Monday, March 7, 2011

Why Tinka TK.V is $2 stock by end of summer, plus EPO and GWG updates

Okay, what a day. Go ahead and read disclaimer. Thank you.

PDAC is a zoo. There are so many booths I didnt even get to half of the ones I wanted to. Nonetheless I got some great info for us.


Management thus far has exemplified a clear understanding of what needs to be done. They are A+ in my opinion. We are currently trading at 47 cents as it touched .53 in the day. Let me give you the run down why I think TINKA is my diamond in the ruff...
Okay so here goes nothing...I'm no analyst, but here’s why Tinka is one of the most talked about PDAC stocks already.
First off, on Friday management announced a grant of stock options to its directors and officers to purchase up to 500,000 common shares at .45 for three years. HELLO! WAKE UP MARKET!
Here's the rundown.
Fully Diluted: 60,550,511 shares
Note: "Silver recovery ranged from 90 to 97% with cyanide consumptions of 3.5 to 8.0 kg/t after leaching for 72 hours, silver leaching kinetics were extremely fast for both composites"
20 mill ounces x $20/ounce = approx $.66/share
20 mill ounces x $30/ounce = approx. $ 1.00/share
20 mill ounces x $35/ounce=approx. $1.15/share
20 mill ounces x $50/ounce=approx.$ 1.66/share
20 mill ounces x $65/ounce=approx. $2.00/share
20 mill ounces x $75/ounce=approx. $2.5/share
-This does NOT take into consideration any additional drill results coming in this summer (50 holes)
- This does NOT take into consideration any Tibillos copper finds

.50 is a joke. I am fully fully loaded now as my bid was filled at .48 today. thank you to whomever gave me those shares. You are a donkey. Also from today: VANCOUVER, March 7 /CNW/ - Tinka Resources Limited (the "Company"), (TSXV:TK; Frankfurt:TLD; Pink Sheets:TKRFF). Mr. Andrew Carter, President, announces that it has signed a drill contract with a Peruvian registered drilling contractor to undertake a diamond drilling program at the Company's Colquipucro silver project, west central Peru.

The program will be for a minimum of 1,100 metres. Two of the holes will test the geological structure at the Ayawilca zone prior to the commencement of the eight hole reverse circulation drill program. The remaining holes will be drilled at Zone 1 to test the northern extension of the existing resource.

Mr. Carter said: "An initial diamond drill program will assist in understanding the structural controls at the Ayawilca zone prior to the reverse circulation drill program."

The Company's Qualified Person, John Nebocat (P.Eng.), has reviewed and approved the contents of this news release.

On behalf of the Board,

"Andrew Carter"

EPO Encanto:

I threw a small tantrum at PDAC today, I'm surprised security didnt kick me out. I dont know what to say. Managements track records suggest they are NOT idiots. But todays press release, on the delay of the 43-101 is puzzling to say the least. I have sold 35% of my position at .50 as it crossed the MA, and holding the rest to salvage whats left of this. Again, not the worst news, but the market wants the estimate, like 2 weeks ago. I think management is holding off till April 2nd, in order for the native elections to be over, and then drop the biggest bomb on the potash world. Fuck sakes. Still 50/50 coin flip here, as my anger didnt get me anywhere today, even at the other booths. Tight lips in this sector, weird.

GWG Great Western Minerals Group.

Today's news out of China would suggest that they are hoarding even more rare earths. Click link here as the bloomberg article says it all...Click here for potential GWG acquisition from Moly

I'm surprised the market didnt take this to highs...

Keep safe. And read disclaimer. And get some fuckin tinka before the market buys it up...60 million shares is nothing!

FULL METALS REPORT TONIGHT, see you late around 11 pm est.


  1. APMEX down to 293 one hundred ounce bars. That includes new inventory delivered to APMEX today.

    Looks they will run out within a week.

  2. Give me a list of what I should be in in the U.S.A. for junior mining stocks and I'll buy a bunch this week when I see fit. You can Email me at

  3. Spot on SGS! Tinka is a favorite of mine as well. 20,307,634 Oz of AG Inferred. Silver is at $35.94 so we get an ISV of roughly $730M with a market cap of roughly $22M.

    And that's just the silver inferred at Colquipucro. Then there's the copper and gold that is at Tibillos. My god, it really is ridiculous. That said, I'd love more. If the price stays here I will be a continued buyer.

  4. my order was filled at .489....i can't beleive they carry it out 5 places at times on my td ameritrade i made a few hundred today on like 3/4 of cent move..thanks for the heads up my gpl is off the hook with unbeleivable volume....i am starting to wonder if they are being looked at to be taken over...any thoughts?

  5. I like this part:

    "While 20 million ounces of silver is certainly a very impressive resource, the author of the report John Nebocat (P.Eng.), has determined that there is also a contiguous target with the potential of a further 2,000,000 tonnes of mineralization with a silver grade similar to that stated in the resource estimate. This equates to the possibility of an additioal 7 million ounces of silver. But from Zone 2, the potential is for many tens of million of ounces of silver, if not hundreds of millions, as well as substantial tonnages of lead and zinc.

    Real excitement is also being generated by larger zones (Ayawilca, Colquicocha and Chaucha) that have been identified at surface to the south, south-east and east of the drilled zone and surface mineralization has been identified over an area more than 4 times the size of Zone 1. Over 1,300 soil, channel and rock chip samples have been taken from a grid along 18.2 km of survey lines. The lines extend from Zone 1, which was recently tested with 15 diamond drill holes (see press releases dated August 28, October 2, December 12, 2007, August 20 and October 21 2008), southwards over a distance of up to 2 km and 1 km to the east. Results returned values ranging from trace to 549 grams per tonne silver, trace to 8.78% lead and trace to 18.5% zinc."

    From: ....Which I'm sure you know about.


  6. SGS- what about the outcome of royalty tax proposal and April elections in Peru? they've had some difficulties with "wildcat" operations..

    proposed mining royalty increase

    Peru's Congress will shut down for the Christmas holidays on December 15, and will reopen on March 15 when the proposal should then be discussed by the Energy and Mining Commission. Peru's general elections are set for April 10, 2011.

  7. Tinka wont mine, they will be taken out at $1.50, hence, "I wont sell till $1.50" and if they arnt they will keep running to $2, and then I'm gonezo!