Saturday, March 12, 2011

Want TA on Silver/Gold? Here you go...TSI Trader explains it from 2004-present

Gold and Silver Parabolics - Part II
The TSI Trader Blog
As you will discover from the charts and information in this article, the previous three gold and silver parabolics (2004, 2006 and 2008) had a common characteristic. Each exhibited a midpoint consolidation - a resting place that separated the character of the first half and second half of the parabolic move. This observation is particularly relevant at this time, as both gold and silver have presently completed this midpoint consolidation and are already on their way to concluding the 2011 parabolic.
Let's begin with the previous parabolics in gold and silver and work our way towards the current situation. At the conclusion I will show you what I think is likely to power the 2011 parabolics to completion.

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  1. Thanks for the chart :)

    Do you think his target of 48 will be a final

    peak in silver ? It seems like it could go

    higher because of all the distortion in the

    system. Now we will have "Stealth QE " ??

  2. SGS.. thank you.. this is good info that is supporting other info I have been reading.

  3. Am I the only one who's buying on the way up? I just know I'll buy more when the spot price is above $40.00.

    So why not buy here? I am buying here too. I'm buying the dips too.

    Is everyone buying or just watching?

    My price target is $65 by Summer Solstice. I do not expect any David Morgan pullback or anything less than a consolidation range forming between $38 and $43 until the substantial breakout takes off.

    Also this latest JPM post from Arizona could be true and I'll take $80.00 soon too.

  4. NewsUnit : I have 7 long positions for May and September contracts bought at 33$.

  5. As many have said, in an unrigged market, Ag would be around USD 75 by now. To me, all this TA is navel gazing in a rigged market. We don't know the strategy of the those rigging the markets (and painting the tapes). So how can we assume a price point? SGS mentioned HAARP and Japan in a few prior posts. Isn't that conspiracy theory cubed?

    I'm not discounting HAARP, and I'm not going to cry for Nippon. After all karma is a bitch and if one is going to do his/her due diligence on the pre and WW2 sacking of SE Asia and China by Japan, I would believe the Chinese and Koreans would happily let Japan slide to Vietnam's GDP without shedding a tear or lending a hand.

    Getting back to our PM's. Be suspect on any wild gyration, i.e. sell the top and buy the dip.

  6. Thanks SGS very good post, great article.

    To newsunit: I don't know about $65 by summer, but I can see it before the new year.
    Everytime I have a few extra $ I do go buy more, almost have 2000 oz now.

  7. I'm going to liquidate my other IRA soon! I'm about to graduate into the 5 figure ounce category: XX,XXX

    Raw physical Ag

    Also have Au, and Pd.

    And I don't care what happens!

    Where's that PART 5 bear talk?

  8. The fraud's at the CRIMEX have only been able to scrape together less than 1,000,000 oz. of silver to deliver for 1/2 of the delivery month of March with 6,515,000 oz. still left standing for delivery of their silver goodness. Good luck with that with the SLV vaults full of IOU's. There is still a big risk of a CRIMEX default this month and if not, by the end of May the CRIMEX will be done. Paper silver you You can wipe your collective butts with your paper silver and physical goes to $100 plus in a couple of days, while 99% of America realizes the value of this very special metal. Japanese insurers sell US Dollars next week to fund the huge rebuilding our world's 3rd biggest economy, which has been on a respirator for the last 5 years...



    I'd like some confirmation of this arizona JPM "new info" before committing to an $80 target any time soon...

    But, this IS a FUCKED UP WHOLELY MANIPULATED SITUATION , which we here (in SILVER) do have a front row seat to observe & participate.

    These fuckers have algorythmics down because of all the $$ at their disposal(can you say CRAY4, or 5?).The inventor, Cray died as a result of a hit, not natural causes.Part of a black-ops he himself participated in to help these VERMIN, and they fucking killed him for his troubles. The shit is on my group archives...


  10. MONDAY


    G o S I L V E R ! ! ! !


    $40.00 for silver per ounce.

  11. What if we have been looking at position limits as a false opponent that has been thrown out there for all to see and fight against when the remedy is something much more simple.

