Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Morning Juniors Update

Again. Before being stupid and going out and purchasing some insane amount of fucking shares, give your head a shake. These stocks can go to zero. Always invest, thinking you will lose everything. Read my disclaimer at the bottom of the main page please.

Junior Miners Update:

#1 Tinka Resources Current Price .36 cents $CAN Tickers (TK.V, TKRFF)

Tinka received their drill permits. This is exactly what we needed. Volume surged, but the warrants were selling their paper around .37-.39 in large amounts. They have been in Tinka for a while, I dont blame them. Moving forward there is a a major 50 hole drilling program underway. I look forward to the drill results. I'm pegging a .75 target on this by summer. Possibly higher if Spot silver price continues its march to $50.

#2 Encanto Potash Current Price .53 cents $CAN Ticker (EPO.V)

Encanto is about to receive its 43-101 resource estimate any day, any second. This is a great junior with an enormous land package with huge potential. I'm hoping the resource estimate is around the 500 million tonnes. This is either going to be a $2 stock, or a .20 cent stock shortly. It would be my greatest disappointment of the year if management does not have the goods. It would put me in a fowl mood, quickly. Volume lately has been robust, to say the least. Somethings coming soon.

#3 Great Western Minerals Group Current Price .85 cents Ticker (GWG.V)

Price had surged to $1.20, but has cooled off a bit. This stock has a target of $2.25 from Sprott and many other analysts. Its my number one Rare Earth metals Play.

Make sure you know the consequences of investing in Junior miners. Not meant for weak stomachs. You can lose 100% on any of these plays. Do your own DD. And read disclaimer please.

I will be on the road today, will post up later in afternoon, I will be watching how Blythe works today, as today is important. Ben is talking too. This should be an interesting day to say the least.


  1. WE Appreciate every information you give...thanks

  2. Well you got your margin hike... 50%!!! And silver SO doesn't care.

  3. WOW I've been waiting for the hike so I can get more, and it didn't do shit? Looks like the silver train isn't coming back anymore.

  4. thanks for the great information silvergoldsilver. Much appreciated.

  5. Mr. SGS, is this a squeeze or what!

    Thanks for the hard work and great info.

    8160oz of physical.........HiHo Siilver......away!

  6. SGS: Ok, you are now on my daily watch list. :)

    I'm curious. What's your take on the Rothschilds possibly being involved with this Wynter Benton scheme?

  7. we've seen a boost of two dollars in two days? crash imminent?

  8. This week is definitely proving to be interesting in the silver markets. I would really like to know what the chatter is at JPMorgan.

  9. Anyone here got any good advice on due dilligence for Junior's in the US market??

  10. Hi SGS,

    Great blog. Do you have an opinion of ECU mining?

  11. ECU:
    I unloaded my ECU shares when I got stopped at $1.25 right under the MA, looks like shit now. Other than that, I know it a decent quality junior play, but TA tells me its got issues right now.

  12. Can someone get me up to speed with this Wynter Benton Scheme please...give me details, links and the works, time to do some DD.