Monday, March 21, 2011

Gold Comex now dry, GLD dishing out physical like candy, End game nearing.



-April OI rose from 224,972 to 225,003 (keep an eye on this, its getting interesting)
-114,964 volume today=we went up, shocking
-ZERO deposits and zero withdrawals?? Okay, something is fucked here.(see middle commentary for my position on this)

-GLD gains 9.1 tonnes of Gold, and today we lose 10.62...hummmm


-Massive customers withdrawals to the tune of 764,208 oz
-OI RISES by 5 contracts LOL!! Stand TALL BABY!
-9,380,000 oz still standing!
and Harvey sums it up by saying, "This is the first time in silver comex history that we have seen an amount still standing equal to the amount already served. There are 8 days left so an average of 560,000 oz must be serviced on each and every trading day until the end of this month. It is quite obvious that the comex does not have the silver available for servicing our patient longs."

-SLV: get this shit: no difference. Right we have the equivalent of a small babylonic fortune change hands in GLD in the last 24 hrs, but ZERO Silver in the SLV changes hands....SOMETHINGS BREWING IN THE GOLD VAULTS LADIES!!

Sprotts PSLV is now over 21%!!

Wow. I need to comment directly with the Gold Comex. Its beginning to look like the silver Comex 4 months ago. This is great news. I am about to make a bold fuckin statement that will be chastised by "Kid"- The Gold Comex is in BIG BIG trouble. By the looks of it, JPM is washing their inventory from point A (GLD) to point B (the Comex) to point C (the LBMA).

I would like to point out Jan 2013 Gld options as someone is slowly accumulating at INSANE premiums. Look below.

Well is seems the PTB have a big problem on their hands. They cannot print silver or gold on cotton/linen and stamp faces on it and give it a value. Unless its fake like tungsten, but anyhow, if anything this is great news for the longs. I'm actually ecstatic about it. Will we have backwardation in Gold soon...? Game over if thats the case.

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Iran dumps dollar to buy gold, China to import 245 tonnes of silver-where they will find this I have no fuckin clue, the ME is literally on fire, Israel bombs Palestine (shocking; I called this on Feb 20th go read my Nostradamus call Click here too view, man goes on shooting spree b/c taco inflation kicking in (no joke), radioactivity in Japan is like on the Simpsons, Libya being rapped and pillaged by oil crusaders that are paying $9/gallon (France), World at tipping point.


  1. Oh great wise one: don't you remember when CDE cut the deal to have their silver ore refined by China? How many more silver miners have done this sub rosa? I'll bet you 100:1 that the Chinese are keeping the finished ingots.

  2. apberusdisvet, Now you're touching something that I've mentioned myself once or twice, but no one really is talking about... yet.

  3. The 245 tons of silver were supposedly already imported into China in February- so the question is where DID the silver come from? Our money is on the SLV- has to be either that or silver plated lead from the LBMA!

  4. I would go with silver plated molybdenum

    and BOJ just injected another 2 mill yen, GOODNIGHT.

  5. mill bill trill, all the same shit these

  6. --- They cannot print silver or gold on cotton/linen and stamp faces on it and give it a value.---

    Stamp faces, LOL!!!

  7. 4,000 Ton China Missile Frigate Off Libya Coast

    My group, which is invaluable with the archives information I've been recording for no compenation for years now(started in 2001, and now this is my fifth yahoo group.ALL others shut down involuntarily.)

    group link:

    (NOTE/observe the group description)

  8. @SGS I think they truly are having some issues with Gold. Check this out:

    What do you think the true intentions of this piece are?

  9. Just keep on eye on the $US I could care less what Morgan says. And I'm 99% long silver, so Indians hopefully will start buying that if they cant afford gold.
    And while Indian gold declines, China and the rest of the world cant get enough of it.