Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Paging Blythe, SLV sivler call volume still not going away even at 31 year highs, paging Blythe

I'm back! Anyone wanting to drive into, visit, or even for that matter, have a mental image of Toronto should first proceed to try and commit suicide first before doing so. What a fuckin disaster. And I heard L.A. traffic is worse, wow.

Look below, longs still accumulating, trading like its coiling up. A nice consolidation here.

Tinka (TK.V / TKRFF) is now consolidating into the .57-.64 range, block on both sides of those figures...

$US dollar is starting to annoy me, I guess Ben is talking about ending QE2 or some shit I guess, ya fat fucking chance that will last for more than 4 days as the markets will plunge to ZERO in the first 3 days.

See you tonight. Good Luck with the deliveries Blythe.


  1. I hope the USD and silver go up at the same time. Again tho I know the Dollar is dead. So I'm not "hoping" to hard.

  2. Here's the thing.
    Im all in on gold/silver miners.
    When the economy inevitably and immediately has it's grand mal seizure, are the gold stocks going to react like gold, or like stocks?
    As we've seen since Jan, they cant push gold and silver down. Gold is going to explode, no matter what. But will the miners get swept up in its vortex, or accompany stocks down the toilet bowl?

  3. Don't sell your metals or miners, but protect yourselves in case the Fed plays games about the end of QE. It seems like a real possibility that they will keep the markets guessing right until the end, or even let official QE lapse (while making up the liquidity through more covert channels, of course), raining destruction on commodities and especially metals. I own nothing but physical metals, miners, and some oil-related and agricultural equities, and I'm not selling any of them, but I also put down some fiat toilet paper for June and September VXX calls at these stupid prices to hedge the possibility of a Fed induced commodities crash. And they could do it. They'll get money to the government one way or another, and they'll make sure the insiders have the playbook so they profit from the fall. It would even give Obama a reason to come out with some bullshit economic "plan", and after a year of QE that makes this round look like penny pushing, markets will be higher going into the election. Of course, it's 20% inflation after the election, but hey, one thing at a time.

    If the Fed crashes the market to provide political cover for more overt QE, the calls skyrocket and I use the proceeds to buy more physical and lower prices. If QE goes off as soon and huge as hoped for by the markets, then my downside is limited and my metals, miners, oil, and food all go through the roof.

    I hate the fiat trading game as much as anyone, but you have to protect yourself people. Yes, the endgame is the destruction of fiat and the return of real, but protect yourself in the interim.

  4. Bart Chilton=controlled opposition.

    He ain't our friend, forget it. He's a steam valve, to make you think he's "working on things."

    He can go to hell with the rest of them.

  5. Pete: okay dude we get it. You said it like 100 times.

  6. I know, but I'm pissed off, man. These people are criminals, and I hate to see people getting sucked in by their lies.
    Last time I will bring it up here.
    Like the blog overall, keep it up.

  7. Pete.
    Your loathing is appreciated and shared here. These polite, poised, well-mannered maniquins bring as much poison into the world as armies of street gangs.
    Like Lucky Liciano said on visiting the New York Stock Exchange 'I joined the wrong mob'.
    You're amoung friends.

  8. Hmm... I think it's a managed retreat (with profits for the insiders). Will it eventually get disorderly... probably... but that may not be this year. The US deficit is growing exponentially which simply can't be good. I buy and hold, buy and hold.

  9. Hi SGS
    I nearly forgot to gloat!
    Nothing epic happened on monday , like i said.
    I was right .You was wrong ,again.

    What saddens me the most about this blog is the pathetic sheeple that jump all over anyone who askes SGS to clarify something he has said.
    It s like a cult, where no one is aloud to criticise the leader.It s pathetic.You stupid sheep!

    To prove my point ,heres just one mindblowingly retarded comment by a SGS sheep.
    Truont said....
    It would be statistically impossible to call the exact day by luck alone....

    LMFAO.If anyone can t see how moronic that statment is then they are just as stupid.

  10. @Finnegan

    Tell me more about XVV calls,I did a quick Google search and all I could find was XIV calls?

  11. Oh fuck it. I ll give you a clue

    It s statistically impossible to pick the winning lottery ticket on saterday by luck alone.lol

  12. "Nothing epic happened on monday"

    Really...? I guess you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about. One of the members of the CFTC had a gun put to their head.

    Full oh shit? Fine.

    I, my friend, have insiders. You are a NOBODY reading MY blog for tips on how to make money.

    Goodbye, read my report tonight, I will no longer be playing these games on here with trolls. I now know what Turd said would happen. Idiots like you showing up trying to "I told you this, and I told you that, You suck...."

    Im done with that...new rules being implemented tonight. Godspeed.

  13. When you start answering your own question you know no one really cares.
    I listen to what SGS has to say.
    Do I agree with him? Mostly, but not reverently.

    It's an open blog, say your piece, but expect to be shot down if you spout drivel.

    So cockmuncher, I mean zeusmunger.
    Are you a point scoring twat, definately.
    Are you a sheeple without doubt.

    Would it be better if you fucked off to the same place iFlash is trying to find a friend that cares. Why not. You deserve each other.

    If SGS or anyone else doesn't agree with my thoughts, I'm not going to piss my pants about it. Get a life dude.

    Are you now owned, most certainly.

