Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blythe defends $36...whats new...

UPDATE: I have liquidated my EPO (management dropped the ball like I've never seen before, and I am buying more Tinka TK.V /TKRFF. This is the ONLY junior I have left now, and I am WAY over committed on this. If we clear these .50 sell orders, we should see new highs soon. TO THE MOON!


  1. This could knock down Blythe and $36 if we take it viral!

    Crash JP Morgan, Charge Silver!
    (with a JP Chase Freedom 0% APR card!)


  2. It's oil right now. The ever changing atmosphere of Wall Street and the world markets. Actually the world markets have taken over Wall Street also.

    They are running the OIL CHART DOWN at the moment and the US DOLLAR CHART up. Obviously the reality of what the consumer has is different. This is just so the COMEX and JPM, GS, traders can steal more and make more profits behind the scene as usual.

    You want some good trades today. I don't have all the answers but I have some ideas. I'll post them on my blog today. I don't give specifics but I will give screen shots and hints. If you look back at my blog archive you will find some current gems actually off my QUOTE GRID.

    Have a good day preachers, traders, storm chasers, news people, web designers, and camera men. :-) How I do this without donations? Jesus.

    Interesting times these days.

  3. Okay News Unit/weather Unit, you dont have to advertise your blog every post, every 10 minutes on here-I will delete if you keep doing this. Please refrain from doing, thank you.

  4. WATCH OUT TODAY!!! Here is the report from Camp Masters. My Little Blyght is super pissed off today. First she is still reeling from last week when her eggs dried up and she hit the change; that's right Menopause. There is much more to report though. So yesterday that whole incident at Taco Bell; well there was a lot more to the story and the media seems to be covering it up. Blyght has been working part time at Taco Bell. She is saving up for a new sacraficial thoroughbred. Well yesterday she was working the drive-thru when some Country Bumkin thought it would be funny to make a Youtube video of himself trying to pass off A Silver Keiser as Fiat for his Beefy Crunch Burrito. I am most certain that he didn't expect to find My Little Blyght there at the window ready to take payment. Being the little short seller that she is she couldn't pass up the chance to get her claws on a Silver Keiser so easily. She knew that she was risking her job taking the Keiser as payment considering it is not actually legal tender. Her plan was to switch out the Keiser for spot and put some Fiat in the till. The Country Bumpkin went apeshit. He was so upset at Blyght after all these years market manipulation. When Blyght took his Silver Keiser he freaked out and started shooting an air gun at her. She hid behind a pile of fake meat and threw cinnamon sugar twists at him. He got a grain of sugar in his eye which blinded him. In a last despirate attempt he started shooting up the whole fucking place. The whole incident drew attention to My Little Demon's plan to get that Silver Keiser. When Pepsi Co found out that Blyght was going to take silver as payment they fired her on the spot. My Little Blyght swore she would take out her anger on the markets today. Be careful, she is extra cranky. That is the report from Camp Masters. You know how to thank SGS.

  5. I'm not advertising anything. Calm down! You're going to wind me up now.....yikes!
    I even link to your blog if you go read mine and see some previous posts.

    What's the big deal? Are you making some big pressing money on a GOOGLE blogspot? I doubt it.

    What I have is good anyway and people like it. And I'm not really worried about anything else other than doing a good job.

    DELETE ME: I don't give a shit. Why don't you just BAN me and make it easy on yourself?

  6. jesus fucking christ I dont need this shit!

    On a side note, Tinka is dieing to get past these fucktards selling .50. It will launch after .50, cant wait. Sell away jerk off's.

  7. It's Blythe's birthday today.

    SGS, can you send her a big kiss?

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  9. Hey SGS and others,

    I heard your mention that you subscribe to the Midas letter. Do you recommend that news letter and what are your comments on the Dines letter?

    Thanks in advance

  10. I second that motion; Ban The Weather UNIT. Actually while your at it ban all bloggers who are here to promote their own blogs. I don't think you all get it. SGS doesn't give a shit either. It's SilverGoldSilver's blog. If your blogs were worth anything, if anybody was reading them. Then you would be blogging here in SGS's comment section trying to soliciting folks to come all the way over to your page in order to see what you have to say. The truth is no one cares about yall's blogs and that is why your here. You know how to thank SGS.

    P.S. Thanks e736e346-32cb-11e0-89fe-000bcdcb5194 for reminding me about Blyght's birthday, I totally forgot. This is kind of annoying though, now I have to stop by the butcher and pick up some pig's blood on the way home from work.

