Monday, March 28, 2011

"Who's got some silver we can borrow?" J. Dimon


-volume 227,362, and shockingly we were down in price what a fuckin formula this is beginning to turn out to be
-Friday's volume was 275,789...seriously...
-How is Allah's fucking name is there ZERO deposit into a Comex Gold Vault on first day notice...can someone please explain this to me as this is now at FULL RETARD.
-GLD losses massive bricks...

-136,733 OI, yup Blythe read it, and frown you fuck.
-lots of physical leaving today from the vaults, fuck all entering, as per usual
-590,000 oz a day for the next three days...this should be interesting.
-SLV losses nothing, they are all out to give away...ahhh, how cute.

Here was my letter to the CFTC today after realizing that I was fucked.

Dear Fuck face,

When you look into your children's eyes everyday, do you realize that you one day will be the reason millions of children starve to death because of the fiat paper you accept to not implement position limits? You are no different than the shit that flies out of my ass every morning.
Everyday when you look into the mirror, realize that you will be hunted by demons, as we have figured you out, and you will be the steering wheel for the perpetuation of the ponzi for another two months.
I'm not sure how many letters and emails were sent to you in the last month, but you are now in full retard with this problem. You could have fixed this. Now you cant. Its impossible to print silver and gold in a printing press.
Nothing on the CFTC agenda is more important than this. Who the fuck are you kidding? Seriously, you think we are that dumb?
When this thing goes down, whether its next week or 10 years from now....I will be the first one in line, with a gigantic smile on my face, watching in a moment of pure extacy, while your limp bodys swing side to side, watching as the sun sets on your pale face while the vultures circle above.



P.S. You made me look like an idiot today, congratulations, you are the best.

That's it for tonight. I'm too infuriated to talk about anything right now. I was told by people high on the food chain we were getting what we wanted. People have got some explaining to do.

Chop chop, time to trade this day by day again, the white horse never arrived today.


  1. Keep fighting the good fight brother!

  2. Trend power is 34 thats high.

    Your view is bullish? We get what we wanted

    but your mad?? bearish???

  3. SGS, Thanks for all you do. It will come. Be patient

  4. Correction, You made yourself look like an idiot...because you are overly emotional and have anger issues that aren't well suited to doling out daily investment advice. Take responsibility for your actions - nobody asked you to blog and nobody requires you to post all of the bad info you do. You're the only one in charge of that and you should just face the fact that you're wrong as much as you're right, if not more

  5. "That's it for tonight. I'm too infuriated to talk about anything right now. I was told by people high on the food chain we were getting what we wanted. People have got some explaining to do."

    As of yesterday, this source was probably correct. But something happened today. Something new. Something so dramatic that it actually caused the CFTC to cancel their scheduled rule-making meeting on the 30th.
    One or more of the CFTC commissioners changed their mind about something today, so they had to abruptly cancel the meeting on the 30th.
    And they didn't even reschedule the meeting?!
    What caused them to change their mind?
    Probably a bankster.
    There is an internal war in the CFTC behind the scenes. Chilton and others want to do the right thing for the people. JSomm and others want to do the right thing for the plutocrats. It has been this way through all of human history: The people versus the plutocrats. Why should today be any different? Who will win? You? Or the Powerz? Got popcorn?

  6. honestly, not sure what to think... SGS you talk in code so often that its hard to even understand what you are predicting... just be forthright with your info, dont over dramatize anything, dont predict crushing or huge gains unless you are quite certain.

    oh so can we double officially say that the Wynter Benton group was BS?

  7. Dear SGS,
    please make a post that isn't copy pasta from havey's site

    i hate to give you the .00002 adwords revenue.

    best regards,

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  9. Seriously though... how could the comex end.. that would be a disaster. The govt doesn't seem to like disasters. Oh well, I'm gonna wait for the disconnect between spot & physical - perhaps when industrial entities have trouble getting it for their operations.

