Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Title: Blythe is not worthy of an 'ounce' of respect tonight for a title

COMEX Fraud Report:

-240,883 volume today. Wow. No wonder we cant get our legs above 1430...must be nice to short to infinity, but I guess Gold is a bubble now

-OI rose to 138,460. This is a DISASTER for the banks.
-40 contracts left. I guess they managed to scrap together some ounces overnight. Good for you. I look forward to the massive April and May problem that awaits you.

I took this from a poster over at Harvey blog, he says:

"Agree. I'm tired of waiting for "the COMEX default". The five separate bears videos. Wynter Benton. Claims that silver will be the same price as gold. This dude Silvergoldsilver saying gensler is leaving the country. Yawn. Tired of getting excited about so called epic events that that never happen."

I'm not too sure which bear video it is, but I said to be patient and I guess 110% return in one year is bad for someone in this easy money making economic time. Sorry if we are hyping it up too much, maybe our entertainment is not as good as CNBC these days. Also, I am no longer going to battle the trolls, comment back to negative comments, or entertain fuck suckers that waste my time. If you can prove us wrong, START YOUR OWN BLOG and be a hero. So the new rule is set-fuck off, I will just delete stupidity, don't waste your time posting it, we know we are wrong and you are right. We need to figure shit out here in a constructive, research orientated approach from here on out.

So, we are going back to the basics. Which are, 1. Metals Reports (which may be a complete fraud anyway) and 2. Options activity.

Options are where the smart money is. I will try to give you some insight everyday of where people are hedging the price to go. So far, its looks as if April/May $40 is inevitable from the calls activity.

Moving forward:

We are coiling and consolidating and placing bets for the new wave of buying. The Fed is doing all it can to stop this immanent explosion from happening by talking down QE2.

So Here's my theory. The Fed needs an excuse to print some more. June is the end of QE2. Why not create a fucking vacuum in the market to the downside, by not printing anymore, and FORCE the idiots in Washington to sign another bill for more before the World collapses? Easy peesy.

Now, where PM's fit into that equation will be interesting. I'm researching some phenomenons about a liquidation in the overall markets and what that means for SLV and GLD. Again, if this should occur, my inclination is that people will clear out the physical, regardless of spot price, and price discovery would commence. Anyhow, we are months away form this happening, so in the mean time I will be buying dips and getting ready to celebrate $40.

One of the most interesting thing happened to my yesterday (as well as the CFTC). As many of you know, I am part of a fight club. Yup, not a typo there. At the end I was pulled aside from the organizer and told me he has something disturbing to tell me. I, like most people, would think that his GF has some VD or some drippy thing like that, but it was quite the opposite. He told me that one of his private clients is in bed with a high level member of the Dept. of Homeland Security whom resides in buffalo. I said big fuckin deal. Then he said, "He told me to start stock piling food and supplies."

Any questions?


  1. I can't believe the guy wrote that on Harvey's Blog. There are some real gems that have to be spoon fed information and they want results now! As Farrakhan says, "Who the hell do you think you are?"

    I can't keep up with the metals reports I'm finding on my blog. Just coming here to share info and check on your findings also.

    I hope these morons sell their silver back and cry later. Actually I couldn't care less what they do:

    The News UNIT Blogspot

    No questions here. :-) I'm actually more than ready.

  2. good post sgs,ty!

    imo,fundamentals say we're posting rockets sometime soon.

    can't wait for q1 to print, april seasonal weakness to pass us by, cftc to get their heads out of their arses and the US gov't to formally announce they will print money to infinity.

    appreciate what you do here.

  3. On that last comment SGS-see if you can find out more. Lindsay William's stated a few weeks back that a close friend of his who is also a close friend of J Napolitano told her the very same thing over dinner: "when you get back to Phoenix, stockpile at least 6months of food and water....something big is about to happen soon but I can't tell you what it is..."

  4. I have fight club monday nights (a poster yesterday asked what I do when I go out on monday nights lol) so I will ask then...

  5. You broke the first two rules of fight club!

  6. Looks like political issues in Peru might end up holding TK back a bit:


  7. I decided to STFM (sell the flying monkeys) as they have been attacking overnight. WTF - are they going to show?

  8. "He told me to start stock piling food and supplies."

    I personally have been getting a strange feeling of late. Places and roads around me seem to be lighter than usual. Maybe it's spring break or people waiting for 12am 4/1 for the monthly food stamps allotment to hit the gov't issued entitlement debit card.

    I'll hit the Costco again this weekend to get yet another month's worth of food. Need more ammo though especially after squeezing off 100 rounds this weekend.

