Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gold currency and Gadaffi, and the $US just rolled like a motherfucker


  1. The dollar has just begun to roll off of the cliff...

  2. Sonofabitch. The silver train is pumping full steam toward $50. If it's $46+ by the time I wake up tomorrow, I'm gonna be pissed. A 10% beat down would only drop it to $41 or so. Come on BM you whore, crush it a little so I can monster box it!

    I have a last of $45.70 and the cannot take out 74 fast enough. Just punch your card and go home, dickwad!

  3. Holy balls! Great video (and of course it makes sense). Where y'all find this stuff amazes me.

    And silver is above $45.50. Hot daaaaaaamn!

  4. Nice video! Similar to Saddam attempting to trade oil for Euros instead of $US fiat. That may have started a chain reaction which was a possible pretext to invade. It sure wasn't WMDs!! LOL

  5. Great video link SGS.

    74.20 broken on the POSX. James Turk has a new interview at KWN where he cites 74.20 as a key level.

  6. Major BREAKING NEWS on SILVER and I will be on top of this MONITORING. I have all my sources standing by as we will watch this SILVER and related news very closely into the close of the week.

    Are you in? If not: Don't ask us any more questions.

    Silver Rising Toward Hunt Brothers' High


    Steve Wynn tells it like it is and the kicker comes at the end :) Enjoy!

  8. Is there anywhere that reports how much TOTAL silver SLV ETF reportedly has in all of its vaults combined? Looking at, the market cap sits at 16.27 billion...that should equate to around 361 million ounces of holdings by my math (elibile and registered). Am I right? How much do they actually have?

  9. Steve Wynn? You mean Stephen Alan Weinberg...

  10. @Silvergoldsilver,

    You are starting to get it. I was aware of this information well over a month ago, in fact I believe that there were some foreign associated press articles from about 1 year ago about the golden dinar. I am going to put this out there & if you want more, I have a you-tube, facebook, & yahoo email at the same name as this account.

    Financial Martial Law Executive Order (2 Pages) PDF File Can Be Read At:

    WHEREAS, Section 19(ee) provides that the Emergency Manager may exercise any power or authority of any office, employee, department, board, commission or similar entity of the City, whether elected or appointed

    WHEREAS, the power of the Emergency Manager as set forth in Section 19(ee) of the Act is superior to and supersedes any such officer or entity; and

    WHEREAS, now, no City Board, Commission or Authority has authority or power to act on behalf of the City as provided in the Act.

    It is a fact that the city, all incorporated cities, are corporations. The states issued-underwrote their corporate charters, and are financially responsible in the cities stead for all financial mismanagement. Therefore, the state in this case has assigned a financial manager to oversee the city's operations and ensure that it works itself out of debt, or at least is disposed of in an orderly bankruptcy. The financial manager is in effect the conservator overseeing the receivership of the corporation as it is delivered to its creditors (bond holders).

    The ugly thing is that as a corporation it operates on-under Commercial Law-the UCC, which operates in accordance with Maritime-Admiralty Law. As such, whenever a human being registers their address (residence) through an act in which they give the state their address they create a contract and trust with the state, in which their body & their property are owned.

    For example, if a parent-parents (hahaha we do not have any of those in this country-only guardians), register their child-children they abondon title and ownership to the entity in which they are registed, i.e. the state. The same goes for land, vehicles i.e. cars, boats, snowmobiles, etc...

    The person who registered the property is then given an interest in the property and this is evidenced by a "CERTIFICATE OF TITILE," which is not the legal title, but a certificate, primie fasci evidence that a title exists and is held-owned by the issuer of the "CERTIFICATE OF TITILE." Even the people get their "CERTIFICATE OF TITILE," as a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    They are the undisputed property of the city-corporation and may be seized as well and look to this being the legal "justification" for people being thrown into FEMA Camps in the near future.

    Congratulations US you have officially and overtly become a fascist, bankrupt, in receivership state.

    I am not trying to save the planet, or anyone, but it looks like you are working towards the same end and conclusion I have already found & thought that you might like some information to consider.

  11. Part 2:

    Absolutely outstanding catch and post. I am certain that this is just a coincidence that it coincided with the establishment of a "rebel" central bank according to

    I know as a rebel who just decided to start a revolution the 1st 2 acts that I am going to take are to establish a central bank, reaching out to the global network of central bankers & lock up oil fields indefinitely with the world's leading Multi-national big petro companies and start selling oil.

    The final link is a supplement for the above post in which it is confirmed that the human being are being collateralize to float bonds & place maritime liens against in which to generate-back the creation of ever increasing amounts of fiat currency-a very necessary event to keep the ponzi from imploding. (There is more to it than that, but that is the basis of why why ultimately are going into Libya when you remove the veil of humanitarian mission and then clothing of oil, and the skin of gold standard-this is the spirit.)

    Perhaps this is a little to conspiracy for you, but this is what I found to be the God's honest truth. I will stake my name, my body, all my worldly assets, and my soul on that.

    Let me know if you want more information.

  12. USA Corp. was in receivorship & officially bankrupt in the "GREAT depression", folks. Admiralty Law has reigned ever since, yet the public, being an "enemy of the state" was kept in the dark mostly, to this very day. Here is a youtube movie, where he's got MOST of the details correct.

    CIA/HS just haven't figured out how to tell the sheeple since then, though....250M+ guns in private hands in these unites States of America baby!

    Enjoy, and thank me later. My dad runs/owns :

  13. $detersbb: Absolutely correct! One good thing about being in the US is we still have other categories of precious metals to protect us from those fiat documents. More reasons to own metal. :-)

  14. "Major BREAKING NEWS on SILVER and I will be on top of this MONITORING. I have all my sources standing by as we will watch this SILVER and related news very closely into the close of the week.

    Are you in? If not: Don't ask us any more questions. "

    Seriously News Unit, What the fuck.

  15. Every time I look around here (well it's slowed down a little bit) there are people always asking what to do or where to buy physical. If they haven't figured it out by now....that's all.

    There is major breaking news on silver: It's going to hit the HUNT BROTHERS' HIGH here if not overnight tonight it will be there on Friday.

    WTF X 2 ?

  16. haha,

    Strange that Stein does not mention the store value in PM´s, but still can't hold his horses and says that he covets Neil's golden watch...

    I wonder what Cartman would say...

    Did silver just temporarily top out 46 ?

  17. Does anyone know if there is a transcript of this video? I can't say I am surprised by the content. Alex Jones (and guests) have discussed this theory. The Fed are a bunch of pricks!

  18. Currency debasement has happened throughout history - Roman Empire, Chinese Empires... many. We... unfortunately... seem to be next. We could broke on a gold standard, but at least the money would be good :)