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  11. Don't sweat it SGS. There are so many variables at play behind the scenes it is impossible to guarantee any outcome. And as far as I am concerned blow off steam, write how infuriated you are (you are writing what many of us are feeling). If things were not on the verge of collapse do you think that the most powerful people in the financial world would be grasping so desperately at straws and perpetrating the idiotic games that they are. The jig is up... they have jumped the shark... the fiddler must be paid... the fat lady is singing (you get my drift). In the end brother we already know what the end game is.... physical WILL run out and we WILL win.

  12. Classic! Thanks for proving my point

    I actually show up here every day, but not to argue. I have made a lot of money on silver, haven't missed anything..and your call on Tinka was fabulous, as well as on some spot move calls. I give full credit to you where it is clearly deserved

    But how about some follow up on Gensler fleeing the country? Or when a few weeks ago you said "epic buying opp coming" as silver rocketed higher? I can name many others you've been wrong on, but I wouldn't troll here every single day just to do that

    It's ok to be wrong, it's just that your such a little bitch when you are

    Seriously, why do you blog? Is it because you want to help people, truly?

  13. Hey SGS, Fukushima called and said they'd like their meltdown back. *grin*
    Remember to keep your cool.

  14. In A.D. 2011
    War was beginning.
    Captain: What happen ?
    Mechanic: Somebody set up us the bomb.
    Operator: We get signal.
    Captain: What !
    Operator: Main screen turn on.
    Captain: It's You !!
    Cats: How are you mental men !!
    Cats: All your fiat are belong to us.
    Cats: Your fiat are on the way to destruction.
    Captain: What you say !!
    Cats: Your wealth have no chance to survive make your time.
    Cats: HA HA HA HA ....
    Captain: Take off every Ag!
    Captain: You know what you doing.
    Captain: Move Ag!
    Captain: For great justice.

  15. Stefan is a doooosh.

  16. Cont

    My point is own your mistakes like a man instead of a defensive teenage girl. that way, if you really do want to help people you'll retain your readership as opposed to alienating them and scaring them away with your emotional instability

    Do you truly think people want investment advice from someone whose writing reveals them as a loose cannon?

    I wouldn't even be writing this is I wasn't 100pct positive that other silver followers didn't think the same thing

  17. K put up your hand if you lost money on my End of the world Comex call...

    Okay now put up your hand if you made money and past silver calls I have made...hummmmm, okay class I'll let Stefan take over now, he seems smarter.

    Sure I miss on larger picture issues as people fleeing the country and Comex defaults. But when I hit, its $$$$ in the bank. I hit Grand FUCKING slams buddy. Always have, always will.

    Why do I blog? Not sure really. Maybe I get instant gratification from telling people to buy X, and then when X goes higher, I feel as if I helped.

    What do you do for a living? You must be a rocket scientist to figure out why people blog. Keep it coming, this is fun.

    Does it bother you I made something from nothing other than 2 cartoon bears talking? Bothers you doesnt it. That little voice inside you saying, damn I could have done that...

    Goodnight. Deleted my last post. Was overboard. And YES clearly I have anger problems I need to deal with.

  18. Dude, I can't believe you fell for the CFTC horse shit. For real. Get serious bro. It's OVER. CFTC IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. THEY ARE OWNED BY WALL ST. AND THE BIG BANKS. GET OVER IT.

  19. Did the CFTC meeting get canceled because Gensler supposedly is out of the country. Missing in action?

  20. BTW what's the latest on Gensler? Not trying to piss you off, just want to know if you've heard anything. After the choke job that the CFTC pulled off today, I actually give the Genz-fleeing-to-EU story more credence.

  21. Nice! Thank you for that last may not seem like I want you to succeed, but I do. I'm not smarter than you when it comes to silver, which is why I'd like you to succeed, which is why Im coming at you with constructive criticism. All of us out here need all the help we can get beating the Empire down...if you'd calm down some this might be another cool site that intelligent people were interested in visiting more...isn't that the goal?