  9. SGS - Do you think we can expect the same old same old the rest of the week or will she shake it up a bit? Both Monday and Tuesday Blythe was out very early whacking the metals. Just was curious on your thoughts regarding this.

  10. Excellant decision. Many opinions out there but no one has 100% lock on the truth. You have good insight, and though a little fiery, you are always worthy of the investment of time. Rock on brother!

  11. http://openmarkets.cmegroup.com/features/moving-out-2/

    wow, what garbage


    We hear all this fuss about the END coming and everyone should be stockpiling bullets, beans and bullion. I don't see what is such a bid deal.

    When I turn on TV and watch CNN, if it ain't about LIBYA, it ain't important. Yesterday, Blizter had a countdown to the president's address every 15 minutes. To me...that must be important....not this nonsense about the END of the world and all that hoopla.

    Furthermore, with the increased SAFE LIMITS for radioactive elements, I see no need to be worried about Fukushima any longer. If Japan raised the SAFE LIMITS of these radioactive elements to 1,000 mSV hr, then I would assume there would be no need for any evacuation whatsoever.

    As for the JP MORGAN and their new SILVER COMEX WAREHOUSE, lets look the totals:

    BRINKS = 24.8 million ounces
    SCOTIA = 20.7 million ounces
    HSBC = 36.4 million ounces
    DELAWARE = 21.6 million ounces
    JP MORGUE = 30,844 pathetic ounces

    SIlver Eagles are now 2.7 million ounces for March so far with a grand total of 12,429,000 in the first three months.

    Time to relax, grab a cold beer and turn on CNN. No worries about any END of the WORLD. Libya is the real problem....anything else is just TINFOIL HAT PROPAGANDA.


  13. D: OWEbama and his sidekicks will make a false flag on Puru, invade, pillage, and implement phony Gov't. LOL

    I am calling the President tomorrow about this situation, it was already on my to do list for TINKA.

  14. Mono: just an observation but that article is from June. Or am I missing something?

  15. 1) SGS: thank you for what you're doing. the haters are worthless guttersnipes.


    from IKN: 3/28/11
    I love it when you gringos panic about things you pretend to understand, so I'd just like to say thank you, once again, for giving me your money. Good of you.

    Round up of the candidates from 3/17/2011

  16. 2 Months back I met a man from the DHS-he showed me his badge & ID Card when I was on a military instillation and he told me it was his job to train people for the DHS on emergency survival specifically no running water, no food in stores, and no electricity. He point blank told he that Janet Napalitanio had told him that by the end of 2011 there was going to be a wholly different america than the one of 2010.

    I had his contact/business card, but I can not find it right now-I took it out of my wallet and left it in my car & I am too lazy to go get, but I will put his name, e-Mail, & telephone out there for anyone who wants to contact him over survival information if requested.

    What is happening is not something to be played around with. It is not a thought experiment nor a game. You will not get some bullets and shot all the bad guys that you see dressed in darth vader gear 500 yards out.

    I recommend getting some information on the collapse of Argentina from the 1st hand survivors and in retrospect what they should/could have done differently when that country collapsed. One of the most common themes is the desire to have low precious metal content (JUNK SILVER) to barter with as the paper currency was used as toilet paper/fire starter and regardless of the "quality" the exchange rate was junk take it or go away.

    Just putting this out there for people to see and read and take from it what they might.

  17. thats okay, I'll be bidding like a motherfucker to those who sell, LOL heard this story before...for those not acquainted with Aurelian Resources you should start doing your research on it from .30 to $36 in 6 months with the Ecuadorian Govt 'nationalizing it' news the entire way up.

  18. hell, I have had my stuff since 98-99.. yes I was a y2k prepper and glad I did it then.

  19. ‎"If the gov wishes to tax gains on Gold and Silver, then the public should be allowed to declare losses on the fiat currency due to inflation."

  20. I found something on Aurelian Resources: Some folks don't get out in time of course. :-) I'll see if I can find a chart on it....

    Aurelian Resources

    I'm 60% physical and getting more physical as I work out every day. I'm considering having YORK make me silver barbells too. :-)

  21. No doubt something ominous is coming. Only questions are when and what will it be? False flag, natural disaster, dollar collapse? Or all of the above. Regardless, I'm prepared, and have been for some time.

  22. SGS, you say you're in Canada, which like other countries such as Swededen, Australia, Brazil to name a few.

    How much of this food stockpiling/ shortage do you think those countries will be exposed too and why?

    Or is it simply a case of proximity from the US from Canada and Brazil- that will have the biggest impact?

  23. Hey Jim,

    I recall LW saying that and its exactly what came to mind after SGS said that. Been stock pilling ever since, though it appears water will be my biggest challenge.

