Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I wouldnt panic about what I'm going to Say

JP Owned CRIMEX/Comex "data" news/fraud.

-June saw its OI rise from 278,390 to 321,151
-201,384 volume which =why we had a fucking roller coaster today, hope you kept the puke in your mouth
-ZERO gold enters the dealer vaults. Most likely b/c they cant get any....

From Harvey Blog:

The customer however was busy. Two customers received gold as follows:

1. customer no 1: 35,069 oz
2. customer no 2: 160,446 oz (added to JPMorgan vault)

Two customers withdrew gold:

1. customer No 1: 20,013.
2. customer No. 2 160,446 oz (removed from HSBC)

Watch for NEW this game that is about to be played moving forward. Must be nice to call the other guy who is short 30,000 contracts and pretend to wash silver buy "exchanging' physical inventory. Its classic.

-138,445 OI...JPDimon must be having a slight coronary every time he sees this.
-ZERO physical enters dealer despite a massive deposit yesterday....right...

SLV options are interesting today, still heavy buy side call volume to put volume. I also noticed that a large hedge has been put on the October contract. Look below.

Notice that this trader is biased to the $40 call instead of the $33 Put. Straddle smardaddle. I call it brilliant. And deep pockets. Remember, follow the options, the smart money has insight, and they lay it out for us to trade with.

Check out this article.

Posted: Mar 30 2011 By: Jim Sinclair Post Edited: March 30, 2011 at 6:14 pm
Filed under: In The News
My Dear Friends,
Truth be told, the major theme of JSMineset has been one of self reliance in a monetary, physical and Emersonian sense. Our focus has been on your assets, your debt positions, legal matters and investment.
I have, with my dear friends here at JSMineset, tried to share what we know with you. We also pride ourselves in that we not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.
Has Trader Dan not moved from Houston to an undisclosed location in Idaho? I am writing to you from a farm in North Western Connecticut, a rural part of the state. We provide our own water, can provide our own power, have a radio system fallback for communication, satellite phones, furnaces that burn coal or oil, an indoor pistol range that can take up to .50 calibre cartridges into a Detroit bullet trap, perimeter lighting, 16 camera day and night camera security and much more.
We have focused on conservative financial structures which were in truth taking you into the position of being your own central bank.
I have received from many people on my 70th birthday greetings plus small letters telling me how they have benefited from this link. Let me mention but two. A lady in the minerals industry lost her job and is the mother of two children and only bread winner in the house. She had very little money, but saved up a nest egg. She admits she did speculate but used the Angels. She now has $2,000,000 and has finished her period of speculation.
Chris from Canada told me that his portfolio, now mostly fully paid gold and silver, is worth $5,000,000. It was nowhere near that when he started.
Every effort here was to make you your own central bank which resulted in financial self reliance for many.
There is one more step that you really need to consider. The housing market is in a black hole from which it very well might not recover for generations. Land is cheap. When homes or small farms have been foreclosed on, resulting in bank owned property, they are sold in a fire sale to buyers with cash in hand.
Do as I have done. Do as Trader Dan has done.
The pictures below are on my maple syrup operations and my build it yourself greenhouse. The vegetables for my garden are already sprouting. I have fruit trees and am adding mature nut trees.
I strongly suggest that if you have benefitted from JSMineset, as many of you have, consider buying yourself a hobby farm and seriously go for the exercise of self reliance. I am certain that if even to cut costs you are going to need it.
The financial system is screwed up beyond any repair. On top of that there is no desire to repair anything because the wise guys know it is impossible. It is the world that the flushing of Lehman Bros. has created. It is not a brave new world. It is more like an audition for a world of Mad Max and the Day After.
It does not matter whether or not there is more QE. The damage is done and there is no solution.
Earth shaking events are taking place in the Middle East that the media would have you believe is a spontaneous outburst of democracy. Like hell it is. It is a move from some sort of rule, like it or not, to chaos.
Now that you are financially in good shape, please get physically self reliant.
Jim (Santa)

I was on the phone with Tinka management today. Things are looking bright to say the least. The recent polling from some leftist nut case should be ignored, as I been notified by anyone I speak with that this is a non event. Keep buying the dips, under .60, I'm buying more. Again, I will sell at $1.50.

