Thursday, April 21, 2011

1/3 of canadians cant afford food and basic living expenses

TORONTO - Nearly one-third of Canadians that responded to a recent survey backed by a major Canadian bank said they didn't have enough money to cover living expenses.

An online survey completed for TD Canada Trust (TSX:TD) also found that 54 per cent of the 1,003 people who answered said it was a real struggle or impossible to save.

The report, released Wednesday, says that 38 per cent of respondents said they had no savings and 30 per cent said they didn't have enough money for their living expenses.

On the flip side, 30 per cent of the respondents said they had enough money saved to cover living expenses for at least four months.

The online survey, based on a representative sample of Canadian adults, was conducted before Christmas from Dec. 2 to 7 by Environics Research for the bank.

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  1. couple that with another statistic that was released this week... Consumer Debt in Canada is 10% HIGHER than in USA.

    We cannucks are just as screwed.

    physical is no longer an option

  2. Here is something to think about SGS...

    This survey way done by banks, who have access to pretty much all their customers financial information and transactions. They do not need a 'survey' to find out how Canadians are doing, they know damn well most people are going to be underwater and the CMHC is going to get stuck with a massive bill.

    Couple that with most of the idiot baby boomers who have all there pensions in the soon to be worthless US stock market, Canada is about to become fucked.

    I'm seeing my future here in Canada, it involves a backpack full of silver and gold, a benelli MR1, and a shack in the woods.

    No one will listen to me, they mocked me for pulling out every cent from my house and buying PM's, well when the CAD becomes worthless we will see who is laughing.

  3. And 43 Million Americans are on food stamps... hmmm....


    GOLD = 79,106 contracts
    SILVER = 92,446 contracts

    And this was to be a LIGHT TRADING DAY??

    Interesting to watch price movement in silver today. One minute it is at +$.65, then a minute later at +$.80. Then a few minutes later down to +$.69. Its all over the place.

  5. Canada has less than 40 million people, yet it has large area and tons of resources. It is very easy to solve the problem.

    Just open up the immigration law to Chinese or rich people around the world. Say 5 million dollar and instant citizenship. I bet there will be 1 million rich Chinese and people around the world want to get the citizenship. That is instantaneous 5 Trillion dollars to the economy.

  6. coconut...have you ever lived through a winter here? Nobody in there right mind would come here other than to exploit free health care, welfare and continue the whorefication of the melting pot that parasites and rots this country from the inside out.

  7. Tell your 1/3 to come to the USA. Free Monsanto poison food with JP Morgan issued food stamp cards. That's right, JP not only profits from commodities fraud and Ponzi bullshit, they also profit off of poisoning people with every swipe of their slave card. What a bunch of dicks! That's right BM, you're a dick!

  8. CTV News in TO said real inflation is way up driven by food and gasoline. They estimated real inflation is closer to 18% for necessities. No shit Shakespeare, loaf of ordinary sliced Italian bread was $1.99 last year and today $2.89. The fluctuations in food (sales etc) is so massive (up/down) it's impossible to know real inflation without a retail store spreadsheet! Shit, I'd really like to go vegetarian for 6 months and pick up a monster box but the boss would kick my sorry ass!

  9. I read somewhere that 25% of western commodity exports go to China now I see the country split...eastern manufacturing crushed under rising CAD and falling US imports...Western part "owned" by China economically.

    Since our largest trading partner (USA) needs cheap, food, energy, water, raw materials... I wonder out loud if that recent agreement to create a "security" perimeter around North America...was maybe to keep everyone in...when they decide to re-draw a few lines on the map.

    I only hope they leave Quebec on it's own.

    enough doom and gloom... let's get physical

  10. But they have free health care so everything is great?

    Here is article link:

  11. oh yeah...2 more things that make all this real
    1- I just posted US exchange rates at my cash registers .90 cents for US money (and that is a good deal since the bank pays .91 cents today)

    2- ALL my imported goods for this fall are 15% to 20% up in price ...just in time for fall and Xmas.

    Real Inflation.. Real soon = REAL PANIC

    My wife is in China right now buying for next season and we are looking at paying in Yuan or CAD.
    ...expecially if they goose the Yuan the 10% to 20% they are talking about to stimulate domestic chinese consumption and further fuck the US FED by JAMMING inflation down their throats and escalating the credit war.

  12. SOme years back I was up in Canada quite a bit. We delivered TOSHIBA BIG SCREENS to Markham, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. Let me tell ya, some of those FRENCHIES I delt with were pricks. It was like we lousy Americans were doing them a favor bringing up BIG SCREEN TVS.

    Those in Ontario were great.

