Saturday, March 12, 2011

Will you have your chair before the music stops?


-Lots of rolling into April delivery month, and June is the BIG month

-705,207 oz withdrawal from customer
-only 35 notices sent down, another representation that there is fuck all left in the vaults
-still have 9.1 million ounces standing this month
-COT report says JPM et al. covered 1945 contract this week...? This cant be right.
-SLV loses 536,951 oz (notice on up days they lose fuck all, but on down days they unload like 4 million, must be nice to play this game.

And if you are keeping tally, if you take the opposite trade of Dennis in the last 10 years of the Gold trade you should be up.

Moving into this friday will be a doozy. I have mentioned before we have a quadruple witching on friday for expires. These days are notoriously confusing, and the volatility will make you puke. I promise after this Friday, we will see more longs roll into May, but leading up to may we are going to see more standing in the delivery month of April to frontrun the May disaster that heading Blythe's way. The only thing that can stop this train is a manipulated market selloff with Blythe hitting all the bids and canceling her bids at the same time on SLV. SLV will is the silent weapon that no one knows about, and it controls the spot price. It will be amazing to see if this happens, if spot gets crushed but you can't get silver from a dealer, this divergence will be the beginning of the end, and at that time I wouldn't doubt if Gold starts to slip into backwardation. End game is nearing. Prepare accordingly.

Lastly, no one has ANY idea what happened on the day of rage. Your ZOG runned media mentions nothing of it. An event this large with implication this big for Israel and the oil cartel has been diverted on CNN and FOX. Amazing how efficient this plan is becoming.

$40 silver soon. Get your chair before the music stops.

QUICK NEWS: You know how to thank me...its been light lately ;)

Bank of America about to be exposed again (luckily I already have those $5 strike puts in place, Bahrain protest increasing in violence, No idea what happened with day of rage as the HAARP induced mega earthquake 6 hrs before the event canceled all media on that-how coincidental, clean up to be given to Haliburton I bet.


  1. if i may ask a question? many ounces of silv. and gold should the common man {me} need?

    and who runs the speedometer...19 is a fucking joke, especially after friday...

  2. I envision the US dollar is going to tank in the next week. Japan need money to rebuild after the disaster. China may save their money to save Euro instead of buying US treasury. That means the US treasury auction without major participation from the biggest buyers. The yield should go up. And that should help push the commodity higher.

    Any comment ?


    Ishares Silver Trust $ 35.03
    SLV +0.67

    Daily Short Sale Volume - NEW view
    Short Interest (Shares Short) 18,368,700
    Days To Cover (Short Interest Ratio) 0.5
    Short Percent of Float view
    Naked Short Selling List - NEW view
    Short Interest - Prior 17,631,300

    Spdr Gold Trust $ 138.22
    GLD +0.45

    Daily Short Sale Volume - NEW view
    Short Interest (Shares Short) 19,148,900
    Days To Cover (Short Interest Ratio) 1.4
    Short Percent of Float view
    Naked Short Selling List - NEW view
    Short Interest - Prior 15,138,300


    On King World News Metal Wrap, Bill Haynes of CMI GROUP said that in the last 4 weeks, for every $1 that went into GOLD, $2 went into SILVER.

    Dan Norcini of JS Mindset says if buyers come in and SILVER holds above $36...and stays there...we are off to SGS's $40 figure.

    Also when Eric King asked Dan about the Silver Cot Report...he commented that it must have been concocted on Fantasy Island. Again SGS naided this one.

    As for (BAC)Bank of America and the pending release of Wikileaks news, looks like investors have not positioned themselves on the short side.

    Bank of America Corporation $ 14.38
    BAC 0.12

    Daily Short Sale Volume - NEW view
    Short Interest (Shares Short) 81,088,000
    Days To Cover (Short Interest Ratio) 0.5
    Short Percent of Float view
    Naked Short Selling List - NEW view
    Short Interest - Prior 85,162,800

    The BAC short positions actually decreased by 4 million shares. All we can say is:


  4. Freddi607,

    An amusing question actually. Would one ask how much money one needs or how much wealth? Simple answers: As much as you can get and if you have to ask if it's enough then it's not.

    Accumulate real assets. Keep accumulating real assets. The only point of paper should be to magnify gains to move into real assets.

    Again, one never asks how much "money" or "wealth" they should have.

  5. Sorry but I gotta call bullshit on this notion that there's all sorts of havoc in SA and a media blackout is keeping it from being reported. There's no indication of this whatsoever. I've been following all the Middle East events very closely over the past month and there is ALWAYS information getting out. Even if the U.S. media does a shitty job of reporting on it or just completely ignores it, Al Jazeera, twitter and other social media sites fill in the gaps and actually drive the news cycle. You can find actual boots on the ground on twitter rather than flipping to your favorite flavor of propaganda news where a bunch of idiots sit around prattling on about what's "really going on." Point is, if there was actually anything going on there, you'd hear it first on twitter, or google realtime. The reason you're not hearing about it is because SA is run by a bunch of efficient killers who banned the facebook pages and supposedly murdered at least one of the organizers.