    Don't you realize you could help so many more people by dialing it down a gram? Geezus, how can you still not see that?

    You have lots of good info, man, how bout some humility to go with it? Just a thought...but I'm done seem to believe you've got it all figured out alone

  22. @SGS

    Can anyone tell me if they have dealt with Suissegoldcorp AKA golddealer.CA not goldealer.COM

    I would just like to know if anyone has had communication or delivery problems with them and whether they are a reputable source for gold and silver.


  23. I check in on this site about every day.. I enjoy the entertainment and perspectives that some bring to this blog.. I don't see where the Bears are too far off from the truth ! They are pretty spot on.. We all look through a Glass Darkly trying to read the tea leaves.. And this site is a Big Plus in my Books ! Fiat currency will land in the ash heaps of History once again as it always does, waiting a couple of generations to poison another generation, if the world last that long..

    As I see it, the worlds going to hell in a hand basket at the moment, and I hope there is a little more time for people to prepare.. To warn our families and friends once again, so we don't have to support It's all in Gods timing.. It will come quick enough ! Food, Ck,, Water, Ck,,, Every supply I can think of,, UMMM, ck,, Ammo, CK Wood Gasifier,, CK .. Silver,, CK

    PS.. If you don't know wood gasifier, I'd Google it..

  24. Stefan,
    Take your constructive criticism and start your own blog. If you don't like SGS's approach or writing style go elsewhere. Absolutely nothing wrong with being emotionally invested in what you're doing. Absolutely nothing wrong with refusing to conform to the generic mouth breathing mold of society. Sorry if that offends you.

    You ask him to have a little humility then assume to speak for everyone when you criticize his style? Get off your god damn high horse.

    Thanks for what you do SGS, don't change a thing. ~a humble Navy SEAL

  25. We all struggle with anger....emotions are part of life.

    Keep it coming SGS.

  26. Firt time posting here. Love the way SGS blogs, please keep it coming.

    At least SGS states he has failed on some of his calls. I subscribe to many fee based services that continually get it wrong and always have an excuse. Plus I find it entertaining :)

  27. SGS, if you do follow up with your leads I'd like to hear their explanation as to why they were so wrong. Don't let this one go. They may have an explanation that is very very interesting. Though I will be taking their info with a bigger grain of salt from now on.

    As far as the "emotions" in your posts, half of me recommends you tone it down as it makes you sound a little less credible. The other half doesn't want you to change your writing style because it is freaking hilarious. I think "fucktron" is my favorite so far. "shit that flies out of my ass every morning" is pretty good too, lol

  28. Since this is the day of this blog unraveling (apparently) from childish rants and sand box fights, I'd like to chime in.

    I kind of agree with Stefan. SGS, you gotta chill man. Before you mentioned you had a 5 yr old I figured you were quite young from the way you act. Sometimes I picture you in a wet paper bag, trying to puch your way out. Utterly silly some of the things that get posted here.

    And yes, the speaking in code (which is actually more of an inability to clearly express ones view in written words ie: limited education) is why some days I check out the headlines here then leave. "Donate" to what? For what... if I don't even know what the hell your whine that day is about?

    So since it was shit on WB day a while back, how about updating your Gensler rumor? Was it bullshit? Man up. If you're close to the source and high up the chain, you're going to get knocked off at some point spreading inside info like that. If you're not high up the chain, then your opinions are just that: Opinions. Anyone can make a blog (and BTW, you're welcome for showing you how to make an html link - you're only 15 years late).

    Many people check in here and so some of the claims you've made need to be clarified as either incorrect and wrong, or correct and spot on because.....

  29. You made me look like an idiot today, congratulations, you are the best.

    LOL - the obnoxious and rude things you type on here EVERYDAY make you look like an idiot.

    Ya didn't need help in that dept.

