Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Did Jim just go kamikazee on the JDime of the JPMorgue and reco physical silver?


  1. What's up with this body language? He has that same sheepish hunch that he did when confronted with the fact that he recommended Bear Stearns right before it tanked. What's the deal here?

  2. :(

    I hate to post comment but I can't help it.

    Kramer is a crook !!! Why he did not go to jail for the gag he had with Lenny Dystra is beyond me.

    I can only hope Karma catch up to him soon, very soon...

  3. Maybe he's becoming a reformed sinner. We can only hope.

  4. When Silver becomes the RICH man's Gold more and more of the "financial pundits" will want to have a "video" to show that they recommended buying physical Silver.

  5. @ George,

    Good point! Mr. Cramer will be the oracle who saw it all coming :)

    "Jim Cramer was right!" video's all over youtube ;)

  6. I hope silver drops after this recommendation so I can buy some more!

    Do you think the USD is going to have a strong comeback?

    Do you think inflation is going away?

    Do you think we're going to slash all of our entitlement programs in the US to tame our budget?

    Nope. So give me some more maples!

  7. Everyone at some point is going to jump off of a sinking ship. In the end all the banksta's and shills are cowards. Cramer has been so abysmally wrong as to be complicit in the fraud. I agree with George.

  8. Come on now, Cramer isn't as bad as people here are posting, I enjoy his show. If he was, I don't think he'd still have a show. Besides, he's telling us to buy physical silver, and as far as I'm concerned he's 100% right.

  9. Cramer is a scumbag who cost many people a good deal of fiat pumping stocks for his good buddies...that f*king TV puppet...but I think that seeing him on the tube like a whipped dog pushing physical is a true sign the gig is about only concern is that the powers that be should already know this...and I strongly believe they already have prepared. To be sure, what ever it is, wont be in the interest of the american people or free markets.

  10. I'm totes about the AU. Bought it at $12. Have been agonizing for five years just like y'all, and would like to see nothing more than a sudden, parabolic spike.

    BUT all these 'shortage' and 'over spot' articles conveniently ignore everyman's market : ebay.

    There are 200,000 listings for silver under 'coins and paper money' which includes bullion, junk, etc. The ones that start over spot don't get bid.

    I got 100 1964 washington quarters at spot last week.

    Silver dollars and boullion do fetch a premium if the seller starts the auction low: around 10 = 15,% but at nearly any time in history dealers took a premium over spot. It's called spread.

    When ebay silver starts going at 30% or 50% over spot, that's when you know shit is going down.


  11. Meant AG of course.

    AU, AG, they both reel pretty!!!

  12. I've never watched JC, and after seeing this clip I now know I wasn't missing anything. The chick has a decent rack tho.

    Now, I will say that hearing him recommend silver gives me a few chills, but if the dollar price of AG bottoms, I'd likely clean out my bank account and convert the fiat into physical.

  13. Wow! Let's see the "Cramer bounce" next. It sounds like he is converted, though I bet we don't see this on his show.

  14. "That's driving the real market."
    Get a clue, Jim. That IS the real market.
    Honest buyers and sellers settling on a price.
    No manipulation.


    I'm putting this up at once on The News UNIT:

    The News UNIT

    I hope I'm wrong but Cramer will ruin precious metals.

  16. He's possibly deflecting attention away from gold. There is a "gold rush" going on with the elites, look at all the places buying gold.

    Maybe the interest is keeping the status quo, silver for the poor man and gold for the rich man...just a thought.

  17. I really think there's a connection with Jim Cramer and "the insiders" like Blythe. I have a scenario here and I might after all trade electronically now on the SLV for this. If they run it up above $40 they plan on taking Cramer's sheep to the cleaners soon afterward. And I'm actually going to short this nonsense with all I have. Time for a few "revenge trades"! Yes---I'm pissed off!

  18. Cramer bought at the top cause he heard Jim Rogers did.
    Maybe the E mail I sent him telling him to man up had more effect than I thought.
    "You can be a hero" I wrote.
    Oh, the power of words! Peace.