Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paging Blythe, SLV $40 April 16 calls volume picking up, paging Blythe

Seems to me the spring cant come any sooner. With another winter snow storm rolling through this shit hole tonight, it warms my heart to see heavy call volume still. Lets hope JPM's new vault doesn't spoil our party.


  1. Blyght's busy with her birthday. She can't answer your calls right now. I'll have a full report of her birthday festivities including a guestlist tomorrow.

  2. Let's all send Blythe a Get Well Soon E card!

    Blythe Masters
    Tel: +1 (212) 648 1432
    E-mail: masters_ blythe@jpmorgan .com

  3. send her a 12 inch 999 silver dildo (plated of course) its probably the only physical silver she has in her possesion.

  4. I wonder what she got for her birthday present. Maybe 100 oz silver bars?

  5. What do you guys think about this Dinar scam? I keep hearing that it will revalue around the end of the month. Any body getting in on this scam?

  6. Re: the April $40 calls - if you follow this link and read thru the comments you'll see a bunch of these suckers buying these calls as "lottery tickets". Smart money was not buying these calls.


  7. does anyone think that BM is buying PSLV and deliver to the longs as physical metals pe se?
    PSLV will go way up the next 8 days to March 28 to about $23.

  8. Howard Dean on CNBC this Morning says "BERNANKE is doing a Great Job

    Howard Dean was an idiot when he ran for president, and is a bigger idiot today. For him to give Bernanke any credit....just proves the point that anyone who believes that POLITICIANS will solve our problems need to check themselves into the nearest LUNATIC ASYLUM.

    I don't even waste time debating with Conservatives or Liberals....both of them are full of SH*T.

    Chris Martenson did a great interview with Jim Puplava on FSN yesterday about the ramifications to the world financial system now that a wrench was thrown into Japans transmission. I recommend everyone listen to it.


    Looks like there will be a 25% electricity shortfall in Japan during the summer. That means parts will not make their way to the USA causing more dislocations.

    Time to wake up and smell the bullsh*t.

  9. woot!!!! Silver is now $36.60 Burn Blythe burn!!!!!!!!

  10. I don't know about you, my battering ram is ready and waiting. I'm preparing for some deep penetration*.

    Silver, time to get physical!


    * Into BM's $36 fortress that is :)

  11. can somebody explain what this means....the headlines....

  12. heading means more people are betting that silver will be 40$ in near future.

  13. @David

    I must of missed this. What dinar scam are you talking about? Link would be appreciated.

  14. Japan is cooked. They can't keep factories open without power. They need lots of cash, will be dumping US Treasuries, and will be in electric power rebuild mode for years to come.

    I estimate a 5-10% GLOBAL worldwide impact on GDP. Higher prices for everyone, no more cheap Japanese imports.

    But the market are green, so everything must be fine.

  15. I know that BM can't be stupid. Moral character flaw? Def! Do we think she is a Dimbot? And Dimon is a Bernankbot? What made my day is that I paid $36.60 for some 100 ozers three weeks ago and now I'm in the black again! Haha!!! Oh, Happy Birthday BM!