  24. All this fedspeak about QE ending- the only purpose is to knockdown gold and silver prior to QE3 so we dont have $2500 gold and $200 silver by July

  25. SGS--Yea. I herd on Alex Jones last fall some female lawyer from Arizona who was tight with Janet Nepalatono (Head of DHS) to stockpile food, water etc. etc. This lawyer turned down a top job with DHS...Now you have some top guy saying the same thing....hmmm Disinformation?? of some kind...misdirection...someone is trying to frame you as a kook...wako or what?? Operation...make the SGS blog look weird when it is very very close to the truth.

    Now, I think it's a very wise thing to have at least 30 days of water and food available...and lots and lots of silver coins. Anyway watch your back my friend. :)

  26. George Soros is having a MAJOR ECONOMIC CONFERENCE in THREE WEEKS to establish NEW INTERNATIONAL RULES.....developing...

    Has anyone heard more on this?

    Goodbye US DOLLAR! Hello major problems IN THREE WEEKS.

    The News UNIT

    (The gold and silver charts look like they are about to spike intraday: If they do here soon I expect GOLD today $1435 and SILVER $37.70 possibly higher.)

  27. ..."fuck suckers"....? AWESOME!

  28. Yeah something is coming...it's like the shadow of a Pterodactyl passing overhead. A threat not seen/prepared for. I keep following the run on freeze dried food which is interesting: http://www.nitro-pak.com/shipping-update.php

  29. Sorry, this is off topic but super cool. Very soon all these big oil assholes and nuclear power pushers can go suck a dick. Remove oil profits from the elite and watch their power diminish. One piece at a time, my friends.


    Pass it around, and spread the word.


  30. http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Andrea_A._Rossi_Cold_Fusion_Generator

    is a fraud



  31. @Devin
    That changes everything. With that technology, peak oil is not that economically dangerous.

    Have you seen Devin's link?

  32. @Timon have you heard of "the deep hot biosphere theory"? If not, I recommend you pick up a copy of "The Deep Hot Biosphere: The Myth of Fossil Fuels" by Thomas Gold


    It was a very interesting read.

  33. When BTFD in PM's, do you buy and hold or are you day-trading? Just curious is all. I completely suck at calling the market so every month about half my paycheck goes on silver bullion (which I hold).

    SGS - appreciate your insights, advice and especially humour.

  34. What an appropriate song for all us silver bugs.

  35. So SGS, after the SHTF, if I have to sneak across the Chippawa to get to Canuckistan, can I sleep in your attic?

    On a more serious note, everyone who invests in PM's should also stock and rotate supplies. It's not that hard to do and where would you rather be if there's a nationwide emergency, at home or fighting the hoards for the last box of diapers and last drop of gasoline until thinks settle down in a week or two?

    This guy's been writing about Argentina for years. He's the anti-Doug Casey, you might say.

    And since I'm posting links and since Joe Bageant recently died, this is probably one of the best essays I've ever read about how deep the Matrix is ingrained in us denizens of the Western world, "Escape from the Zombie Foodcourt."

  36. I agree, please use your expertise to follow the fundamentals as a newbee I don't understand the options charts.

    I'm up in the Hills of Halton and a fellow beer guzzling canuck and have been keeping an eye out on a couple fringe guys - Clif High Webbot guy. Weird stuff no doubt but he's had some good hits including shutting down the net, collapse of the dollar, and the silver rocket sled. I'm an RV guy and have taken Maj Dames course and he has remote viewed a MASSIVE quake in the US mid West this year and of course Kill Shot solar X50 class CMEs coming over the next 2 years (get your 1,000 screen). All will call for food, sanctuary and silver barter to survive. I haven't done anything yet but watch just in case lol.

  37. DEVIN...TIMON & YOUSIF....it takes 8 gallons of oil to make every tire. We also have to remember now that the suburban economy has spread like cancer, all those electrical units like heating, AC and water heaters all have a lifespan of 8-12 years. That means all this CRAP has to be replaced.

    That goes the same for Commercial Real Estate Crap as well. Don't forget all that infrastructure that was built 50 years ago all needs to be replaced. Roads, sewer, water, grid, and communications Crap also needs to be replaced.

    COLD FRICKEN FUSSION or anything else for that matter does not address this problem whatsoever.

    It gets tiresome trying to SHOVE a ROUND PEG into a SQUARE BRAIN HOLE to get people to realize.....THE FRICKEN JIG IS UP.

  38. @SRSrocco Deep hot biosphere theory is an alternative theory for the formation of petroleum. If you can't get the book I referenced above, try the following paper from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America:

    The deep, hot biosphere.

    It is quite interesting.

    Regarding your point about the "fircken jig is up". You are quite correct, the planet has been under very bad management to date.

  39. YOUSIF.....I looked at the link and also have looked at ABIOTIC OIL. Mike Ruppert and Jerome Corsi had a debate back in 2006 on Coast to Coast.

    Jerome Corsi wrote the book titled, "BLACK GOLD STRANGLEHOLD", which tries to refute the biotic theory of oil. What Corsi and Smith forget to realize is that oil has a one way process.

    Under high heat and pressure as the magma rises to the surface and the mantle of the earth, methane is formed. Methane cannot form oil. Oil has large hydrocarbon molecules, methane has smaller ones.

    To say that oil comes from methane is like saying cells are made from humans. Humans are made from cells and not the other way around.

    Regardless, this does not deal with the peaking of most metals in the next few years. Back in the 1800's gold was found in 20-30 grams a ton, and silver 200-400 grams a ton. Today, you be lucky to get 1-3 grams a ton gold or 70-100 grams a ton silver.

    The smaller the grade, the exponentially more energy is needed to mine and produce that ore. For instance, even though the ore grade of copper has stayed about the same in the past 10-15 years, the energy to mine and produce has gone up 2-3 fold. This cannot continue.

    That being said....its time to go and live closer to the land. The big cities will be a DEATH TRAP in the future.

  40. water problems, we have a well, that uses electricty to run, but recently had the well man install a stainless steel pitcher pump inside it too, so no power, no problem just pump the handle and it fills the tanks to the right pressure.

  41. Speaking as someone who reads this blog for information, and doesn't claim any special understanding of my own, whether by labor or dispensation, I can only say that the material about COMEX default, et al. is confusing simply because there are so many fundamental reasons for silver to keep going higher.

    So, when someone says that the COMEX is out of silver, or that some other disaster is afoot, and the proof will be higher silver prices and good returns on silver investments in the future, I don't know what to make of it because silver ought to have gone higher with or without the imminent destruction of the COMEX, SLV, etc. I like the blog, and take plenty of the advice that issues (TKRFF, for example), but the uptrend of silver does not serve as proof, or even evidence, of the veracity of the big-picture claims that are made.

    That said, I tend to agree with most of the big picture claims, at least enough to hold mostly physical to hedge against the predicted disaster.

  42. @SRSrocco: With respect, you have provided a grotesque misrepresentation of the deep hot biosphere. The analogy you have used is completely irrelevant. I do not regard Dr. Corsi's book a scientific disposition on the subject and consequently will not be discussing it any further.

    For a concise summary of what a deep biosphere is, I recommend box 2 in this article.

    If anyone is interested in further reading, I recommend the following papers:

    The deep subterranean biosphere

    Hot subterranean biosphere in a continental oil reservoir

    Exploration of deep intraterrestrial microbial life: current perspectives

    These papers have many references, I really recommend looking into those as well.

    SGS, Apologies for making posts on a topic that is not wholly relevant to the main article. I will stop.

  43. Haha! Oh shit, a James Randi forum full of negative Nancies says Rossi's cold fusion is a fraud.... must mean it is;)

    We'll see about that I guess:)

    Peak oil or no peak oil, makes no difference when we have a compact reliable energy source. Oil should be used for making the multitude of things we use everyday, not just burnt up for its energy.

    SRS: "all those electrical units like heating, AC and water heaters all have a lifespan of 8-12 years. That means all this CRAP has to be replaced"

    Exactly!! But that has nothing to do with the energy source that powers these things. Tell me, what's wrong with having things like AC, appliances, etc that need to be replaced? How about we build these things in North America again and have a REAL, production/consumption based, balanced economy. This means JOBS! The jig could be up if we keep letting fucking retards run and engineer our world. Short-term thinkers are like a plague...


  44. Uh, ah. Now you tell us... You're among those who fight in a club? You and I are... I dunno. I was going to say you and I are like WWI soldiers. We're in the trenches killing one another. Then Christmas Day comes and we celebrate together. During the celebration, you say, "Look ummm. I just want to let you know that if I shoot you, I'm sorry. I don't mean to. This war is crazy, you know?" The next day, I'm killed by your ricochet bullet. SGS, why are you involved in something like this? I HAVE seen the movie... Fucked up...


  45. Changing the subject... I have a COUSIN who works for DHS, but I don't think she has management ranking there. I'm too afraid to even ask her about her job, even though we get along great, and I don't dare share information what I have with her, because I'm afraid DHS will do something to her to make her divulge family secrets in order to save us against extortion, and I don't know her that well, only having met her in person last summer. I've asked another family member to see if she's shared anything of the sort before. I'm waiting for word, so it'll be a few days.