Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Be back tonight with update

Out all day, and was on the phone with Tinka management all day...good things back around 10 pm.


  1. Well seems you muss be quite a shareholder for the management to devote a complete day....

  2. So many references to Tinka. How is Tinka different from all the other explorers? They all seem to have the same great storyline as Tinka.

  3. heh yeah... im very curious as to what notes you will post. I am in a mind to give them a call myself to see if i can find out some of my own info. Most of all I am curious if they feel the Peru election polls are a non-issue, but also would love to get updates on progress with expansion drilling timeframes and estimates. ive been putting in low ball bids on this stock to increase my holdings but the price has only been going up. i might have to pay full price to pick up some more.

  4. "How is Tinka different from all the other explorers? They all seem to have the same great storyline as Tinka"

    Really...please point me in the direction so I can do some DD on them....I only want to see INFERRED 43-101 calculations. Nuff said.

  5. I Get your point SGS in most of what you say but do you not realise that it may be difficult for fellow viewers to believe that u where actually on the phone to the people from Tinka....

  6. I was expecting a break though $37.80 today and didn't get it. I'm expecting we end the week and hit $40.00 at least once. After that we will have to see what the next piece of news is that comes along.

    I'm having trouble now getting American Eagles. Many States here in the U.S.A. are drawing up legislation to use gold and silver now as legal tender.

    You should see household auctions down here with coins now! You can't get a bargain. Better off ordering online and load up! People are unreal what they pay for this stuff! Don't they know they can get it a little bit cheaper?

    SGS: What's that map up there for? I'll go find out.

  7. Hey SilverGoldSilver, I'm getting the sense that paper silver IS just as good for many of those playing the in the COMEX sandbox. Nevermind the Forwards, many will always just keep rolling it over ad infinitum, but look at those who are settling for paper + premium. The word is out, and the game seems to be stay in the market until the raunchy rotten coochie smell of default enters the room.

    Yep, you heard it right, longs and shorts in the CRIMEX game DON'T want the game to end and are gladly picking up the extra change, likely surreptitiously picking up PHYS on the sly (milking the SLV udder with large 10 mil orders then collecting).

    Don't expect default as soon as you may want it to appear, or as soon as it may appear 'obvious', as the LONGS are in on the game.

    They keep taunting the stenchina to the door, then locking her out and giggling about it like a group of little hotos..

    Now what diagnostics or tools being used with those in the know to time this event think...who knows? They do think, however, that everybody else will be out after they are. Some of them are going to get burned by the anal-prod badly.

    Hook Line & Sphincter

  8. Why do people doubt that he would have done something as simple as make a phone call? If I can call my state legislators and get through every now and then, why would it be such a difficult and impossible task to call the management of a mining company? I'm sure they love talking to people, especially investors. The hatorade must be fucking delicious today.

  9. justin - who knows. maybe theyre thinking tinka is aapl or nflx? then id see it getting a little difficult for little stockholder guy to talk to ceos. but for these exploration miners they should be more than willing to talk to investors interested in the company. thats part of what the game is all about. i suppose peeps dont realize you can call them up to find out any specific info that they can divulge.