Monday, February 28, 2011

Paging Blythe, why does the dealer have no silver available to serve upon the longs? Paging Blythe.

BEFORE WE START, WARNING! ANy fucktard posting jackfuck assman OTCBB, pink sheets, or fuck it ANY stock on my blog will be warned and then deleted. My blog will not be hijacked by spammers, idiots, pumpers, fucktwits, and homotrons. OKay? good times. You have a story about a stock email me before posting please. I said it nicely.

COMEX NEWS (we think)

-99,600 oz standing in march now


Straight form Harvey's Blog no need to point form this too crucial to miss:

"The comex folk announced a very tiny 252 notices or 1,260,000 oz of silver.
I would like all of you to go back to Saturday's commentary where I saw this strange transaction in inventory movement at the HSBC warehouse where 1.26 million oz left a customer at HSBC and entered the HSBC dealer section of the warehouse. The math at the bottom of the screen did not match the figures which many of you figured out. Normally we see a transaction of this type as an adjustment where we see a negative 1.26 million oz to the customer and an equally positive entry to the dealer. Why did they do it in the receiving category of HSBC and not an adjusting entry? Is there an imperfection in the inventory?
To have 252 notices sent down on the first day out of 4250 and all of this inventory coming from a customer must surely scare bankers globally that something is terribly wrong in the silver comex. "


"I guess, the situation at the silver comex is quite dire as they must resort to customer inventory to settle on the first day. Ladies and Gentlemen: the silver comex has no silver in the dealer category to settle upon our patient longs."

Clear enough? Moving on.

Commentary is quick and short. I just got a box of 1000 rounds of .40 SW and will be purchasing more and more and more. Keep on stackin silver!


Egypt bans exports on gold-needs to steal from citizens soon, Rogers says the Saudi's are lying-they dont have shit for oil left, CNBC now pumping silver, PIMCO may be JPM and BOA back door men, China's central bank urges more silver and gold hoarding, Vietnam banning gold trading (WTF?), OWEbama adding more deadbeats to millionaire salaries, and YES ladies and gentlemen, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain are still on fire!


  1. sgs,
    how about putting up a paypal "donate" button on your blog? yeah, fiat paper, i know, but anyway...

  2. SGS said: "BEFORE WE START, WARNING! ANy fucktard posting jackfuck assman OTCBB, pink sheets, or fuck it ANY stock on my blog will be warned and then deleted. My blog will not be hijacked by spammers, idiots, pumpers, fucktwits, and homotrons. OKay? good times."

    LOL! You gotta be from Alberta... and might be closely related to one of my hunting partners.

    FYI ammo (40 S&W included) is going up this summer 15 to 20 points at cost. Stock up brother.

    Email me and I will give you kick ass deal on case lots.

    All the best.


  3. I didn't think you canucks could buy ammo! HOMOTRON.. that is funny. Looking forward to silver at 50.00 an ounce by April 10th.
    Thanks for the info SGS..keep fightin the good fight.

  4. We can buy whatever we want, if people realize how easy it is to get a restricted firearm license here, everyone would have one. Its a joke.

    I've been contemplating the donate button, not sure yet.

  5. Fucking shit you weren't kidding... Talk about the right place at the right time... The morons are about to climb on board. Get ready to get off when it goes crazy.

  6. 40 S&W also my weapon of choice. Suggest you get two - primary and a backup. If one jams then you reach for the other ( after unloading the 12 ga. ).

  7. I was wondering too how you can have a .40SW in Canada. Is it a G-lock? Those silver-tips are nice aren't they eh?

    Anyway: I'm just a casual poster and not looking for trouble. Just milling over everyone's posts here.

    So silver can't seem to break through $34.00US fiat here. Gold isn't as strong on the chat as I'd like to see it. And paladium (which is one of my favorite) is stuck below 800.00 now after a nice shot into 860.00 just last week. I don't like the chart tonight. Don't like it at all. Something isn't right with the volume. We may have a threatening reversal here for a season. I don't know how long that season will be but I hope my feelings are entirely wrong.

    Now I'm going to go read another good blog at

    Keep loading up. And of course re-loading too.

    One more thing: One of you Canadian's at just posted he's out of those RCM bars I see. He has an interesting thing called a "STINK BID". Go check it out.

    Mr. SGS: What province are you in?

    Take care all. (the old Watchman)

  8. How do you put links on here that people can just click on? Is there any way to do that?

  9. Right on. Just about everyone I know owns multiple firearms. Just a few with restricted licenses, though. I carry a short 12 gauge with a variety of shot sizes when I'm prospecting.

    Born and raised in rural central Alberta, living in BC now.

    Fuck yeah, throw up a donate button. Or at least give me a shout if you get out west for a beer or two.


  10. regarding links-yes that would be great, as I cant figure it out..I cant even post them in my blog its shows up blank, fuckin annoying.

    You can get ANY gun you want in Canada. Restricted firearms have to have a certain barrel length (over 4.25 inches i believe) and clips cannot contain more than 10 rounds. There are of course other restrictions like no fully auto weapons and such, as those are considered prohibited. You cannot get a prohibited license here unless its grandfathered to you within your family. Sucks.
    Yes I have a gen 4 glock 22. Looking into getting a Heckler and Koch USP tactical as well. The Mark 23 looks sick, but its just too big, and way too expensive.

  11. For everyone whining about the final open interest, let's look at last year.

    According to Harvey Organ's archive:
    8.7 million ounces or 1700+ contracts stood for delivery at this time for March 2010.