  11. jesus fucking christ I dont need this shit!
    Lol ... ban that dude please it's annoying scrolling past his retarded musings

  12. SGS you get some weird folks posting on your blog man. I do have a question about you selling your other juniors. does that mean that you dont believe that the price of silver is going to be moving much higher before its going to correct back down for several weeks? Some of the better miners seem to directly move with the POS - also names like wildcat moved up a good 22% yesterday on news of drill results (this is Yukons pick not mine).

    Im loaded up on tinka too my friend. all we need is to hear some official drill news, shouldnt be long now!

  13. Actually newsunits blog is pretty good, lol... hey newsunit, will visit your blog regularly if you stop posting your stream of consciousness bullshit here, deal?

  14. I do not subscribe to any newsletters. I would not spend the $$ on that stuff as it gets leaked a day after anyway.

    6a: I sent Blythe a text of my raging hard on in my hand. She has not responded, possibly b/c silver just caught a fuckin bid right now, here we go.

  15. Enjoy the blog Frank. I think all these blogs can be kind of fun until some kind of weird argument ensues. I'm just getting used to all this blogging and I see my name changed to my other blog which actually confused me here too. Had to change that so I'm entirely UNDER CONSTRUCTION here.

    But I'll leave off from posting here. Seems I don't have much to add here anyway.

    See you on The News Unit. :-)

  16. mockra: I am stuck between a summer paper market selloff and rising PM prices. SO I have cut down to 1-2 juniors (silver only) and have cash at hand to hit asks at anytime a junior is ready to breakout with a strong POS breakout as well. The easy money was made...Tinka is one of the only ones left that should be north of $1 today...so I'll bank on that for now and wait silently in the woods for opportunities to emerge.

  17. Israeli tanks rolling into Gaza and killing folk. Article on Zero Hedge

  18. Let's line up and see if we can give blythe what she really wants for her B-day. A BIG FUBM

  19. looks like major resistance (the sheep trade based on) at 36.15 below that should go down faster

  20. So what happened with EPO management?

  21. not gonna post stocks on SGS's blog but check latest post on my (very underdeveloped blog) regardless stocks are topshelf. i welcome any crxism on them or +1s if u like too

  22. I'm assuming that SGS is referring to the First Nations and the ridiculous royalty offer that was made.

  23. sgs, ur personal opnion please.......i have 9000 shares gpl...i have 15000 shares tkrff.....i am thinking of moving some gpl to tkrff....thoughts?

  24. The longer we trade over $36 the more likely we have broken out :-) Looking good!

  25. If possible, people need to call their broker and open a global trading account. It takes 5 minutes to get the real stock in non USD currency. If you broker doesn't offer global accounts, THEY SUCK.

    While you’re at it, open an options account as well. I know everyone is against derivatives here and "physical is the only option". Physical is GREAT but why not maximize your profits in fiat then buy even more physical? Options are LOW risk! At least you know how much you will lose with options and you can hedge much easier/cheaper against blyth attacks. Just some thoughts.

  26. Malcolm: The Midas letter is a good one if you're inclined to subscribe to one. You get the added bonus of being entered into a draw to win $100'000 in gold bullion when you subscribe, too.

    I agree with SGS, the easy money days are over for stocks. Major correction coming soon, so be careful. I have only 3 juniors and they're in an area of recent discovery in BC, "under the radar" at this time. I almost pulled the trigger on Tinka 3 months ago(and a few other Midas picks), but opted for my other picks due to info from my well-connected prospecting crew of friends:) Lotto style.

    Put the metal in your hands...paper burns.


  27. Fidelity has a free international account, but trades are $20 plus 1% currency exchange fee.

  28. SGS said: 6a: I sent Blythe a text of my raging hard on in my hand. She has not responded, possibly b/c silver just caught a fuckin bid right now, here we go.

    LMAO.. great minds think a like.

  29. Thanks Devin,

    The general consensus seems the be that at the cessation of QE2 in May/June prior to QE3 there will be a market correction, in addition to the usually summer lull in the market. Now, my concern is that some TA's and chartists see PM's headed higher over the same period, in addition to Comex issues. I mean over the long term PM will out perform the overall market and PM shares by default, it's just ridding out the bottoms that sucks.

  30. 20 bucks is steep but reasonable. I ride out the ups and downs in Canadian shares. Remember, the loonie is a commodity currency, double inflation leverage with canuck miners.

    I don't trade too much since its a bull market so I don't care about 20 bucks here and there. Trading just gets me out of my positions. I don't want to be out unless the shares are not performing.