  13. Free Healthcare?
    1-IF you don't have a fucking doctor (like many of us)...Free means going to a hospital emergency room for a cold...and waiting 8 hours to be seen.

    2-If you are really do get seen and you don't lose your house or job over it.

    3-Both Governmenets have major issues to resolve on this front ...but it all boils down to money and what is the breaking point for expenditures

  14. Perhaps I should explain my previous comment, here in the US all the sheep are praising health care reform and how everyone will be finding gold at the end of every rainbow now that we will get free healthcare 10 years from now. These same idiots want more gun control and making the US a freaking welfare state for the lazy and leaches of society.

    I am sure CAN and US tied together but who will fall first or will it be the same time?

  15. SGS, don't underestimate the attractiveness of "Democracy". If you have lived in a suppressive regime. You would not mind tolerate cold or hot. If you can show or demo a "Freedom" society, they will come for opportunities along with their investment.

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  17. BTW, I bought a handful of Silver Eagle to commemorate the fall of US dollar in 2011. I am thinking about buying 1 share of JPM and have the stock certificate send to me and post it on the wall as a memorabilia for the Silver victory. Are there anyone crazy like me ?

  18. Silver surge prompts conspiracy theorists

    Notice they did not address the pending crash of the dollar and basically warn of the pending crash in slv.

  19. SGS, sorry I'm not knowledgeable re large options contracts and his prediction of a year-end silver collapse. What is your comments about this article please - thanks!

    "Large trade bets silver will reverse course"

  20. @all I hope everyone here knows that options could expire without being exercised.

    Unless this trader knows something that none of us do, he's either made a *very* risky bet or is just hedging. Nothing extraordinary in my humble opinion.

    Also when an option is written, there are two sides. This trader is short, but the other party is long. Surely, that must be of significance.

    One of the more pressing things I would be worried about is if the increase in silver price goes parabolic. That would be cause for concern.

  21. If such a rise was speculation, yeah I'd be worried, if it were mainly due to worries about Dollar crashing, then I wouldn't worry. I don't think with silver that we have been seeing mostly speculation. people are really scared about the Dollar.

  22. Remember that most of southern BC has a very mild climate. If you look at plant hardiness zones, you can see that it is in fact warmer here than many areas in the US. There's a large population of immigrants in the Van area already.

    I like coconut's idea. Canada is a great place to live if you live in the right part;) It might be the redneck in me coming out but I would love to see Manitoba, Saskatchewan , Alberta, NWT, Yukon and BC as our own, separate country. It would be the most resource-rich country on earth. Fuck the rest of you guys and your funny accents. I kid:)


  23. @coco:

    I live in Vancouver we don't need anymore Chinese people here.

    Was at Vancouver Bullion this morning, was a mad house, lineup was outside the door. Still managed to get some maples tho.

  24. SRRocco,, Cananda has the same problem as the USA has.. Those americans that live east of Tennesee are mostly large throbbing cocks. Or dickheads, which ever you prefere. Cananda has the same problem with those that are living from Montreal east.. I say the Western US succeeds and Western Canada succeeds to form a new REPUBLIC. I think that would be the makings of a GREAT Country.

  25. sierra,

    I totally agree! I am here in Seattle, let the Midwest and the East have their crap holes, crowded and declining cities. We can deal with radiation :)

  26. Sierra; I contemplated adding Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon to my list as a matter of fact. It could work quite well indeed.

    I have no problem with immigrants from any country as long as they are well educated. We can then form a mutually beneficial relationship for the good of all. I DO have a problem with the folks that have been here for 20 years and still don't speak fuckin' English. Retain your mother tongue and culture all you want, nothing wrong with that, but learn the language we speak here. While I'm at it, Why the fuck do we need French on every goddamn product? Signs in national parks, etc? French in Quebec and NB, I'm fine with that. You drive through a national park here and the signs say Lac _____ and Lake ____ on the same sign. Retardation.

    I'm done.

  27. Hey guys, I saw this on msn so it must be true!

    '3 Myths that will pop the gold bubble'

    It's bullshit like this that keeps my family from moving to PM's and ensures their future serfdom.

  28. @sleepingvillage

    Here in van nothing is in french, half english half cantonese/mandarin(spelling?), and in china town NOTHING is english.

    No point for them to learn english when they can do everything in there native tongue.

  29. any weigh ins what your locals are selling morgan and peace silver dollars for, hearing $45 for 90% silver some places at the moment.

  30. Heward, MSN article. Why didn't numb-nuts compare it against the dollar, down 97.5% in 90 years while Gold up from $35 to $1500.

    I heard the Chinese actually negotiate for silver on the exchanges: