Monday, March 7, 2011

?Guess who? shorts 29 million ounces and doesnt cover when its up 25% in one month?


-Noticing a correlation with comex volume, when its below 200K price is up, over that, price is smashed.
-Vaults are a joke, Gold makes new 5000 year highs and no movement in Comex (if it smells like shit, its shit)

-5 straight days, tiny deliveries, with drops in OI (Unprecedented in COMEX history)
-Customer side of COMEX is a mess. In and out, in and out. This tells me there is fuck all for physical left. Done. Case closed. 5 days in a row on a serious almost default month for the crimex is fraud.
-SLV adds 3.3 million ounces...LOL fuck me, this is great and Sprotts PSLV is at 20% now, LOL (I'm actually laughing not like 98% of people who write LOL but dont laugh)there is no physical to get...once this story hits mainstream, look out.

JPM shorts 6000 NEW contracts in February. The fuckin price would be at $50+ right now, and I would be cashing in my calls and buying more physical you WENCH! Touche (or maybe Douche), good job. You have kicked the can again, keep kicking fucko...

Oh I almost forgot, "Day of Rage" quickly approaching...

And click here for soaring China demand for physical Click here for China Silver Demand Story

NO Quick news tonight, I'm sick of the same shit. M.E. on fire, states ready for collapse, yada yada...

Get yourself some Tinka (especially low .40's) and physical on ANY DIP, sit tight, we are launching higher soon. I will be putting up a donate button soon. I have a feeling many people are getting an increase in FRN's in their bank account b/c of me. BUY THE DIPS. This is far from over. Buy-THE-DIPS. GOT IT? The bears told you about this in November. There is no possible way anyone lost money from buying physical, unless you are a fucktron. I, nor anyone else has ever issued a sell on bullion, other than Dennis.


  1. Can those talking bears get their voices back yet? Or are you at the mercy of that program?

    About GOLD, SILVER, and PALLADIUM (I don't pay much attention to Platinum):

    I will not be satisfied until CRUDE OIL tops $125.00, GOLD $1650, and SILVER $65. I expect that will be before Summer Solstice. If not, then I am wrong. :-) How's that? I know everyone wants a forecast just to keep them occupied and feeling good about all this confusion.

    PALLADIUM is not mentioned much but I see it's dropped below $800 now and it looks rather weak. SILVER and GOLD look a bit weak here too right now and this could be a "buy the dip" dip as I stated earlier.

    I'm going to check out that Tinka. Do you like the PAL? (Just a YES or NO will do)

    I'm tired of this and actually want to see it end. Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof.

  2. Lol id hate to be a fucktron.and i did actually laugh, just as i laughed reading harveys update tonight. If you put up a donate button ill be all over that. Tk looks like a huge winner on paper and given the explosive action happening with other miners...

  3. Good as always.
    Shame that I do not access to Tinka. I have hit up some other explorers tho!

  4. RD: You can get to Tinka through OTC on TKRFF if you don't have access to the Toronto exchange. That's how I bought some.

  5. Hahaha. SGS dude, you... complete me.

    "There is no possible way anyone lost money from buying physical, unless you are a fucktron."

    Classic and absolutely completely true.

  6. Open Confession: I'm getting way too caught up in all of this. I'm backing off. Just need a reminder to what really is important:

    uncertain riches

  7. There's only two things that smell like fish, and one of them is fish..

  8. I lost money buying physical - damn you Glenn Beck!!

  9. You can't lose money buying physical because physical *IS* money. It's real money. I'm sure there's a ton of people willing to take that physical problem off of your hands. =)

  10. I'll definitely be keeping mine. I was making a joke in reference to the scam Glenn Beck was endorsing where a company took advantage of some ignorant geriatrics trying to preserve their wealth by charging them exorbitant prices lol.

  11. "?Guess who? shorts 29 million ounces and doesnt cover when its up 25% in one month?"

    Technically speaking, they are shorting into a middle round number in which usually will have weakness or sellers and options to sell, especially after a run like that. Look at a chart. The RSI and MACD are trending into a reversal soon. You think Silver will straight to $75 in a straight line? Are you nuts?

  12. Mr. SGS is so fucking awesome!! I swear if you give me your name I'll nominate you for president!!! And the bears can be VP and secretary of state.

  13. Fucktron? lol (not a loud lol, but merely a lo) where the hell do you come up with these?

  14. SGS, fighting the good fight against Wall St homotrons and MSM fucktrons everywhere, I love your work.

  15. howard stern. jim rome, mr.sgs.....

    i have asked for a donate button..i even said i would pay monthly....WINNING!!!

  16. p.s...nice to see the peddle to the metal on the trend power gauge again.....

  17. Isn't my little Blight so nice. Everyday she shorts the market to make silver more affordable to Asians and Europeans in the overnight.

  18. Good morning: We are back above $36 again. Looks like just a: CHOP CHOP CHOP effect. I suppose this might be a similar pattern to last year. Might have to wait for September for the take off.


  19. The chart doctors are running the US Dollar higher now. Use this as your buying opportunity. It will turn around with the news. Bernanke is printing and they claim OPEC is pumping. What's new?
    Choppy news and a volatile market is all we have to look forward to. I guess it's good trading weather. Could be a problem for precious metals.

  20. CHART UPDATE: Looking good so far as long as we chop lightly each side of $36. Volume not too erratic. May be in a short term consolidation here but with the ME news lurking that could throw this thing at a moment's notice.

    The mountain of debt doesn't bother Wall Street until reality kicks in. The reality of it being suppressed of course to keep things looking not so obvious.

    Just give the average person enough money for an IPOD or some kind of THINKPAD gadget and they're happy. They don't care as long as the government takes care of them. When something happens it's the government's fault and they cry for more.

    I'm hoping the day ends for silver around $36.50 or at least above $36.00.
    If it doesn't and they keep moving the dollar up, the charts may get too comfortable below $36. That could put a delay on the upside here for a while.

    I'm refraining from buying coins just 100 oz. bars every now and then.

  21. @TheGilliom
    Im live in New Zealand and it was a mission in itself to open an account to buy shares on the VSE and to top it off they only have access to a limited number of companies. I tried to open a brokerage account in Canada but that proved too difficult.