    Again, whether there is a conspiracy or not in the U.S. media there is no longer any way for anyone to keep a lid on current events. The playing field has been LEVELED to a large degree.

  6. David Morgan calls for a 10-20% correction in silver .

    is he crazy ?

  7. Flaunt,

    With all due respect, the issues you are pointing to are precisely evidence of the "havoc" going on. What we do know is that even as early as Thursday night there were reports of FIRING live bullets into the crowds with deaths occurring. That did not happen in Egypt and took a little bit of time to develop in Libya, and even then was not brazen, as it was sniper fire.

    SA is MUCH more cutthroat.

    Additionally, they "learned a lesson" and just pre-emptively BANNED ability for Al Jazeera to cover and shut down access to internet and twitter.

    While I agree there is no conspiracy by US media to suppress information from getting to the American people, there most certainly is a VICIOUS conspiracy in SA by the thugs running the show to suppress information from ever being acquired in the first place.

    In the end that will only serve to increase the energy in the protest, much like continuing to push a floating ball further and further underwater.

    In my mind, the most ominous aspect of this is the development of a Shia vs Sunni angle, which has serious implications for the region as a whole.

  8. fuck a chair, i got my couch goin down here yo beotchzzz! your hilarious, thanks for the humor in otherwise VERY challenging times. keep it comin'. Bears soon??

  9. there is 10% moves weekly now in I'm not too sure what his point is...

    In fact, if its 20%, hes saying we should see $29 again.

    How is silver overbought here when in inflation adjusted terms, not even considering a 90% depletion in real physical since then, spot should be at $ can he say its overbought?

    I think Mr. Morgan has been talking with the other Morgan of JP. He's beginning to sound suspiciously overbought himself.

  10. I saw an interesting reply to one of the youtube videos by the 'silverfuturist'.

    "Hey Joe, I have to share this. My Brother-in-law drives an executive Limo for those high dollar movers and shakers here in Arizona. About 2 week's ago, he drove a JPM representative to an auction here in Phoenix to buy bulk fine grade silver. She was telling him, that the price of silver is about to explode to $80 with the cost's to source the stuff on the open market. Apparently they are sending people all over the country now to try an find it. LMAO!"

    I'm not sure if this has any merit but I thought it was interesting. We should ask Blight's Mom if she has been especially cantankerous as of late.

  11. here is that comment

  12. Cris, I agree that things are starting to happen in SA, but there's nothing NEW going on. I saw the videos of the protesters and them being fired on, but last I heard they were rubber bullets while originally it was thought they were live rounds. That doesn't mean SA isn't run by a bunch of thugs who will start killing people but the bushel, but it isn't happening yet.

    At the height of Mubarak's part in the Egypt drama, the thug banned twitter and shut down the internet but there were still people getting through on twitter. There was one guy in particular who would call friends of his in other countries who would relay his messages on twitter. All I'm saying is that when something happens in the world, there is NO THUG powerful enough to stop word from getting out. That's the new reality that these assholes in the ME don't yet understand. The U.S. gov't fully understands it which is why rather than fighting it they send their thugs out onto facebook, twitter, message boards, etc. to conduct psy ops.

    I agree, shit is going to blow up in SA. The thugs will be eliminated partly because some other more powerful thugs around the world decided it was time for them to go but also because they created a mess that was destined to go bad.

  13. @freddi, I have asked that exact question here before, and it seems to me that the answer is you will never have enough. I am not a person who can just go by 100 oz bars, and some weeks I struggle to buy an ounce. But over the course of three years I have accumulated well over 200 oz. Do I feel that is going to set me up for life? No.
    Do I feel it might get my family through some turmoil? Yes I do.
    I look at from a standpoint of I hope I never need it but probably will. And if we get to a point where we are trading 50 oz for a house and 10 oz for a new pick up truck, then by my standards, that would be pretty good because in today's fiat, I can't go out today and by 3 houses and five pick up trucks in cash.
    If silver goes to 500 an oz, I can pay my house off.

  14. I lost $6000 on BAC $10 puts expired in feb.

    I want Assange's liver to eat!

    Prick stated, " the beginning of next year..." that he would reveal it!!


    I'm a working wage-slave, and he screwed ME personally with his LIE.

  15. SB, You don't think it was your fault that you pushed the button and gambled on a potential outcome? Man up and take responsibility for your actions. You screwed yourself. Period.

    Last I heard, Assange said they needed more time to go through the mountain of info to make it concise. Pay attention. Maybe they were bluffing? Either way, they're doing us all a service in the end, whether people realize it now or not.

    Anonymous is completely on our side, the side of the truth and what is right, even if there are casualties along the way... Revolutions are not for the weak.