  30. Cool blog, dont forget sgs, that youre human as everybody else, i wont worry about this.. it was huge ..epic, if i might say... dont worry, you're part of the real change this world needs, and as such, many things have to be done to fix the whole thing, but in the meantime, just stay in your path, and dont forget why you are here


  31. Look, 4/5 with the bears is a good score. You have to remember when the shit hits the fan these people are going to jail not just for fraud but possibly treason. They are going to do ANYTHING to prevent that but it wont work. It wont take 10 years, its gone viral and those mutherfuckers are going to be lynched.
    I got in just a few weeks back because I came across the bears by accident doing some research, but thanks to you I have prepared myself and my family. Bit of profit already. You are a hero, not quite as much as Andrew Maguire but a hero nonetheless. Now chill out you dickhead :-)

  32. @SGS, don't listen to these squares and don't you dare change one thing about this site. There are countless other blogs out there that I could go to and read some stale commentary and see countless charts and graphs trying to prove some point without even taking the extra effort to decorate them for added effect. This is my favorite web site on the planet, and nothing makes me giggle out loud at work like your unique style. You are a god among insects. May your enemies contract brain herpes.

  33. To all the SGS haters, go f-yourselves. The rest of us come here because we enjoy a little humor and f-bombs now and again. You can get the vanilla stuff anywhere on a thousand different blogs. So what he has missed a few calls? at least he put his ass out there. Bottom line is you need to take all info with a grain of salt and not accept everything as gospel so you don't get your ego crushed when those rainbows and Unicorn Skittles turds don't work your own goddamn intution for once and don't invest all your eggs in an external savior.

  34. I want to know what you eat that keeps you so regular every morning?

    Quote: "You are no different than the shit that flies out of my ass every morning"

  35. Well said Whiskey Six and SpyderTL I am with you 100% SGS, never enjoyed, learned and profited from any site like yours.

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  37. SGS, allow for the possibility that you are being played.

    Bart Chilton = the mirror man, always looking into it. The token straight-shooter. PTB uses him as a stalking horse. He ha no power to change things, but he's useful: his honesty gives the crooks cover.

    Gensler = the salesman. Smooth, smart, always knows what to say to fair-minded people like Ted Butler. Grifters always use your fair-mindedness against you. To them it's a contemptible weakness.

    You, me, all of us, are up against some of the sharpest crooks alive. They own the MSM, the White House, the courts, Congress. They own this country, they like that situation just fine, and they're not about to hand it back.

    Consider the possibility you're being played, man.

    Good luck to us all.

  38. Like I said: You ain't got a clue. Now with almost any of your "predictions" you have been completely wrong.

    Maybe apart the margins raises that is, but those are easy to predict: market raises -> so do the margins. markets fall -> so do the margins. At least when you are talking *absolute numbers*. The percentage - and that's the only figure that matters - stays pretty mch the same. But clearly maths are not your strongest field, SGS

    So, my little friend: Who is the moron now, huh?

  39. the market exists to separate fools from their money

    suck it up

  40. Hey SGS, if your source is full of shit.
    Why not expose him/her/it for the fraud that they are.

    Dust yourself down man and let's get at them again.

    You are a flag bearer, with Max, Harvey, Butler, Bix, Kinger, Tyler, Turd, Turk, Maloney, GATA, SGT, The Schiff, RP, Celente, JW and more.

    Maybe Chilts has been too long in the tanning parlour!

    In our hearts, we all knew they would wriggle out of this, but for how long?

    And don't worry. There is a long line of people waiting to rip the weasel-faced Gensler to shreds and force feed him down the throat of Blythe.

  41. Let me first thank SGS for all he has done. If not for catching the "Bears" videos, I would not have been alerted to this fiasco. No one can predict the future, and besides, events change causing people to change their minds and actions. If you looking for the truth and best advice based on current news (inside info and otherwise), I strongly advise this blog. I tell everybody that will listen, and I exchange my fiat for real money. Its as simple as that. I have opted out of the system and it feels great. F*k these bastards, they will pay someday. But until then, I appreciate what SGS is doing and I appreciate the other Bloggers as well. We're all human, lets not forget that.

