Friday, March 11, 2011

Fuck Sake, This is what I deal with on TV these days, I hope the sheeple get skinned soon, Ive seen enough


  1. HAHAH I've seen this on TV, but to be fair he has been making these commercials for YEARS

  2. LMAO....nice chicks! ohhh yeaaaa!

  3. These guys use lot of Scale Rigging.

  4. This is the type of business model and man that prompted the cover/excuse for the washington state gold/silver sale registration legislation that was posted all over a couple weeks back. It really was to PROTECT the consumer, really.

  5. I see these guys opening up shitty little stalls all over our shopping malls.

    They pay ridiculous prices for 24k gold. something in the vicinity of $15-$20 per gram.

  6. Who in their right mind would ever go to one of these assholes in the age of the internet with kijiji and craigslist?

  7. This is why I don't have a TV anymore

  8. wtf...19 on the speedometer....

  9. GAME OVER-Following Core Meltdown, Reactor One At Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Explodes

    Wow....this is a game changer. The Nuclear Plant next door to Fukushima has just announced that 3 cooler towers have shut down

  10. Because of this Earth Quake Japan will sell US treasuries and only one who will buy them will be Fed.

    This will have devastating effect on USD.

    Weak $ is again bad for Economy.

    This also makes QE 3 Inevitable.


  11. Man you have no idea. Here on vacation in Florida there are billboards, TV and radio commercials all delivering the same message "WE BUY GOLD" and all of them trying to out-do each other. I'm planning on getting some pictures to post on my site later next week.

    It's absolutely the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Is it like this everywhere? The truly insane thing is that these people are paying rates so low you cannot even believe it. I'm talking pennies on the dollar. We're watching another wealth transfer taking place and the shackles to debt in perpetuity being placed around the wrists of all these people.

    It's truly a mad mad world.

  12. This little Jewish wiener has been running his cash for gold scam for years. I'm just outside Toronto, he has been running the ad for years.

    They use it to launder money and the gold is hard to trace, meaning no tax.

    These Jewish gold dealers have actually started trying to kill each other, hiring hit men to off each other.

  13. Out fight is not with these small Pickpocketers.

    Rothschilds have been issuing IOU's for Gold for centuries. We have to bring those dragons down. That will be our real Victory.

  14. I was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin checking these places out and I did research on them. They are all a bunch of Jews running these places. At least the half dozen that I visited. And they were linked to Chicago also.

    They will scam more sheep as the price of gold and silver rises. Oh well!

    The only thing American's want is "no payment for 12 months", more electronic toys they will stand in line for, and I won't even go there with the rest....

    Check this out: $900---woweeeee!

  15. Wow newsunit I can't believe the article you linked. I don't know what is worse, the fact that someone bought the spot in line for $900 or what the seller of that spot plans to do with it.

    "She plans to buy tickets to a Lady Gaga concert with the cash that she earned for her trouble."

    Are you fucking kidding me? The sheeple are sooo fucked. I thought SGS was being a bit harsh wanting them to be fleeced but now I'm on his side after seeing this. I see all this electronic crap as being analogous to the glass baubles and other useless junk traded to native americans which they perceived as having value.

    Seriously I'm done trying to wake up people around me. My advice to the sheeple now is to 'invest' in beanie babies.