  14. Come on guys;
    Dont feed the troll.
    They thrive on poison ivy.
    Starving them to death is the best pest control, and keeps topics focussed on the silver fiasco de jour.

  15. SGS- you say
    Really...? I guess you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about. One of the members of the CFTC had a gun put to their head.

    Literally or figuratively?? unfortunately, neither would surprise me

  16. SGS

    Took a position in Tinka today. Betting with the bears... :-)

    Silver looks coiled as you say. They are just trying to control the price ascent. Good luck with that Blythe.

  17. Curious to see how the OI plays out.

    You have my sympathies on YYZ traffic. Don't miss it, was just back last week, DVP was a parking lot at 10 am.
    Although, the beltway in DC is really no better.

    Love the bears videos.

  18. **All trolls** Nothing wrong with disagreeing with SGS or anyone else here, but if you come in here with a shitty attitude then you will be dealt with. Can't you disagree without being disrespectful??? If you haven't yet learned this, then I'd suggest you do. Try this shit in the real world and you'll learn. Everyone seems to have giant balls when they can hide behind a screen.

    zues - I actually agreed with some of the points you made earlier concerning gold. However, you couldn't resist coming back here to rub shit in. Did it make you feel really good inside? People that do shit like that are the weakest pussies and you KNOW it, or else you could man up and let it go.

    If this were my blog, I'd delete every post that lacked respect. Period. Free speech if you've earned it.


  19. Bought 20,000 shares of TK this morning.

  20. So,
    -ala Harvey, it takes COMEX til 2 days before the March contract delivery limit is up, to scrape together the last million + ounces they owe
    -World Gold Council is begging the CFTC to change the definition of 'delivery'? (hopefully this will at last prove the WGC is a bankster storefront)
    -the CFTC cancels its 'position limits' meeting at the behest of a Bank???
    Only a knucklehead, or a Financial Times reporter, or a corrupt paid off CFTC Commisioner (remember CFTC Judge Painter?) cant see the empty COMEX silver vault.
    I guess now next we're just waiting for the SLV vault to been shown empty as well. However now in the case of JPMorgan, they are the same vault.

  21. Finnegan, right there with you. I loaded up on vxx leap calls and some other hedges for another 2008 "deleveraging margin call nightmare".

    SGS is going to hate this but I was forced to roll over my fiat options profits for even more upside leverage to silver, plus hedges, more miners and physical. I’m locked and loaded for the blowoff/mania/short squeeze phase. Make BS fiat up or down.

    These are only toilet paper games though. Physical is great for most. But I have other plans other than "making money" or "protecting money". Then again, wtf is "money"???!!!

    This is part of a larger life strategy that I have implemented and with every possible risk mitigated (deflation, inflation, hyperinflation, hyperdeflation, depression, recovery, nuclear war, all out peace, NWO, democracy etc etc).

  22. There is no way the govt is going to let the comex go belly up.. not now. So what you are waiting is entities *who really need the silver*, like manufacturers to start side stepping the comex and go directly to refiners and pay a premium. Looks like it hasn't happened yet, so I'm just sticking with this as a long term trend. Fun to read the comments, but I think we're at least 6 months to a 1 year before real trouble.

  23. SGS: Something is lurking. Talked to some TX contacts here in the USA. They are just concerned but are loading up on the hard stuff. They are getting rid of the paper stuff like crazy. Wow!

    They claim you want both Au and Ag.

    That's all I know other than I was told to forget the dip---just buy it.

  24. Saw this today:

  25. One more thing: OPEC. I'd like to hear your ideas on that one. I think the end of the "Petro Dollar" is very near:

    The News UNIT Blogspot

    I think we have a very profitable and eventful April ahead----for some.

  26. Another one:



  27. One ton of silver:

  28. 'No way the govt is going to let COMEX go belly up'.
    -Doesnt need to, since anyone whose head isnt completely up their ass can see that the backwardation, last day settlements, ect., is all that they need to see that COMEX is a desperados paperfarce.

    'What you need to see is manufacturerers to start sidestepping the COMEX and going straight to the refiners...'
    -Since when did any manufacturer ever go to the fucking bullshit COMEX and take delivery whenever they needed silver?

  29. @ malcolm, it's VXX
    Think I'll do a bull call spread. The premiums are rich given it's 70% IV

  30. Finnegan...

    I like what you said and your strategy...

    I will not sell any of my physical no matter what the Bernank does to fuck with us on early end to QE2 or some extended delay in QE3 (which is inevitable of course) to shake people out who can't handle it.
    And I also have a small, modest portfolio building of mining stocks (started by taking SGS's advice on Tinka...thanks SGS!).
    But other than that I'm a rookie at the other more intricate forms of investing. I haven't been able to catch up in my short amout of time just catching up to physical PM's and miners.
    But do you think you could take a minute to explain what you did when you said you put down calls for June and September on VXX for me?
    Just wondering if you could explain w/out taking up a lot of your time what that's about, strategy or how that works...If you could I'd mucho appreciate it man! Thanks!
    Or heck, if anyone else wants to chime in to throw some free advice my way, I'd be much abliged!
    Thanks all!

  31. the COMEX won't fail, relax everybody

    the fix is in

  32. The COMEX has given up the pretense of being a vehicle for 'price discovery'.
    Now its just the place you go when you want JPMorgan to pay you off in hefty premium sos not to take delivery.