    What if a sales tax was imposed on every contract that was registered bought/sold on the COMEX?

    If the COMEX moves 60,000 contracts a day of 5,000 ounces of silver that is 300,000,000 300 Million ounces of silver and each ounce of silver sold is going for about $35.00 per ounce which is a total value of $10,500,000,000. Taxing that $10.5 billion at 5.5% would yield $577,500,000 in tax revenue. That would end speculation and rapid churning of selling unbacked paper and then buying it back if the price of silver was $35 and the tax assessed on each transfer of a 5,000 ounce contract was $9,625.

    If the price of silver goes up then we would be looking at north of $10,000 per each contract transfered.

    The beauty of this is that people speculating on margin would not want to plop down $10,000 because there is NO profit to be made by doing that and that would officially end the silliness of cash settlements if the spec had to put down $10,000 for taxes and JPM buying it back would have to put down $10,000 for their taking it back.

    This would also end the insanity of JPM flooding the market with unbacked contracts if they had to pay to the IRS/State Department of Revenue $10,000 for each unbacked contract they sold and then when they bought it back at a price lower then they sold it for another $10,000. Of course 1 side of the $10,000 transfer would be paid by the buyer, but what buyer in their right mind would plunk down $10,000 only to hold a contract for a couple of minutes/hours/days to sell it back without recouping the $10,000 tax?

    Go ahead and set up any level of short you want, but with a $10,000 tax levied on each contract, it does not seem like it will be cost effective for the buyer to hold the short without taking physical delivery.

    JPM can not sell naked short if there are no buyers who will plunk down that $10,000. JPM will not stay in business if they plunk down the $10,000 for tax per contract themselves.

    What do you think about this Mr. SilverGoldSilver?

  12. Silverbull: Last warning! Keep your posts all in one! Or I will start deleted them.

    Deter: Not sure this would effect JPM. They could just write off the tax like pocket change and continue on as they are. Actually, this may help JPM. They are a bottomless pit of fiat.

  13. I am not familiar with a business being able to write off a sales tax. I know that they are a bottomless pit of fiat, but if the government could scalp them for over $500 million per day at 60,000 5,000 ounce silver contracts traded daily on the COMEX that works out to north of $180 billion per year.

    What do you think if the COMEX was forced to pay the tax in JPMs/traders stead?

    I am trying to think of a way to generate money for governments and shut down the naked short fraud at the same time.

    Thank you for your response.

  14. Ahhh, okay I read it wrong. I'm just not sure ANY legislation that would hurt JPM could be enacted. They are essentially the government, and TBTF.

  15. New day new post: :-)

    Mr. SGS's post about those "CASH FOR GOLD" dealers reminded me how many of those that are showing up all over the place here in the U.S.A. Here's a video clip of the guy we all saw that was reporting the SLV Prospectus. If you don't remember the SLV video you might review it here:
    SLV Fraud
    This Chris guy mentions those "Cash for Gold" places in here. He also rants a little here about Comrade Obama playing golf and I agree because I think Obama is a real leaker! (thank you). Here's that clip:
    Cash For Gold, etc.

    Someone on a post asked me about $80 silver. That's not my forecast that was the JPM rumor from Arizona. But if you want to know what I think, I'm pretty consistent in my expectations. Go read my other posts. And remember things are constantly changing in this crazy market because what should be happening is not and by now you should know why and who they are that cause all this instability.

    The charts start moving again later on. We will all see it. Silver is just starting to become slightly noticed. What you should do? Start sending EMAIL links to your friends if you care about them. They may thank you later. Get busy!

  16. detersbb,

    We can go one step further.

    I have NEVER understood why we don't levy a say, "transaction tax", of like 1/10th or even 1/100th of a PENNY on every transaction on Wall Street.

    That would raise a shitload of money, and NO ONE could rationally argue it would affect anything.

    Instead of bailing these fuckheads out, make them pay.

    Or even better, just tax their bonuses (given essentially out of tax payer money) at like 90%.

    EVERYONE should watch Inside Job on DVD, which won this year's Oscar. Any rational person will be infuriated.