Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Apologies

iFlash you win. You are the best. I have no clue. The end, you can now go make your own blog, dont post here ever again, you are smarter than we are...there you go I kept my end of the bargain.

I'm out all morning,driving to Toronto to enjoy sitting in traffic. I will report back later.

The $US just bounced like a motherfucker, plutonium now in Japan is not good for anybody right now.

So there is some weakness in the PM's right now. I have some stink bids in on Tinka at .52, .54., .56 hoping they get a fill today, but the bids are coming in strong on this little gem.

Gotta run


  1. SGS I have to give you props on a couple of things. 1. The bears cartoon: BRILLIANT 2. The Humility displayed in your last comment posted 3. Man-ing UP big time or the Mea Culpa last post 4. TINKA: for making me money, I never have bought a penny stock before, bought at .44, .46 and .49 THANK YOU.

  2. This bud is for you, SGS! In your honor at least.

    You do a good job. Fuck the haters.

  3. SGS, the fucktard iFlash (I bet he does!) doesn't deserve your apology. I hereby take it back.

    iFlash, you slag, piss off and find somewhere you would be appreciated. It'll be a tough ask, but hey, I'm sure you're man enough.

    I love a few banal insults. It's cathartic.

    Now let's have SGS continuing his enjoyable and informative blog.



    I trust someone with emotions more than someone without any.

    Thanks for your blog.

  5. The trolls are proof that SGS has pissed off the banksters. Personally, I think the truth contained in the easy-to-understand XtraNormal bears video is perceived as a real threat--and it would not surprise me to find out that many more people have watched the video than the numbers indicate. (I personally have seen this crap before when popular 9/11 vids had numbers that shrank with time!)

    SGS, thank you for swinging the silver sword of justice, and may the golden truth be revealed.

  6. So the Gensler rumor. Was this from your source or just your speculation that the Comex was going to fail?

  7. Keep up the good work. Yours is one of the only blogs that is up-to-the-minute and tells us how you see it without get-out weasel words and doses of religion.

    Most so called "respected" financial blogs are so slow and out of date that the end of the World could come but they wouldn't get round to telling anyone until a week after it happened.

  8. And bounce 2,3,. Now jump off support 2,3,. And rally 2,3.
    The half lives of these takedowns is now about 45 minutes in the morning.
    Check out Chinese rawgold shortages at ZH or TF.

  9. waffen: What answer are you looking for? SGS has sources, and he posts what they tell him and what he feels is right.

    What else can possibly be said? Whatever you're looking for cannot be answered.

  10. Jack... I am wondering if his source was wrong or if SGS was speculating. I have a feeling that his source is full of it or thinks he is a lot more connected then he really is.

    Keep in mind that I value the blog and want SGS to continue to provide all the info he can, but I would certainly like to know if future info is from the source, because the source seems to be pretty wrong on most everything. (ofcourse its hard to tell what info is from SGS or the source as SGS doesnt come out and say it one way or another).

  11. SGS source called the silver margin hike to the DAY. For months people have been speculating it would happen, but SGS called the exact day it would happen. It would be statistically impossible to call the exact day by luck alone.

  12. c'mon sgs, take a deep breath.

    remember, when the going get's weird, the weird turn pro- hunter s. thompson

  13. I agree with mrttt63, your emotion legitimizes the information you speak of. Many people probably look at the "disrespectful letter," but these people don't understand the type of pure manipulative treason you obviously have been exposed to. Many people who comment have no idea what the implications of what you speak truly mean. For if they did, they would understand your point of view.

    I would not doubt it if there were paid internet trolls to keep the internet intellectualism down, so please carry on with what you are doing, but make sure you keep your sanity, especially for those who need you (your kid).

    Your knowledge is appreciated, and your realness is refreshing, for if they are not trolls, people do not understand the horrific crimes against humanity that have been and are escalating through the stealth weapon of monetary policy. No other topic matters, as it all leads back to this very problem. People won't find it funny when their federal reserve note will be worth nothing by the end of 2012.

    Keep up the good work,
    Don't worry about the trolls.

    Ron Paul 2012 (or sooner would be fine with me too)...