    Also I usually cash out my US option profits to deploy into long term Canadian shares and more physical. I'll be honest though, greed takes over if silver is pointing up. The leverage in options is insane.

  31. I looked into options trading, seems much more complicated than stocks but way more profitable.

  32. SGS

    Any comments on this article:

  33. @JFC,
    I read that earlier. Now we know why they aren't worried about the remaining OI.

  34. Anyone else notice the Silver Bullion Trust (The closed end Canadian Trust) is up over 15% today!!

  35. I'll offer an Oil pick..PDO.



  36. Looks like JPM is finding additional ways to buy them time...they got a vault license in record time no less.


  37. @malcolm

    The games go on I guess... Looks like March 28 is irrelevant as I suspected it would be. CFTC rolling over as usual, eh?

  38. SGS, didnt i see you get slagged off on zero hedge comments page a few days ago?
    I believe it was because you put a link to your blog on every post you made.
    So you think it s ok for you to advertise your blog on zero hedge , but not ok for news unit to advertise his blog on your blog????
    Bit hypocritical dont you think?

  39. SGS

    To add to Zeusmunger's comment...

    You are also heavily promoting Tinka. About every post you make says buy Tinka... While Tinka may be a great buy, it is one of a hundred or so that may be killer buys if silver goes to a hundred.

    I am not trying to discourage you. I believe your blog and the related comments are valuable to the community. I also believe newsunit is a bit over the top at times, but that is the pros/cons of open blogs. We readers can easily pass the comments by...

    Keep up the good work.


  40. You guys done yet? Okay. Let me get this straight. I can do what I want, when I want, and write about whatever the fuck I want 100 times a day if I want.

    You cant seriously tell me there are 100 more tinka's out there. Please reference 100 more tinkas please so we can all make a million. This should be amusing. I can leave my blog link where ever the fuck I want. ZH endorses my videos within minutes.

    Please let me know when your videos get on that site. So we can all go to your blog.

    News unit has a history of posting rogue post here and has been warned before.

    So go fuck yourself, and dont waste my time again, ill just delete it.

  41. It is impossible to grasp the meaning of the idea of sound money if one does not realize that it was devised as an instrument for the protection of civil liberties against despotic inroads on the part of governments. Ideologically it belongs in the same class with political constitutions and bills of rights Ludwing Von Mises

  42. There are 100 other Tinkas out there, but as you can see, SGS gets all pissy if you post stocks other than his, or if you are doing something he's doing himself. Maybe its like Nick Cage said in Moonstruck "I aint no monument to justice!!'
    However, I like it here cause its so rare to have a site where you can just say 'Blythe' and everyone knows what you mean. Then when you get posts like the 'sending a text to Blythe', well, thats just icing on the cake, no pun intended.

  43. News unit got pwn'd lol. kidding. I like news unit.

    Agreed Strannick. There is no better place to track the witch's movements. Always lurking and ready the STRIKE at any bs opportunity.

    I'm excited that we are teetering at a tipping point up or down. It’s only going to take a slight push (prob oil or USD related) to kick silver up to 40. I'm so locked and loaded its sickening. If we get global deleveraging (aka 2008), that would be great as well. I don't really care.

    Did anyone read that Seeking Alpha article about JPM getting a vault license in two days so they can “store their metal”? What a joke. Delay and pray. Extend and pretend.

  44. Being a self admitted newbie and having a rudimentary understanding of naked shorts, can someone please explain how JPM after receiving a Comex certified vault, provides cover for their short and the effect on silver OI for March in any?

  45. Was just wondering, if JPM getting their own vault means that they can short to themselves to control the price? I don't really know much about this...starting buying physical since sept...

  46. Strannick +1 rofl i deem it pun intended

  47. "There are 100 other Tinkas out there, but as you can see, SGS gets all pissy if you post stocks other than his, or if you are doing something he's doing himself."

    I provide every opportunity to be emailed about juniors. I have got 2-4 emails about some OTCBB stocks. If anyone has a complete, DD, research analysis on ANY junior, fire it this way.

    Also, this is not Zerohedge where TD cant look at every comment. I can. Keep that in mind when you challenge me. I did not make this blog to be personally challenged on here. Go somewhere else for that.

    I thought Turds site was better for juniors...cant you guys go there if I could care less about your stock picks?

    Either way I spoke with the President of Tinka today, I doubt anyone else did. I would still like the 100 stock junior picks 'like Tinka' sent to me, lets see what you guys can dig up.