And lastly, The J Dime of the JP Morgue said today in great lying fashion, "I wouldnt panic about what I'm going to Say" The last time I heard this was Bear Sterns CEO 24 hrs before they went from $65-22, in about an hour. They have started to prime us for the equity collapse, so be aware of this if the Ben Bernanke decides to unplug the printer for a day.

Just got this message from a Youtuber....yup like I'm going to send you my silver to bulgaria to get your rare coins. oky doky.

"Hi. I really enjoy your vids. I live in Bulgaria and am buying silver commemorative coins (.900) and 19th century silver coins (.835). I am looking for anyone who might be interested in trading his/her silver coins for them (somewhat rare where you live, I would guess), and am willing to negotiate. If you are interested, send me a message, or add me to your Skype, if you have it. My username is XXXXX and I am the only one in Bulgaria. Hope to hear from you, and take care!"

And keep an EYE on that $US getting close to that 76 again...

QUICK NEWS: Brought to you by JPDimon, who is now making a stand!

Biggest Silver mine on strike, Japan in bad shape, US milk now has radioactive trace, No News from Libya, Yemen, Israel and other black opps projects commencing, and the best for last, Bill gross says US WILL default while today The DEBT CEILING HAS BEEN BREACHED, with not a FUCKIN word from the ZOG Empire owned Media. F-U-C-K you.



  2. I wish I could get totally self sufficient where I am. Unfortunately I can't afford to, as I woke up too late in the game. Stockpile what you can when you can.

  3. Matt post video, this should be comical at best, but interesting, as a shit ton of sheep follow this monkey.

  4. SGS,

    Another great post, but respectfully, please don't use the word ZOG....unless you're gonna post links to stormfront or any other aryan site. No need to lower the tone of this great site.

    Keep up the great work!


  5. Jim Cramer link

  6. Why would I not use the acronym ZOG? Its no secret. The USA is run by a ZOG, especially the 95% owned media. I dont cut corners here. Its fuckin the real deal here. Speak the truth, even if it kills you. No need to hide behind those years of wasted high school Eli Wiesel brainwashing bullshit. The Giant is awakening again, and its seeking a "who did it" mentality. Give this time, it will come to fruition when the sheep are starving on the streets and looking for revenge...5000 year cycles of this, and trust me, this time will be the last call for them.

  7. SGS, what makes you say you'll sell half your Tinka holdings at $1.50? And when do you think that'll happen?

    Unrelated: everyone knows it's "them." To pretend otherwise is a pretense. I'm glad you don't bullshit.

  8. I wouldn't panic about what I'm going to say. My Little Menstrator just had her period and she refuses to flush the toilet. As I have been reporting from Camp Masters, My Little Hotflash hit the big M after an unwise choice to consume imported Japanese Waygu Corned Beef an Cabbage on St Pattys day. After that Menopause hit Blyght like a 1000 Oz Brick of Silver. While the Icey Hot Enimas do cool her off a bit, it hasn't stopped her from forcing me to constantly supply her with cold compresses that are filled with the tiny frozen tears of endanger snow owls. I digress. Just when she thought that the last of her eggs had withered like blade of grass on the Utah salt flats; tonight her Bloody Buddy showed up in full force. She barely made it to the toilet. Now she's lying in her red leather lazy boy recliner doing her best to keep her vagina above her heart. Thank God for Brawny. She is especially cranky as Dr Gupda won't return her calls. Even thought she is in udder agony she won't allow me to flush the toilet that contains what could be her very last period. The municipalities have no problems compared to the likes of mine.

  9. Phateon: GO back and look at my Tinka scale on why its $2 by end of summer. Use search bar at top.

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  11. if Ben Bernanke stops printing stock market will collapse along with silver .. (I know they cant but they will just spread the rumour)

    when can that possibly happen ? end of June or even before that ? should we liquidate our positions till we have some clarity ?

  12. Terry, its okay, Jim Cramer is now buying silver, the sheeple effect will soon come to pass int he physical markets...not too sure it will collapse this time...jury still out on that one.

  13. SGS ; may be good for you or people who trade options.;;

    i dont touch options.

  14. Hello all

    Can I trade Tinka on IGIndex does anyone know? I can't find it.