  14. Keep on goimg SGS, we'll get there soon enough.

    We have very powerful friends aiding us, but since we created our own problems we have to solve them!

    Lets stick to the bears schema, the 3rd inning, still 6 to go :)
    It is better for mankind to not have the all powerful crash and chaos. A lot can not cope with the full truth, but a lot are waking up fast and it is accelerating :)

  15. WhoTF is iflash? and who really cares?

    And Yes Scotty I agree.. Ron Paul in 2012.

  16. SGS,
    You've made me a believer (and some TINKA green). Don't lose hope this is not a brief narrative, it's an EPIC with lots of twists and turns. Last night was a bit of a beat down. Today is your Spartacus moment where I'm willing to stand up and say "I'M SGS".....
    Hang in there, you need to do a lot more bitch slapping for all of us.

  17. @ ZH. After today's bond auction we are once again at the "Debt Ceiling"!
    Anyone surprised?
    We were informed, lectured, enlightened, .....fill in with your own fitting term.....last night from behind the teleprompter that this war is righteous, and just.
    And so, we will see "Must" raise debt ceiling to cover a "Just" war.
    We all knew ceiling will continue to rise regardless of party control.
    My Question is, why bother with an excuse anymore?
    The majority, opportunist's in suits, will continue to kick the can down the road.
    The problem being...each kick has less distance ....the following kicks need more input. The point being, an "acceleration" of input(money creation)and supportive "Events" ! I believe things will happen at a quicker rate than most informed people expect. Waiting is no longer an option.

  18. Hi SGS
    I nearly forgot to gloat!
    Nothing epic happened on monday , like i said.
    I was right .You was wrong ,again.

    What saddens me the most about this blog is the pathetic sheeple that jump all over anyone who askes SGS to clarify something he has said.
    It s like a cult, where no one is aloud to criticise the leader.It s pathetic.You stupid sheep!

    To prove my point ,heres just one mindblowingly retarded comment by a SGS sheep.
    Truont said....
    It would be statistically impossible to call the exact day by luck alone....

    LMFAO.If anyone can t see how moronic that statment is then they are just as stupid.


    You are the idiot moron. Its not about cult or criticism of the leader. It is a broad contextual knowledge that forms a point of view that relies on certain fundamentals as the premise for that view. It is your ignorance of those fundamental principles that makes most criticisms from outsiders like yourself stupid and irritating. Its kinda like trying to criticize a rocket scientist ideas while having absolutely no knowledge yourself of rocket science. That's what most people do when they come in here criticizing the ideas of this blog and others like it.

  20. I wonder how many of the haters have the balls to put up their own blogs??? probably none of them. typical little bitchez hiding behind a screen name. hey haters!!! put your asses on the line and start a blog!!! bunch of little piss ants. if you dont like what you see, leave, youre like a bunch of internet terrorists.

    keep up the good work SGS, i have learned so much from you and the other bloggers with the balls to put themselves out there. plus its entertaining and gives me something to look forward to everyday.

  21. Zuesmunger,
    also, nothing happened because we are up against the most powerful people in the world, who have unlimited resources and several hundred years of manipulating markets, events related to them, and the perception of the market players. Something happened for sure, they just have a very powerful broom to sweep it all under the rug so your ignorant ass does not see it. The deception and lies will not be exposed and cause fireworks until enough people are no longer deluded and distracted by the magicians who seem to be able to defy the laws of logic and reason and fool most of the people most of the time.

  22. There are epic events related to a Comex bust happening before your very stupid eyes that cannot see the connections and correlations, nor able to extrapolate the significance related to the entire financial complex. The Comex and JPM did go bust and are insolvent. Its a slow train wreck stupid, but your mind is so slow you cannot see it. Do you really think they are going to let the public see the consequences to these events or an actual meltdown of the Comex and the entire "house of cards" financial system?? They will convince you that your eyes are seeing something entirely different than the reality that you can no longer perceive because you are deluded.

  23. SGS, keep up the great work. your logic is clear. timing is tough to predict but the ultimate outcome is not. like silver, onward and upward!