Saturday, February 26, 2011

Still waiting for the mean time this is a must watch, get ready to laugh


  1. 4187 is the magic (preliminary) number.

    If they 'manage' expectations professionally, then this figure will be revised to perhaps about 6000 on Monday.

    Even 4187 is about half of the registsred dealer inventory. Let's see how much will actually be delivered.


  2. Just wanted to remind everyone to read the sentence in red at the bottom of the blog. There is not substitute to your own DD. @SGS is doing the best he can getting us information from the pool of sharks. I'd like to thank him for his valiant efforts.

    I just wanted to reiterate the point that if you think it is possible to make a "profit" in fiat, perhaps it is time you learned how the fiat system works.

    We really are on the front line of an ideological struggle. Self proclaimed narcissist elites have had their way for too long. It is time that we stand up and state, unequivocally, "enough is enough".

    Once the fiat system is defeated (and it will be). There will be plenty of opportunities to prosper. Opportunities where everyone is on a level playing field. You have been conditioned to believe that there is no alternative to what the narcissists decree, I assure you, there are (10 minutes of research will convince you of this).

    Stop being fooled by the retarded narcissists, get up and fight the good fight. Wynter Benton (Bill Winters and Co.) and the J P Morgue have unlimited fiat. We have brains and numbers. It's quite obvious who can do more damage, right? [us, for the doubters out there!]

    As a message of solidarity, I too WANT MY SILVER NOW!

  3. i have 3 brokerages

    2 active are zecco and tdameritrade..
    1 in sharebuilder
    ---->i am also very curious as to how you guys are making $ off the fiat market in PMs..
    i was considering funding my active zecco forex account and 50-1 hedging to try to score short term with a couple hundred bux

    is forex similar to what u guys r doing?

    -- any and all thoughts opinions .. how to's .. my brain=a sponge.. i wanna learn this quickly and efficiently..

    Feed The Machine Please

    ps.. if anyone took a look at the JMs and other stocks i suggested yesterday and took advantage way to go! .. still time to get in .. ill repost the stocks if anyone would like

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  5. strongly agree with yousif

    people get pissed at me when im wrong about predictions saying things like ... "mehh last month u said this would happen and it didnt i dont care mehhh give me some grass baahh meeh baahh"

    oddly enough these kinds of people dont remain friends of mine for long, just stop talking to them .. not worth them draiinning my energy in this less than positive struggle against normalcy bias with others all around me suffering from it so bad .. how are these conditioned humans actually still human as far as consciousness makes the human species distinct and separate from the animal kingdom..

    ... example .. rescued a crow freezing to death the other day got on the bus i asked this guy to let me take his seat so i could hold the crow and keep stable.. get this..

    he was like "uhgg are you serious" as if he was inconvienced by this .. rage i felt ..different kind of rage.. long s short commanded him to "stfu.. get the f u" about 2-3 times mad athoritatively .. he got his ass up..

    in my mind these "people", wshtf, will get what they deserve .. as they act all surprised at the sudden economic bs that "came out of no where"

    love it

    SGS u r the man end of story

  6. also last thing, yousif, i do understand that fiat will only be here for a limited time .. literally all i could afford is around 11 maples .. so after survival prep expenses .. it would be cool to try to hit it big with just a couple hundred with fiat in PMs market or forex (silver vs us) to buy more silver and survival prep

    lol ftw i am 22, senior undergrad (gonna spend another year and a half with 2mjr 2 mnr)
    nuff said there
    point is when i say i can only afford 11oz i only have that much to spend so a big score is needed :)

  7. Dunno what you have heard, but:

    1. The OI March is down by approx. 10.000 leaving 4.000
    2. The OI May just gained 9.000

    So it I see the logic right here, than there is simply NOTHING happening, the people just rolled over.

  8. Not much silver for sale on e-bay.
    There are 3 kilo bars for sale in the entire world and they are sold 50% over spot.

  9. Not sure if this is right, but it looks like 572 deliveries for Feb and then Friday sent down 252.
    So, I think that leave IO of 10072 for Monday still standing and 252 have already given notice of standing.
    Blythe will have to let the price rise enough to get them to take the money and run or the Comex tanks.
    Am I missing something?

  10. Is this a "quiet before the storm" or is it usual to have so little information about Friday this time on a Saturday?

  11. The OI is down to 4000. Look for yourself:

    Nothing will happen. They simply rolled over to May.

  12. so as long as people roll their contract, then nothing will happen? So technically the comex can survive a loooong time. It's kind of anti-climatic given all the hoopla the past few weeks.

  13. Phoenix,

    How did they let you on the bus with a freezing cow?

  14. who is this Blythe character and why do we all hate him or her

  15. Hmm disappointing but not all that surprising. How many people actually thought the Comex was going to go bust? Still, if 20M ounces get delivered, the depletion of the warehouse is going to rapidly continue.

  16. epic FAIL!, Mr i got contacts.

  17. SGS Thank You! Had my sister and brother-in-law over last night for dinner. I've been trying to explain to them why they need to do something with their finances before its too late. After spending an hour around the dinner table talking about what is going on in our economy I decided to show them your bear cartoons. Watched all of them and bingo the lights finally went on. Thank You! Keep up the good work!

  18. Anon grow a dick, no fail here, premiums paid out HUGE like I said grow a sac and post a name you coward.

  19. reef

    its always a good thing to talk to lots of people and make very good relations with public workers..

    i said "i saved him from freezing to death, i have him stable and secure"

    him "i didnt see anything"

    heres a pic.. lol i really miss the little guy!/photo.php?fbid=10150103892539753&set=t.573464752&theater