Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Connecting the dots on the University of Texas $1 billion delivery

Lets look at the facts:

a. hiding in a HSBC vault (HSBC is the custodian for GLD)
b. Bought through the futures market.
c. Invested $750 million.

Now lets investigate shall we?

What you are witnessing is the first mass exodus from the GLD shares and the tendering for physical. Really?!

Sure. When something stinks, it smells, logic would have it. When people lie, its easy to catch them when they havent been properly preped.

First off, you only need to put up 10% in a futures market. Thus, right off the bat, a $750 million dollar investment becomes a $75 million dollar investment. Where the FUCK did the other $675 million go?

BULLSHIT. Mr Zimmsy bought GLD shares.

We have not seen $1 Billion worth enter the Comex Gold dealer and out to the customer this month, let a lone something of that size. Notice in time 5:27 in the interview when asked where it is and how they got it...Zimmsky gets ants in his pants, flubberes words (the entire interview speaks fluently like he knows what hes talking about but when lieing he does a piss poor job of concealing it).

This is an attempt to keep the COMEX story afloat till July (most likely ordered by Jamie-who owns the CME) and keep the fact that there is an enormous amount of GLD shares being tendered for physical hush hush. This, again, should ring the alarms that the COMEX is dry, and they are trying to switch up confidences in ZOG media pushed fairy tales.

You can imagine if Harvard, Yale, and Princeton follow suit...? Lights out.

Lastly, word has it the Chinese are going to revalue the yuan this weekend. The $US will gap down, expect Monday to be a mess. Heard it here first.


  1. Excellent post SGS. Hits the nail on the head.. now tell this idiot what you think of him.

  2. SGS this is dynamite my friend. Keep the pressure on.

  3. all of a sudden you see those "invest in China" commercials on CNBC with china ETF's and Yuan ishares ... JOKE.

    How soon will we see QElll & when will it be announced?

  4. Tyler Durden at ZH responded to the Yuan devalue rumor yesterday and denied it. It's buried somewhere in the posts....

  5. Here it is:

    by lolmao500
    on Wed, 04/20/2011 - 10:44

    BTW, there's big rumors China will reevaluate their currency by 10% this weekend... Silver is gonna go up even more if that happens.

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    by Tyler Durden
    on Wed, 04/20/2011 - 10:45

    There is almost but not quite a 0% chance of that happening.

  6. Why the huge hit in the dollar then? Just the whole world selling it off?

  7. Mexicans laugh at you when you try and pay for a blanket with it.

  8. Two things:

    I find it interesting (and I realize you all know this but I don't see it discussed much) that every time a country loots or is "Perkinsized," Confessions of an Economic Hitman, does the said country holding the coerced deed open their satchel and say, "Hey, I want it in small bills." No, they take the PMs first and are delighted even if it's not close to the bottom li(n)e they finagled ...

    (2) My pal travels to Peru all the time, he has slot machines there, etc. He said they cringe exchanging their currency for FRNs anymore, not to mention they have dropped dramatically in swap value.

    I guess we can all pay our rent off the last 24 hours in metals.

    g'nite, Gracie!

  9. Again, SGS hits one outta the park stating the truth that must be told to watchers who want to enter TRUTH CAMP.

    (If you have been a regular here for 30+ days, you are outta "boot camp", and the truth as she IS, IS A FUCKING BITCH!)

    Let me add that with a question.How many BILLIONAIRES in just Hong Kong own "gold"(gold-plated tungsten)?

    You got huge bux, and you find out u been skrewed & you "can't" do nutin' 'bout it? )been told you own gold, but all u gotz is counterfeit) Whadya gonna do? Bring in the revenge-squad! (pussies DO NOTHING)

    Well, revenge is a dish served COLD, brother...


  10. @SGS Would this have anything to do with the huge put on SLV at $25 because if GLD is sus then SLV aint far behind? They could be onto something

    @Jack As for the yuan, sources are key and really its SGS vs Tyler with the credibility. One thing for sure a revaluation would be great for China, horrible for USA.

  11. Knew it was at HSBC from the get go. He also said "hedge" about 10x in that interview, but nothing about "sound money" or "wealth preservation" which has been the function of gold for centuries. So, rates go up or some other fandango, and boom that "physical possession" is gone.

  12. Wow, Dollar Index < 74... hmmm....

  13. Great catch on the sustaining COMEX legitimacy another quarter SGS...

  14. I short JP Morgan' short in Paper Silver by buying and taking possession of physical silver. That has a double effect.

    1) Exposes JP's naked ass
    2) Protects my wealth

    PS - I dressed the guy down at

    Long live the Silver Liberation Army!

  15. Excellent SGS, excellent. Maybe they should have played the game with silver though...everyone knows silver will be what ends this crap, gold will merely follow silver's lead. Looks like Blythe is not going to enjoy May.

  16. Bill Murphy Predicted Current Silver Explosion