Saturday, February 26, 2011

Okay, I'm here...I dont hide from mistakes

Well a few things first. In life I have always taken full responsibility, I never point the finger or play the Blame game. After all this is life. I only point the finger at myself. I hope this teaches any of the younger readers that no matter what happens, point the finger at yourself, take it like a champ-you will find that you will come out a winner and attract far more stronger relationships along the way.

I will however will backpedal. LOL

During after hours trading yesterday I posted a comment at 3:52 (below)

"no raid is BAD...they might have shaken enough longs to settle for fiat. FUCK sakes. Like I said, they may have a bottomless pit of money...cant do anything about this. Put both hands together...we need at least 7000 to stand for delivery...I know for sure some are standing...I'm wondering now if some turn coat motherfuckers just bailed...FUCK! You better hope your "Wynter Benton" pulls through, so far so good.

I'm angry b/c we need a comex default. Although this does fair well for an increase in spot. JPM may live another day."

Lesson learned, trust your years of instinct, believe in the tape (t/s), because the tape tells the story, not the rumors.

Earlier than that I posted that I was hearing that Blythe was handing out 30-50% premiums to roll over. Although the exact percentage has not yet been verified, I can guarantee its somewhere in that amount, and others like Harvey Organ will be able to verify my statement here as well.

All in all, I think we just saw the debunking of the Wynter Benton Group, like I said in my article earlier this week that they are full of shit.

If we can still get 4000 to stand, we will take a huge chunk out of the CRIMEX, and should remain bullish moving forward. Nothing has changed this morning. I just wanted a complete default, thats why I'm bummed out. Never underestimate Blythe, I told you this long ago...and sometimes we forget this.

Just giving you my honest opinion. I will be back later for a full metals report, as its has not been easy to sift through, the Morgue is making it tough to make conclusions today as you can imagine the data is all over the place, another indication of high premium payouts..

Keep your head up, this all bods well for longs...keep grinding, our enemies have survived, and they will be back to take what was once theirs.

If you dont want to thank me today, thats fine, I may deserve it...but I can assure you this is not a sprint, its a marathon to the finish. Blythe will spread rumors as well, so we will have to do more due diligence in the upcoming months and detect some deceptagonic lies.

Note: If you want to talk shit, please at least use an OPENid name for fuck sakes, open your legs and let your dick fall out of the cavity you now claim is your vagina and put a name on so I can at least address you pussys properly. If you cant do that I will be eliminating Anonymous postings.

Be back later....Blythe if you are reading this, well done you limey bitch, WELL DONE!


  1. ok so if huge premium paid out will it affect the price of silver in fiat at all? If not, then the only dent was done was that now Comex has less silver now? Since we don't really know exactly how much they got then it "could" go on for a while right?

    I care about silver fiat price becuase most of us do hold miners positions etc.

  2. Comex has NO silver. Hence the huge, bottomless pit of fiat for the premiums. They are caught here, pants down.

  3. Its all good SGS! Your disclaimer says it all. If people are gonna get mad because you were 99% right, .9% iffy, and .1% wrong, fuck em. I got my stack, and Im lovin every minute of this. You do great work, and I for one appreciate what you are doing. Shit, if you wanted, you could just close this blog and let the idiots fend for themselves trying to figure the data points you can see through. Im in it to win it, and I aint sellin till $500 silver. that way, I only need to sell of 10 oz to make most of my money back... but im also doing this due to the Bernake's death grip on that damn machine, protecting myself from the soon to be shit storm of hyperinflation in the U.S. I got silver, ammo, and food, and just a sprinkle of gold. I got barter materials, survival equipment, and a boom stick. Whatever happens, silver cant lose, and I 100% believe that silver will double by the end of the year. When it does, Im not going to feel bad for those that couldn't understand why silver, and why now.

    Fuck Blythe. Fuck Joke Bernanke. Fuck COMEX.

    Keep up the work SGS. I love you in the most heterosexual way possible.

  4. Moving forward whats the plan? Hoping / waiting for next month?
    I mean what changed? Not much apart from the fact that our hope that jpm would crash is in tatters.
    Silver is still scarce. Asians are still buying. Ben is still enjoying his chopper ...
    Or am I wrong?

