Tuesday, March 8, 2011

$US rallying....Kuwait on board

Watch the dollar today, because its going up right now for some godforsaken reason some homogoat is buying it.

Kuwait wants to protest now too..."day of rage" March 11, This weekend should be fantastic.


  1. looks like blythe is at work again.

  2. Careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it! :)

  3. Homogoat LOL!! Last night we had "Fucktron" you need to start a list of these, they are frackin hiliarious! Next phrase..'Twat Waffle'

  4. So here is how it's likely playing out.

    Saudi/Kuwait/whoever assclowns in the M.E. are buying our worthless paper to back up the US economy and the clownbama admin. I return, we provide support to them to deal with their hooligans. All this paid for through higher pump prices at home.

    Business as usual.

  5. We need above $36 and a stronger gold support level. Not good at the moment. Big news items could be seconds away.

    Gold needs $1650 and silver above $40. Then we have direction. Whoever is holding this back has some unique power to do so.

  6. Might as well shut this blog down and come back in 30 days. Things are going to get better now as Bernanke prints and O.P.E.C. pumps:

    O.P.E.C. again to the rescue

  7. newsunit stop trolling...gold doesn't NEED anything now. It WILL get there. SOON

  8. What is "trolling"? I don't know what trolling is so whatever it is doesn't apply to me. I'm posting thoughts and comments "on topic" regarding what several people here are interested in: Gold and silver. If that's trolling then I will continue to do so.

  9. I wonder what the 'throat cutters' are going to do on Friday? We haven't had something blow up in the U.S.A. for sometime now. I suppose we are due for something---probably nuclear this time.

  10. Tulving is no longer selling sealed boxes of 2011 Silver Eagles. Here is what he said:

    "Not Available

    Premiums Currently To High,

    In Our Opinion"

    Physical Silver market tight as a drum.

    Joe M.

  11. I'm having some major issues also with several other dealers combined. This is no joke!

    I'm not sure what this is going to do with price but right now the general public is still sleeping about precious metals.

    Silver is a very complex commodity these days. I think a rush is starting. I was considering starting a business here but am holding off for now. Want to see what happens here during the remainder of March.

  12. Lower prices becoming more threatening now unless something drastically changes:

    News could change things but the SILVER CHART right now is showing that we may actually break though some lower whole numbers soon: $35, $34, $33,.....etc.

    Given the current economy I am astonished at the manipulation going on against the direction that this should take naturally. Very powerful manipulation!

    I would almost hold off on buying too much bullion but then with all the problems obtaining bullion it may be at least wise to procure at least a limited amount.

  13. Hey SGS,

    A thought crossed my mind this morning about Wynter_Benton and co. as living in NZ, I went to bed last night thinking price was going to test the old high...

    Regardless of their trading 'knowledge', he/she/they have accomplished further intrigue and much conspiracy lead internet ink to be written. You, Harvey, Turd, Zerohedge and a number of others have all spent time analysing what WB has written - which has, as a byproduct advertised the actual real case for silver further. Everyone loves a conspiracy..

    I also found it odd how 'they' began it all on the JPM yahoo message boards, an area that isn't populated by a great number of watchers, but would surely get JPM/Blythe's attention, plus eventually would get the attention of writers/traders such as yourself - in turn creating more interest and more potential physical buyers; which at the end of the day is what we all want.

    Just another wee conspiracy to ponder on :)

    Of course, I haven't discounted the fact, Harvey, Turd and yourself et al might all be on it ;o)

    Either way, it has definitely helped the cause a little further and reminds me of the mysterious Reinhardt picking the September '07 Dow top in July on Google's boards.


  14. Wondering what y'all think will happen to PM if the Bernake stops QEII all of a sudden in June/11??

  15. The Fed is currently buying 73% of US Treasuries. If they stop then who will buy them, George Soros?