Monday, March 21, 2011

Just another day at the office....(UPDATED)

$36 area looks like a debacle for both bulls and bears. Keep a very close eye on the $US today folks, that seems to be volatile as fuck right now as it got crushed overnight, but bounced hard now....I'll check in later...this week should be a repeat of last week as we have options expiry this friday as well. April is looking like its goign to be another repeat of February.

I smell another Margin Hike Rise, anyone else?

Cant wait to see the March OI, and how many stood for delivery.

Tinka bids looking good ;)once we print .55 we go to .75!

Also be sure to read Tylers Article here on Silver imports and why all us silver bugs collectively are fucking champions.

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UPDATED: $US dollar just puked and looks like death.

Thank me lots today! You know how!


  1. Enchant has released numbers.

  2. Silverbugs ARE fucking champions. Not that we arent in it to make some good coin -silver coin, not zinc. Silverbugs, like those noble little knights before the wall in the picture from the previous article-are trying to rip the mask of the bankster-fueled, government-lackies-dancing-in-tights-for-dollars-in-their-girdles debachery that passes itself off as our financial system. The noble knights have just been repelled from the $36 wall again. But we will keep coming, and more will join us.

  3. Check this insider selling BAC JPM others massive


  5. Anybody else have any insight into Terry's post. I'd sure like to hear it.

  6. its more grass for the sheep my good man


    Everyone thought, especially William Brooks (silver analyst at USGS) that US silver production would show a nice increase in 2010 over 2009. Unfortunately, Nov and Dec 2010 turned out to be a BIG PHAT DISAPPOINTMENT:


    SEP = 102,000 kgs
    OCT = 115,000 kgs
    NOV = 91,100 kgs (revised)
    DEC = 98,700 kgs (revised)

    TOTAL 2010 = 1,250,000 kgs

    TOTAL 2009 = 1,250,000 kgs

    Isn't that nice how the totals of each year matched up perfectly....just as perfect as the SUPPLY and DEMAND figures that the Silver Institute puts out every year.

    It is going to be interesting to see what US Silver Production is going to be in the beginning of 2011. In 2010 we had the following:

    JAN 2010 = 113,000 kgs
    FEB 2010 = 92,000 kgs
    MAR 2010 = 116,000 kgs
    APR 2010 = 109,000 kgs

    NOV 2010 production was down a whopping 13,000 kgs over NOV 2009 and DEC 2010 was down about 6,000 kgs from DEC 2010. If Jan 2011 is similar to what was produced in NOV-DEC 2010, we will see a big drop of US Silver Production in 2011.

    When the figures come out....I will keep you all informed.

  8. a stink bid is when u have a single bet against where you want your other bids to go no?

  9. Dealer told me today the US Mint shut them off from supply of American Silver Eagle 1oz. coins. No reason given other than UNTIL FURTHER ADVISED.

    I'm trying to dig up news on this other than what the dealers have told me. It must not have hit the internet yet....developing...


  10. Fed might use the Japan crisis as an excuse to implement QE3 early. They don't have much time. Better to get on with it Ben! But we need more Fed officials in the MSM asap to talk it up first. Common Ben, start this shit up! Time's a wastin.

    Last 2 other QEs were based on the dollar hitting lows. I don't think Blyth will be able to hold the fort down at 36.75 due all the silver positive events happening at the moment (war3, TA, shadow banking, fundamentals, new "trophy pics" etc). I can't see any excuse short term that will allow the witch to hit the prices. Locked and loaded, cha ching.

  11. u dont think there will be a drop this week? then back up possibly passing 36

    i feel like a ghost here 9/10 of my posts are unreplied to :/

  12. holy shit MASSIVE short got countered at 18:01
    .. and now rising to another curb downward (i hope)

  13. Israel Warplanes Fly Over Gaza, Bomb Hamas Military Site

    Israel launches air strikes in Gaza

    SGS-You are correct with the continued genocidal campaign picking up between Israel & Palestine.

  14. Couldn't agree with you more! The dollar looks DOA. We are looking for a potential waterfall collapse in the dollar in the next month.

    The time to stock up on Silver is rapidly ending!