  5. If you dont want anons calling you an dick.
    Then dont ban named posts that call you a dick lol.

  6. ok so if they got no silver they can continue to pay out premium to settle right, as long as they got fiat?

    My concern is silver prices, which will have direct effect on our pocketbooks =)

  7. JP morgan has a bottomless pit of money (the fed) as long as the investors are willing to accept fed paper for payment then how will they turn down 50%, 100%, 200%, 300% payment to avoid default?

    What this is, is hyperinflation in action, that hasnt reached the street.

    I think we must accept that the CRIMEX will not be broken, only a full on flight from the dollar will cause it, but then the Comex will be meaningless.

    meh... hopefully I am wrong

  8. If huge premiums/bribes were made, then others will be lured into this lucritive way to extort money from the COMEX. March 26th is the day the CTFC releases their manipulation findings, so May could actually entertain us with July's fireworks. Keep buying and holding physical and this farce will blow up in Blythe's face sooner than later...


  9. Don't sweat it. People fall into the delusion that people writing blogs - predictive in nature - should be held to the same standards as a god. Right. Keep trucking along, SGS. Appreciate the work.

  10. I see it this way.. tell me if I am wrong. I purchased May 38.00 call options when Silver was
    27.00. I have made good money on them. If the Crimex is losing another 20 million ounces of silver the price should continue to go up. We are seeing backwardation at 1.16. The royal Canadian mint is having a hard time finding silver etc. etc etc etc.... What this does is give me more money to by triple the amount of call options for June or July. Then wait for May 1st. Having another 60 days is a short period of time to wait for another shot at the default. Physical Silver is going to continue to become harder to find. If the royal canadian mint is having trouble finding silver, what about all the big industrial users? When does that panic begin? SGS.. Love your blog. keep up the good work. This is actually turning into a more profitable exercise in May.

  11. Okay, haters under dickless Anon's are coming out, most likely its one pencil dicked loser posting all of them...from here on out, ANon's are banned. Sorry, too many needle dicks out there that hide behind a keyboards.

  12. snow... who cares if JPM crashes.. I could care less.. all I care about is making a boat load of cash quick so I can purchase more farmland and metals. I care about being able to take care of my family when this fiat balloon blows up. Watching the evil witch and her castle burn, yes that will be fun to watch but our first priority should be to have enough wealth to keep our family and loved ones safe.

  13. All I know is that there is no physical silver regardless of the spot price. I shouldn't say no physical, but in order to buy it you are paying through the nose. That tells the story right there. I am a long-term player and really do not care if COMEX defaults or not, sorry, I know the metal, supply, demand, uses and the simple fact that the uses are growing with the population. I believe prices today are going to be considered a steal in a few years. With that said, let Blythe suppress the price for awhile longer and buy more. The supply demand is not my only reason for being bullish I firmly believe that we will have a currency crisis as well, pick a country, the US, Japan, UK, etc., which will drive prices much higher. Nothing has changed, NOTHING, default or not it is the right metal at the right time.

  14. SGS, will the spot price go down or up in next few days ? please DO reply.

  15. so, come Monday does the silver spot ramp up to take into consideration: 1.Obvious lack of physical to settle? 2.Premium paid to settle?

    If so, then all is good, and the silver price continuous its non-relenting move up. This is what should happen - until the true-price of physical silver is discovered, and it starts trading based on real supply/demand.

    Right now, $33.40/oz is a joke and one hell of bargain. Load up boyz, get it while you still can.

    BTW, Awesome analyse of the crimex reports - Thanks for continued efforts.

  16. No need to be so rough on yourself, sgs, at least from how I see it. I get a lot from your posts and info, check here at least twice a day. Rumors, etc., it's all part of the picture. Thanks for doing this.

  17. Well this serves you right SGS. You should have known better than to mess with my little Blight. After all BB got clearance to install a fiat printing press right inside Blight's anal cavity. I've tried my whole life to make money by going the the bathroom and I was never successful, but now my little Blight can do just that. Why part of the reason you couldn't find her yesterday was because she was literally on the toilet shitting Benjamin Franklins out of her ass. I know that may sound gross but I assure you they had the funny money laundered before they sent it off to those who settled. Better luck next time. You were silly to think Blight would fuck up at such a critical point. She can't lose you goof, she is above the law and she doesn't have to follow the rules. Every time you think she's gonna go bankrupt, she'll just fix the dice and land on free parking. Now go directly to the silver store, do not pass go and do not collect another $200 per Oz.

