Saturday, February 26, 2011

Right Click here to go to Harveys Blog-confirms what I just posted

Harvey is still optimistic that 8000 contracts will stand...lets see what happens. I cannot break his info down today, I have to run out. Check in later. making calls to bullion dealers now to see how the Friday orders went.


  1. you know the CRIMEX is not giving the right figures.. They will protect their biggest customers.

  2. This is the old WATCHMAN posting. I'm not the type of guy to hide out behind a mouse. Just decided to use my GOOGLE account and stand up and be counted. :-)

    So all I wanted to say was I hope we get a raging gap-up this next week. I'd like to see $40 taken out and gold get above this $1650 that Jim Sinclair always talks about then I don't have to read that no more.

    So let's go here: Gold above $1650 and break $40 with silver. That's not asking too much is it? Silver will still be cheap at those prices. Look at all the EBAYers going nuts buying rolls now at about $800 each!

    News all over the place today:
    Harvey Organ
    King World News

    This is my primary hang out now. Hope you don't mind another silver tongued orator. :-)

    I hope everyone is loaded up well for this.

    For those of you who can't afford much then get a little. Get a roll at least.

  3. People are getting nervous and I don't understand why because if you take an honest look at these raw prices for the precious metals gold and silver (I like to call them "monetary metals") it's not like buying a share of Berkshire Hathaway or Seaboard Corp.

    I was just listening to the "Weekly Metals Wrap" on King World News and it almost seems to me that mentioning a "blow-off top" here is a suggesting that we've hit the price peaks in precious metals and here comes a sell-off.

    Well here's my game plan in all of this:

    I have plenty of precious metal but I'm still buying. I'm not hedged against it either because I have other sectors I'm working as I am a die-hard long and profit taker in things that I like. My only hedge is to sit in cash on the stock market when I don't like it.

    I'm looking forward and not behind in all of this. My ounces are still ounces and there hasn't been any talk to devalue weights and measures. As for fiat just test it with fire. Fire burns paper and it just purges the metals and makes them even more pure. Bring on the fire!

  4. If 10-12,000 contracts were standing for delivery and you didn't have the metal would you admit this?

    Hell no.

  5. sgs do u have a twitter account that i can follow or would anyone recommend any people to follow on twitter

    any other blogs out there (of course none are as epic as SGS's .. i just wanna be more in the know with solid information centers to follow

  6. I posted this on Turd blog, but I'm seeing premiums for silver (Morgan dollars mostly) jump on eBay this past couple days. Here is the prices with a week ago.

    Yes, I'm a coin dealer, so this kind of jumps out at me immediately. Have to run to my web site and raise prices later today!!!

  7. Trouble coming: Hang onto your ounces and fill your tanks:

    Why do these people always blow up their own assets? We don't burn our own houses down. Maybe they are content to ride around on camels. Them camels can go pretty good actually:

  8. imho, i think ebay is more represented of current spot prices.....lot of stupidity and fakes but when you get to big quantities the real buyers show up....i saw a guy had 5 100z englelhards for sale with 20+ bids and hours to go.....

    p.s i would rather do tylers captcha than sgs crazy fucking words....i still only hit about 70% on both

  9. "Harvey is still optimistic that 8000 contracts will stand"

    What the heck are you talking about. We are down at 4187. Period. We know this for hours now. There won't be any trouble at the Comex. None. Nada. Niente. Nothing.

    Maybe May. But not now.

    (NB: I am a silver bug. But that does not mean than I lost my brain.)

  10. No are not "down at 4187. Period".

    Wait until Monday's final report, sheesh.

  11. Newsunit:

    There is a fellow here already posting as Watchman. He said he is taking off for the weekend, but will return sunday night.
    So, you will have to wait for HIM to verify what I say he said.

    He said he was SHORT SILVER! (Not long like you are stating)

    Personally, I'd like to see a test of $29.00 support PRIOR to the next leg-up.It will make the next move UP that much more sustainable.

  12. The reports actully lag by one day, as I understand it, fwiw...

  13. Regarding eBay being the real market.....

    I remember back when spot silver was around $18.00. Folks were paying $20-$24 per ounce PLUS shipping!! ROLLS, not singles....

    EBay is where we will start selling ours when SPOT hits $250.

  14. Silver Bull: I'm the former WATCHMAN. I returned early.

    And I am short on silver---yes. And I'm buying more too.

  15. Come to think of it... why SLV "getting" more silver lately ? Also, isn't there will be position limits going to be played out in late March ?

    I believe the new rule is allow shorting silver for the purpose of hedging.

    If SLV loan silver to JPM, then they can hedge and they can short the silver future. More silver SLV has, then more JPM can hedge.

    Anyone want to comment on my theory ?

  16. SGS, Shouldn't Blythe be worried that all this fiat she is handing out as cash premiums will chase whatever physical is still available and bid the price up even further at an accelerated rate?

  17. Continue my chain of thoughts..... On the other hand, we don't know how much shorts of silver JPM still got left. Don't they have billion oz shorts ?

    And right now, silver shortage are showing up even for the consumer market. Things are drying up more so that ever. Chinese, Indian are buying more PM than ever, in preparation of the dollar collapse. So, silver should be only going one way up. Shorting silver is asking for trouble. March, people may take money but for big buyer like the Chinese and foreign countries, they want the real stuff.

    Physical silver shortage + Emerging market importing more + JPM need to unwind the short positions + QE3 is almost a given.

    It is bullish all the way... Someone please knock some senses to me.....

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