Monday, February 28, 2011

You cant stop Peter schiff, who the fuck are you mr yellow tie?

Listen to the end. Corporate earnings are...blah blah blah...ya NO SHIT, its called INFLATION! Wealth effect. IDIOT! Listen to mr yellow tie murmer under his breath right at the end, as if mocking the man who has called this gold rally from 2002, "ya get bottled water, ..." This assfuck will be the first cocksucker with his hands out begging for silver. Remember my words here. Mark this day.


  1. That yellow shirt fool always said the dumbest thing when Peter was around.

  2. Peter Schiff got me in to this mess with his book "Crash Proof". Then it got viral in my family and extended family - with the exception of all my INTELLECTUAL PHD IVY-LEAGUE'er relatives who are waaaaay to smart to trust anyone who doesn't have a DEGREE from and ACCREDITED "university" in "economics".

  3. Hey great! :-) Pin those donkey-retards up there for all to see! Peter Schiff took some serious shit here from them. They are useless people on there wagging their heads. What a bunch of wimpy little boys there they need a good smite in the face.

    They were demanding a perfect forecast from Schiff and he wouldn't give them one. Let them rot. I hope they have lots of fiat in their 401K's and don't get it out in time. Also hope they have a load of other "tax shelters" which end up in default.

  4. sometimes interviewers know the guest is right but they stick to the 'script' for the MSM.

    But just me or did it seem like these 5 panelists actually and truly believe Schiff is off his rocker?

  5. I'd like to see yellow-piss-tie come on here and try to post sometime. Wouldn't that be fun to watch? :-)

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  7. You guys that know html are cool. Thanks.

    Earlier I posted a link to a dealer who has an interesting way of buying bullion called a STINK BID. He just started that and I think it's a great idea. Here's the link:


    Click above: :-)

  8. Peter Schiff is a voice of reason in this mess and these bozos can't accept reason.

    What to do with the information? Buy some f-ing silver and groceries, dumbasses...

    Peter called the real estate collapse five years ago and they talk to him like this - unbelievable!! He is such a gentleman about the whole thing. Gotta love him.

  9. Schiff rocks. Nice post, SGS.

  10. I'm going for a walk on my snowshoes for 5 miles here. This is the best post for a good laugh at those CNBC idiots that I have ever had. I have a gut ache from some good laughter here. :-)

    The bear video #4 does it for me also. Especially the part where the Berrh-nank is going to burn his printing press and burn the mother4orker down, etc....

    I got a gut ache....good night...$34 come on get in the rear view mirror please!....

  11. Schiff was one of the first I listened to. Not always 100% right with timing, but 100% correct with the message.

  12. Peter Schiff is a money maker.

    That lady has heard Peter's warning about silver and his recommendation to purchase gold and silver for over TWO YEARS! I bet you she hasn't purchased one ounce. She's still trying to chase the date of the dollar's collapse while gold and silver have appreciated.

    Can we please have more intelligent people as hosts? This is their job. They read and listen to financial stories all day long and they can't comprehend the message that Peter delivers. I'm in shock of their skepticism.

  13. Shiff is a warrior. He bravely rides into the den of the beast armed with Austrian economics and a sharp tongue then swiftly cuts the fucktards heads off. big fan for years. Does anyone remember the epic battles with Stephen Leeb on cnn? Leeb finally changed his tune though.

  14. Sorry to say, I have no respect of CNBC and Jim Cramer. I am losing the respect to Schiff. Why would he keep going up to that station and deal with those bunch of jokers.

    The girl is pretty cute, that's all I can say.

  15. Peter was right twice before. He's right now. If Peter was the only person saying it. I'd be skeptical. Im not finance guru, but every single one of them I speak to says America is firetrucked and will be lucky to live out the year. I suspect it will be this year, unless we get another false flag, natural disaster or war to paint it over.

    SGS, any hints on "stock market" glitches lately? Has there been a glitch in the matrix?

  16. The one in the blue dress is Blythe's bitch.

    What a disrespectful, condescending wench...

  17. Great guy. He get's it from all the others big time, still he hardly raises his voice and explains those monkeys the obvious.

    And I agree: The idiot at the end nails it and does not even know about it. The earnings are that phenomenal *because* we have an inflation there.

    I am more convinced than ever that we will see a big bang. And I do not care when. The later the better as I have more time to "prepare accordingly".



  19. Peter is on the money.

    I don't watch TV. So it shocks me to see how ignorant and dangerous are these CNBC fucktard corporate whore vomit-bag presenters.

  20. Peter was making money long before the yellow tie douche bag even knew what money was..Peter stay away from show like this your better than these shills.

  21. The fool in the yellow tie is Tim Seymour. He always gets his panties in a bunch every time Peter is on. I stopped watching Fast Money after Dylan Ratigan and Jeff Macke left. I can't stand that Asian whore host and the panel is nothing but a pump and dump side show.

  22. 5 bobble heads pumping the wall street propaganda - no inflation here, move along