  48. since no one elected to simply describe how the options game works in this specific predictive context i have bought

    AGQ (probably gonna turn that into PSLV as it seems to be leaning on overperforming AGQ)

    and ZSL

    to sell when one side profits and buy the dip of the other

    2parts pslv
    1 part zsl

    me -1 :(

  49. sgs expect an email from me with a nice package :) regarding analysis of jrs

    oh SGS+2 talking w/ president thats status

  50. SGS, I hope you did not mix numbers up and send the president of Tinka a photo of your raging hard on while sending Blythe a text about Tinka!!

  51. What did prez say? I'm assuming nothing material the rest of us don't know...

  52. Anyone know what's next for the company? What does it do to start 'producing' silver? I guess my question applies to any exploratory company. Basically, I'd like to learn about the life or game plan for companies like Tinka to provide some context.

  53. By the way SGS I've been looking at your blog, but this is the first article I've commented on. I like reading your site because you seem to have a close pulse on the silver market, but as a physicist your earnest attribution of the Japanese earthquake to 'HAARP' came as a shock. Obviously it's your blog you can say what you want, you get what you pay for etc, but attributing an earthquake to a deliberate act is absurd.

  54. explain the level of absurdity just so I'm clear, like on a scale of 1 to 10.

  55. Cookie: for my ears only. I will give you play by play prior to it happening.

  56. Which part do you consider to be absurd? That someone could do it or that someone would do it? Either way it's debatable. I'll just leave this for now: http://www.excludedmiddle.com/earthquake.htm Although this doesn't talk about HAARP, it does demonstrate that there was a man made earthquake (even though it was small). Technology has come a long way. If your stating no one would want to cause an earthquake, I think you will find that some of us here would definately disagree. Cheers.

  57. Hi;

    Thanks for the site. I really like it ect. ect. ect.
    That said, since this conversation is continuing;
    "I provide every opportunity to be emailed about juniors"
    -Conversation wasnt about emailling the moderator junior picks. It was about posting information about other juniors. You only want to talk about Tinka, well it's your site, and there you go.

    "I did not make this blog to be personally challenged on here"
    -Dont know what 'personally challenged' is, if its the same as 'arguing' 'disagreeing', and dont really give a damn enough to continue either discussions, but say what you have to say, and there you go.

  58. Dude, talking about other juniors is what stockhouse.ca is for. Why do you want to being it here? So I can get questions like, "SGS what do you thinka bout strannicks ABC junior?" Think I have time for that shit?

    Take your juniors to Turds blog, or stockhouse, or even better Agoracom. Plenty of people already invested in those exact juniors you want answers to. I dont have the answers you are looking for for any other junior plays. Done. Hope you are making money in Tinka, I'm assuming you missed the boat and are now annoyed. But maybe not.

  59. I have not researched this yet, as I have just found it today. It is a silver mine opening production next year of an existing mine in Texas that closed in 1942.Article says it was the biggest silver producer in texas when it closed.



    I am only posting this because it seems SGS asked for great juniors. From what I see so far it MAY qualify as such.

    If I am out of line, please say so, and I won't post juniors here.


  60. mastercraft,

    Have you done any research on HAARP? Have to admit, I never heard of it until SGS mentioned it on his blog a week or two back.

    Hard to say if it's true, but it sure raises some suspicions. Ever wonder why all those birds dropped out of the sky in Bebe Arkansas? With the high powered transmissions of HAARP, this is a very reasonable explanation. Funny how fast the story was dropped from the main stream media.

  61. Some say it's the oil, I say it's Libya's Gold. 133 tons of virtually free GOLD!
    The return of "Kelley's heroes" !

  62. Mastercraft: Please don't tell me you're not completely familiar with Tesla's work?


    You can't deny that it is physically possible to bounce various frequencies of radio waves off of the ionosphere. Could you not focus that same energy at the "right" frequency and induce oscillation/vibration in a target? A billion Watts of microwave energy is pretty damn intense, no?

    The key is not to "cause" an earthquake, but rather to trigger one in an already loaded plate.


  63. About HAARP and also tectonic manipulation, weather manipulation, etc:

    Very simple: GENESIS chapter 11
    (you have to read it to find out)

    Genesis chapter 11 link

    Genesis 11.6 And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

    God even lets us know that unless he come down to intervene that there is nothing restrained from men which they have imagined to do.

    I believe God about it. Therefore it is not absurd at all.

  64. Sorry, I tried posting earlier but Bloggers been telling me I can't. I posted my response here: