Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can the Comex go-all-the-wayyyyy..........?



-2 straight days no movements. Yup I get it. There is nothing to move.
-118,400 oz to be served in this non delivery month...writing is on the wall here folks


-1,568,627 deposits...interesting.
-ZERO notices sent to longs...WTF is going here?
-7 days left, each needing 625,000 oz to be served.
-SLV No movement whatsoever....okay doky! Sprott PSLV=22.36% Nuff said.

Gensler, the former Goldman cocklicker says today, "CFTC's Gensler: High Commodity Prices Show Need for Market Oversight"

Genz, have you been living on fucking MARS? This goes to show you how the American populace is living in Disney Land. This bullshit just perpetuates this fraud. I almost think this ponzi is above genius, as NO ONE is taking arms, or fucking shit up b/c of it. Enjoy your Prius' and Playstations for now.

There is an interesting article about JPM acquiring a vault license. How interesting 7 days prior to a potential default. I guess this is just a coincidence AGAIN, and we are all tin foil hat idiots. Here is the link.

Click here too watch

But I guess this is all just coincidence. Fucking troll idiots. Get a fuckin hint. How many pieces of manipulated data can we provide you with in order for you to correlate, maybe, just maybe, a 20% JPM trying to fuck us correlation...?

When this all burns to the fuckin ground in 2 years time, or 2 months time, I will give an EPIC sign off speech, that not even MLK will compare to. Keep treading my Blythe, hope you got my text today ;)

QUICK NEWS: Brought to you by-- the best audience ever thank you for all your contributions and conventional ways of google deposits ;)

Portugal SEE YA!, debt situation at tipping point, "CFTC's Gensler: High Commodity Prices Show Need for Market Oversight", UK 4.4% inflation, Japan reactors still on boil, Israel decimates Gaza illegally, like usual, Rain in Tokyo not so basic, Egypt ready to rock and roll again.


  1. Not sure if i'm late to the party, but i just read that the Fed has 5 days to provide the $trillion loan details from 2008 for central benanks- Appeal was also rejected by supreme court.

    Convert that fiat to money sooner than later.

  2. In the event of a failure at the COMEX, what does that look like for a long futures position, call options position, the price of silver, and mining stocks.

  3. @Julia In the words of Lindsey Williams: 'if it's written on a piece of paper it is worth the paper it is written on'

    Got physical?

  4. I could be mistaken, but I read that SA article today on JPM acquiring a vault license as proof that they can pull balance sheet hijinks with SLV and COMEX Silver to shift physical for physical and cover their tracks the next month.

    Yet another example of the outright disrespect for the common man that they pull this kind of fraud right in front of our eyes in today's world without any thought to hiding the evidence.

  5. Myron, the all trusted CTFC allowed this. It must be okay. The genz is here to help us.

  6. High Commodity prices show need for FEDERAL RESERVE oversight.
    "Public ownership of gold is threat to the state" -Adolf Hitler

  7. my wife just got me tickets to the 2nd leg of the ManU vs Chealsea UEFA Champions League game at Old Trafford. I'm going to London to buy me some silver bitchez, should i look up andrew maguire while im there?