    These are huge increases in a year. > 100%

  12. What's a Gen 4 mean? I have a Glock 22 also. But I bought them back around 2002. We can have the high cap mags here. My 10 round mags just sit in a box now. All our politicians want to wreak havoc on our US Constitution here which really burns me. I might actually end up moving to Texas before the mayhem starts.

    Otherwise: I'm not complaining about the links I just wanted to put my links on a comment so people could click on them but don't know how. It's not big deal to copy and paste. Not too many sissies here I see.

    Just watched another example of our jack-ass media freaks mouthing off to Peter Schiff. We have a whole breed of @sses in the news media here. That's why I'd rather hang around on blogs and watch YOUTUBE stuff now. Who knows how long that will last?

    I never had an H and K but I hear they are good. I have some H and K mags for my AR. Those are nice. You can't even have a semi-auto in Canada?

  13. SGS.. Look into Para Ordnance. Every pistol I have is a para.. p12 and a p16. MADE IN CANADA.
    Also made in Canada. One of the best bands ever.
    April wine - silver dollar.

  14. was going to buy a Para Gi Expert, but opted for glock. Love the para superhawg. Sick.

    Newsunit: Gen 4= generation 4, newer style, different springs

  15. Oh god, will the comex just default already ?

  16. Here in southern Ontario I can't get better than a .223.

  17. I'm so confused!!! My little Blight keeps telling me everything is fine. She can fit 1.3 Million Oz in "one" orifice alone. She has a back up plan though. She sent BB and Obambam to India with an alCIAda escort. They heard from alternative news that there was recently a large amount of silver discovered during the renovation of a temple that is dedicated to the worship bologna rinds. Anyways, my little pony is being such a little bitch lately. Right now she's in her boudoir smoking nerve gas beer bongs with Gaddafi and Gaga; Yes, Natalie is still here. She has strapped Oscar to her pregnant belly and she's giving it to Scott Walker doggy style. He likes it but he keeps insisting that he is not in a compromising position. No negotiating!!! So that's what's going on here at Camp Masters. It has been really dicey around here as of late and I was thinking about getting a Glock too. I just can't decide if I should go with the 17 or the 23? Any suggestions?


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  19. SGS, in all fairness, didn't you promote some juniors just a few days ago?

    "Junior Miners Update:

    #1 Tinka Resources Current Price .36 cents $CAN Tickers (TK.V, TKRFF)


    #2 Encanto Potash Current Price .53 cents $CAN Ticker (EPO.V)


    #3 Great Western Minerals Group Current Price .85 cents Ticker (GWG.V)


    Just wondering..

  20. Newsunit: Man, it pisses me off to see Schiff never get any respect even when he's been right SO many times. Total bullshit and it shows us exactly why we should all shut the "news" off.

    Shit yeah, We can have semi-auto in Canada.


  21. In all fairness it's SGS blog. Great! Now they want me to whip up another order of Sweetbread Spoon Bread; FUCK!!!

  22. Devin, but we only get FIVE shots here in Ontario. FIVE!

  23. Reef: Yeah, it sucks. I'd like to see the fuckers that write these laws have a big, pissed off Griz on their ass and only have 5 shots! haha!

    I may or may not have more than 5 in mine...

    Pretty sure if it's not semi-auto there is no limit.

  24. Glocks are nice but buy yourself a SIG. A nice p229 elite stainless will do just fine. if you must get a polymer than you cant beat the trigger on a sigpro 2022. also, 357SIG is the new black ;) . Nicer ballistics than the .40 and known for one shot drops all across this fucked nation of ours. Issued by badass police departments and Secret Service. One you shoot 357 you'll never go back.
    plus, a p229 elite stainless will match your silver medallions hanging from your silver pimp-ass chains! NICE!!!

  25. fucktard

    jackfuck assman





    For a change would you use some sweet words tomorrow ? just for one day

  26. SGS, do you have any more info on what your contact saw last Friday that he/she had never seen before? Very interested for you to elaborate on that one!

  27. I think we need a REALLY X rated bears video. I'm talking NC-17, about how we REALLY feel about our retard government, wall street, jp morgue, silver and gold suppression..

  28. SGS,
    Kimber concealed carry is the way to go.

    And thanks for the blog.

  29. 1000 rounds? Peanuts. I stopped counting after 10,000...No kidding. :)

    Love the blog


  30. 40 Cal Beretta Cougar. Sweet!

  31. we cant have concealed here the barrel is under restriction length.

    Borka: we cannot stockpike ammo in canada. yup, you heard that right, we can only have a "reasonable amount for target practice stored", I dont cant make that shit up.

    Tary-yes I'll try

    JWM-Baretta sick pistols, but Id rather keep the Browing over/under for long gun.

  32. reefman-yes these are my stocks and I can easily manage questions on them. People start asking me about other stocks some other poster posted, waste of my time.

  33. Stock 2K rounds MINIMUM for each long rifle and pistol. If you have the time and inclination, buy a reloading set and teach yourself hand loading (with salvaged brass and new components you will have upwards of 6 reloads per brass on average). The party is almost over. The FRN is tanking and the PMs are "normalizing". QE ad infinitum is coming. Just a matter of time. How much? Who knows. At this point I am just along for the PM ride. BYE and STORE physical PMs if you are smart...after food, water, seeds, ammo, medical stuff, etc. - Just sayin - Obummer and his pals are not even close to being done with the US. Here in Texas we are about to shut the borders down and pull the gate in after us.