Saturday, March 12, 2011

David Morgan calls for $29 silver, (10-20% correction)

Okay...fair enough. Click link and listen then come back here.

Click here for David Morgan Interview

In fact, if its 20%, hes saying we should see $29 again.

How is silver overbought here when in inflation adjusted terms, not even considering a 90% depletion in real physical since then, spot should be at $ can he say its overbought? Overbought like on a daytraders timetable? Overbought like I cant get my hands on physical for 3 weeks now and 100 oz bars are undisclosed wait times now? Overbought like JP shorted another 6000 contracts overbought and if they didnt it would be at $50 today? Overbought like the DOW/NAS/SP500? WHY IS SILVER OVERBOUGHT and WHAT TIME LINE ARE YOU USING?

I think Mr. Morgan has been talking with the other Morgan of JP. He's beginning to sound suspiciously 'overbought' himself.

So is it going to cost me $8000 a year for his premier membership on his website to tell me silver is going to correct 10%?? Crist, it has 5%-10% moves weekly up and down. How about letting us know if we will have a 20% correction towards its true value of $80 right now instead of pumping JP Morgans agenda.

Here is the link to his site and subscription details.

Click here for subscription details

I'm not attacking, but I'm skeptical. The website tries to suck your email from you like 100 times. Verbatem, "David considers himself a big-picture macroeconomist."

Okay so is the big picture $500 silver? Or intermittent 10% 'pullbacks' in which Blythe can unload a bottomless pit of money at?

Dont get me wrong, hes been around since age 11 investing in silver...but every time I hear him lately he sounds like Blythe's undercover PR team helping slow the train with them.
Maybe I should get his premier membership for $8000 and see what insights I can gain.

Spot may go to $ZERO, but physical may be gone, so is that still considered a correction?


  1. SGS,
    You should attack.. I listened to him on a radio interview a few weeks ago with 2 other douche bags telling every one there was no shortage in metal etc.. even tho were running 1.38 in backwardation.. FUCK Morgan. There I said it for you.. Reading Butler this morning I know that Morgan is full of shit. unless he is getting inside information of a major raid.. BUT.. as Bulter put it this morning the major raid was tried thursday night and didn't succeeed..


  3. Silver Liberation Army on the battlefront - time to fuck up these trolls.

    $8000!!? BWAHAHAH

  4. WOW! Tell us what you really think! :) I think silver is like breaking the sound barrier...the closer silver gets to the breaking point the more confusion and resistance there will be. Morgan et al are the old guard fighting the last war. A new day is almost upon us. God help us. "Once more unto the breech, dear friends".

  5. I subscribe to The Mad Hedge Fund Trader/ According to TMHFD silver is going to 50 not 29.

    29 is BS. TB seems to have morphed into Debbie Downer. SGS is right;maybe he is overbought.

  6. I've watched this guy give a presentation; he sure is full of himself. He said nothing that I didn't already know through my own thorough DD. But, I must admit he was upfront about future supply/demand problems, the JPM manipulation and the SLV fraud. His site is uber expensive (I didn't bite) and it seems that he is perhaps just an aggregator, and rides of the coattails of GATA and others.

  7. Doctors say Yemen using nerve gas on protestors. wtf

  8. When he states silver is overbought he may be referring the RSI(14) which closed at 70.04 and William %R(14) which closed at -17.3 on Friday

    For some very good analysis for gold and silver parabolic moves go here:

  9. This guy throws silver in the Hudson River:


    This is the same video guy where the JPM $80 rumor showed up from his channel:

    "Hey Joe, I have to share this. My Brother-in-law drives an executive Limo for those high dollar movers and shakers here in Arizona. About 2 week's ago, he drove a JPM representative to an auction here in Phoenix to buy bulk fine grade silver. She was telling him, that the price of silver is about to explode to $80 with the cost's to source the stuff on the open market. Apparently they are sending people all over the country now to try an find it. LMAO!"

    So I guess some people (Jews) just throw it away in Jew York now?

    There's going to be lots of weird stuff going on no matter what now. Just measure your holdings in OUNCES right now not DOLLARS.

    David Morgan is afraid now. He wants to be rich like his pal Mike Maloney. Maybe he spent too much money in Las Vegas and he's a bit behind now after "playing the big shot" with his pal in the limousine cruising chicks (or dicks)---I'm not sure.

    I would completely ignore David Morgan. He just doesn't fit into the precious metals division. Not at all!

  10. David Morgan seems very insincere to me when he underplays the fundamentals of silver and the price manipulation. I enlisted for his emails but they are all just to get you to purchase his expensive memberships. I like Bix Weir's odd take on the silver/gold scheme somewhat, but his price is a little high too so I stick with the free parts and use my own judgement.

    The silver bears taught me more than any of these guy (but I do like Mike Maloney) so thanks SGS. Fuck Blythe!! Buy Silver!!

    watched this today:

  11. One more comment about David Morgan:

    Him and that other guy with Mrs. Maven do similar boring kitchen videos. Both of them need to take a bath and get in the gym more often. Both of them are demonstrating their movement now "against the grain".

    They are of the same stripe as CNBC and even David Morgan appears on The Street which is another group of affiliate jack asses here in the U.S.A.

    Did it ever occur to people that these guys really thought we are in a bubble here but they won't just come out and say it? They are pissed off now because they sold their physical holdings too soon. You can tell how wore out they are from lack of sleep working the SLV and blabbing their latest stock picks. I'm buying like a bandit! :-)

    You have to have the attitude of "buy and hold forever" with bullion.

  12. I can't speak to his motives, but if I had a mouthpiece loud enough in the public forum, I'd be saying everything I could, ethical or not, to try and get people to sell me their silver for cheaper prices.

  13. Let's get a bit of perspective here people. If "they" know the price of Ag is going to $80/oz in a few weeks time, why would anyone be selling? As bullish as Eric King is, why is his weekly guest on the metals wrap, Bill Haynes of CMIGS selling? Because that's his business. We all have to make a living in the land of fiat as fiat is what makes the world go round until it doesn't. Don't get evangelical over PM. They're a piece of the puzzle, insurance, and a hedge. I'm not saying selling your physical now, but it's an asset that can be traded like any other. Remember the meltdown in '08. There's nothing out there that says it's impossible for Ag to correct 20-30% instead of going to $80. To me, momo trading in March is always suspect. I can, all to clearly, remember the tech meltdown in March '00 on the Naz as I was on vacation and if I was going to get any, I couldn't be glued to screens while my net worth was circling the bowl.

    That being said, PM's sure seemed poised to deflate Friday, but the late day bounce back up is clearly bullish. Still, don't be surprised if there's a correction in the PM's. Keep your powder dry and BTFD's.

  14. Jesus, I would back up the truck at $29......don't buy it, but whoa!


    I don't know if Mr. Morgan still ends his letters with that phrase....but it was something I brought up on a Blog a few years ago.

    Somehow it got back to him and he even wrote a rebuttle on his website. He explained that when someone ends a letter in:

    ITS ON HONOR TO BE, means something.....crap...I forgot. Anyhow it was an old LAME REASON. I don't think he uses it anymore, but I did find an old article with it:


    Hey....David is a silver he is supposed to be one of the good guys. But...over the years something just doesn't jive with me about him. Can't put my finger on it.



  16. David Morgan was one of the first "experts" I discovered in my journey to the land of physical.
    He was good for promoting the idea...nothing else.
    I've found him to be wishy washy, and, to an extent, his own trumpeter. I'm sure he's sitting on a ton, but he's had no productive advice for me.
    I'm not a gambler, never been to Vegas, don't play the market or the miners, and although past patterns have a place in today's metals market, my position is we would be comparing apples to oranges.
    Anyone doing their DD could easily come to the conclusion that this time IS different (contrary to the belief of some).
    Wish I had the smarts and the "big ones" that others have playing the miners.
    I'd sleep less than I do now.
    My hope i that my kid will one day think
    I'm a damn genius.
    Please take a minute to honor those truly struggling today. Peace to all of you silver seekers. Thanks for your wisdom SGS.
    Oh...BTFD and FUCK Blythe & her bedfellows
    Peace to all of you

  17. ALL these prostitutes should be lined up and shot.

    TRAITORS to HUMANITY in the final analysis.


  18. I can see paper silver and gold easily taking a fiat pounding of 20% or more during a stock market meltdown as the desperate liquidate anything and everything they have in a panic.

    If the PM´s would crash in price again like it did in 2008, the physical market wouldn´t be just tight, it would be bought out down to the last 1/2oz. round. Then the parabolic rise will be unstoppable.