  18. this is a c if my sons aim acct. works....fuckin bullshit cowardly annon least i had respect for sgs and signed my anon. post, least i could do for the man, since he asked us to do that....

  19. Blythe's Mom- hilarious post! holy fuck that was great...actually made my day now, gotta jet now...LOL OMG that was too good

  20. now if you really want to seperate the men from the boys...i would be willing to pay say a 5.00 per month fee...i could never afford those very expensive services...but the info you provide is worth way more than 5. per month...thanks again..


  21. now for my last post today...did yesterdays comex #'s come out?

  22. SGS, come on... Comex has NO silver? No offense but I seriously, seriously doubt your statement unless you can tell me you're basing it on solid proof rather than rumors. I haven't heard anyone else say the Comex has no silver and you'd think with all the players involved atleast ONE of them would come out and say something.

  23. What the ?!!? We're not gonna get a comex default in March ??! Seriously though, I don't think comex can default - I think peeps will just start having to go elsewhere for the physical. I think fireworks this March/April, but the real problems appear in Fall. The central banks will just paper over problem, until people get sick of cash.

  24. Some people wait, like brooding spiders in their webs of low self esteem, to "catch" others in a mistake... makes them feel better about themselves. Your comments, insights and guidance are much appreciated... and your ability to acknowledge a mistake just goes to show the high caliber of a human being you are.

  25. Flaunt: A data suggests comex is dry...why would Blythe be handing out get out of jail free cards to roll into the next month at such extremes? Either London or the Comex is dry, maybe both...backwardation and lease rates tell a million tales.

  26. I have been following You and Turd for months now, but i have never posted. i first caught onto this silver stuff through your videos and learned a lot, and im learning more and more everyday. so first i would really like to thank you for the education you have provided. anywho, as for the WB stuff. i believe they said that a COMEX default wasnt their plan, that they were going to basically bleed them till they defaulted on their own. so its just a matter of time. im not a trader, so i think that i have a different perspective on everything that is going on.

    the way that i read all this stuff coming out of WB and company is that this is more of a lets bring down America thing. through the silver market they have created inflation and manipulated our currency. this is causing small banks to fail and eventually large banks will follow. the profits they make by accepting cash plus premium is thrown right back into the silver market to eventually brake the ponzi scheme. but will also bring down our financial system sooner or later. after this all happens those with the physical win.

    i actually think you have been right on all along. maybe you just need to take off your trading glasses and put on your big picture glasses. we are dealing with people that think different than us, that must be taken into consideration.

    i love your blog and videos, so keep em coming.

  27. Yes, if that is happening it at least means they don't want to give up their physical bullion for some reason. Either they believe it's much more valuable than currently priced + 30% or they simply don't have it. I hope your source is reliable since we have to take it on faith that they are being bought out at such premiums. Based the accuracy of some of the things you've said in the past I'm inclined to take your word for it. WB and crew stated this was happening back in December's delivery month, just as a side note.

    I will be following the backwardation closely since I also believe it tells a story. It would be nice to see SOMEONE on the inside either at the Comex or LBMA or at one of the banks come forward ON THE RECORD and tell people what's going on. Speaking of which, what the fuck happened to Andrew Maguire and his supposed "bombshell story?" I haven't seen anything else about it from Max Keiser.

  28. If someone really giving SGS shit, screw them. He is just a blogger. He is not obligated to tell the truth or inform us of any. So far, he is pretty informative and his stories align with what we are seeing. If SGS makes mistakes or his info is somewhat different from the reality, big deal ?! People should do their homework themselves also, and not just reading a blog and bet his own basket of eggs.

  29. I'm happy you have thrown out the trolls.

    You'll have less distractions now, so will do an even better job here!
    (kinda hard to imagine a GREAT BLOG as this getter even better...)

    Like the lady said, "KEEP IT UP!" ;-)