  42. iFlash. What you got man?

    Don't read SGS's blog.

    We don't need you you dumb ass.

    Clearly having a life is not your strong point. Tosser.

  43. So the language here isn't always child-friendly and the CFTC are full of shit. What's new?

  44. what is everyone on their period or something? whats with all the hating and criticism of this blog? if every opinion or prediction came true this blog would be nonexistent since i doubt that someone in such a position would even bother. this place has been extremely helpful to me personally as well as most who visit regularly i would assume. trying to give "constructive criticism" on something you dont create just brings out ur inner sheeple characteristics. i mean really? wtf. this is a very helpful resource that aids in one's decision making and overall comprehension of the shit going on but if ur expecting everything on here to align with your perceptual screens then u should go back to sleep and turn to cnn,fox, etc

  45. Hey SGS,

    passion is a good thing, it keeps us alive and keeps us sharp by pushing boundaries and ultimately making mistakes to learn from. 80% of what we learn is by getting it wrong first.

    Seeing this from the hundred foot view will give better perspective once the brain chemicals have settled - what you've done so far is fucking awesome. Those bears are going to be played to future generations, teaching them to never let this situation happen again (if we're lucky enough to get that far).

    Be assured, there's the majority of readers like me who rarely comment but are grateful for your efforts. You/we either fucked up, got played, or were misinformed. Either way there's a lesson and a silver lining (pun intended) that will become obvious at some point in the future. I'm yet to see any other outcome.


  46. Fuck the haters. Especially little bitches like iFlash. Stop coming here if you don't like the content bitches! I love the content, but obviously don't accept it as gospel.

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  48. lol big fucking deal i am still going to check this blog multiple times daily

    iflash go away .. go get out

    same to all the others go make your own blog and see if you get even one tenth the respect SGS gets


  49. SGS, I have been an observer for a while. You have an uncanny way of reporting what's going on with silver and in lighting speed. Others out there move a lot slower. Nobody's going to get it right all the time ...That's impossible. Hidden agendas help to make it so. 1 of lifes lessons - Pain builds have just earned another stripe on your shoulder...keep moving forward.
    Best, Gls.

  50. I love reading someone who gets emotional (like myself). Keep it up SGS!!!

  51. SGS - A Sincere Thank you! This blog is one of my Favs and like justicetek, found you through the ‘bears’. BTW - 582,950 views so far on the bear series - Pal that Juice! The Ogilvy’s / Burnett’s / Saatchi’s could only dream of getting results like that - and you educate to boot...Bonus!

    A big THANK YOU forTRKFF - got in a bit over your $.30 as I wished I would have found you and the bears earlier - I’ll hit the ‘D” button when I sell my friend!

    BTW - I live in Tinseltown USA - and not the one with the bodacious ta ta’s - the one with two Ag producers and know them well. You’ve been spot on Compadre - Kudos!

    I come from a world where if you don’t have something good to say, well....piss off...I guess I had parents that cared. SGS - it takes BIG COJONES to put up a Blog and to put up with the shit you do - Your’e a better Man then Me!

    Gardez la foi!

  52. SGS, looking at your revolver map it is pretty obvious you have a pretty massive readership, checking in from all corners of the globe. Those stats speak for themselves.

    As others have noted above, your at times expressive style adds a welcome dimension to this blog and is part of the reason I pop in regularly. And hey, what has the world come to if you can no longer call a bunch of wankers assholes. Which reminds me of this one.

    Man walks up to a police officer and asks: Is it ok to call an officer an 'asshole'?

    Police Officer: No way man, I'd arrest you this second.

    Man: How about calling an asshole 'officer'?

    Police Officer: I guess I can't do anything about that!

    Man: Well then, good evening officer!

    Anyhow, this is your blog, all visitors come by because they choose to and should your musings appear unworthy to some who is to stop them from not reading here any longer. In other words, don't let the sound of your wheels drive you crazy amigo.