4. Anyone reckon we could get one of that magnitude this week?


  5. Can someone please recommend an options trading platform?

  6. John: Any online broker should be good enough. If you are not daytrading that is.

  7. LOL @ ROCCO. Dude I wish you lived close to me..
    "Grab your Bullion, Bullets, Beans and Glocks at get away from as many yuppies as you can. "


  8. Freaking dirty low down lawyers and politicians, they are raping our country and the sheep just blindly follow. WTF....

  9. No sir, The sheep are wakeing up, they have done everything possible for the last few months to reduce the price of silver and in spite of thier efforts it still went up , even today after freefalling for a dollar it came right back up again .

    the physcial is drying up , there are waiting lists , slowing the public is becomeing aware on how to strike back.

    They cant keep playing games with paper without costing them a fortune everytime they try . they're hemmorageing money. theyre Fucked! Big time.

  10. Central Planning is all about counteracting the negative effects of Central Planning. The more Central Planning there is, the more need for Central Planning. It's like fractals. A truly brilliant strategy to generate "need".

    Kind of reminds me of that idiom: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself". What does that mean if you really think about it?