Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SLV Anomalies Part 2 - The SLV assay Comparison (UPDATED)

I'm not good with files transfers and mp3's and shit like that, I had posted the same pdf earlier, sorry about that.

After reading through the public pdf's that SLV provides on their website, I have found some more anomalies. I have contacted the assayer, "Paul Alston" he has basically told me to fuck myself, and to call some corporate landline. So I said okay. Something stinks.

The two most recent pdf's I have found are from the most recent assay from Paul Alston from the Inspectorate In't. It is found below. Read through it, get acquainted with the assay of the worlds 'biggest' silver reserves.

Copy an paste this URL as my linker does not work for fuck sakes.


Okay...now lets look at a different assay done by the same "Paul Alston" from the the exact same company. Read below.

Inspectorate-2010-09-02 gold money

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

a. Why does he not list the scales used for the SLV audit?
b. Why is the second pdf, for a smaller company 14 pages long?
c. Look at the detail in the goldmoney audit..SLV lacks detail
d. Are his signatures all good, seems fishy.
e. do you guys see any other anomalies that I have missed?

Blythe having a tough morning I see...


  1. silvergoldsilver - thanks for all your work and thoughs and time and ... you are on "My blog list" now!

  2. BTW reagrding 1387 - do you think it will really go that high? (to run some limit buy orders above 1385?)

    I had my sell orders already a bit earlier.

  3. For all of you new to the game, this is what it's all been about recently


    As you can see, the Mar OI is over 61,000 contracts as of yesterday. The margin increase is designed to expedite the process by those who do NOT intend to stand for delivery to sell the March contracts immediately. The Comex wants to know how many contracts might potentially stand for delivery. Once it gets a gauge of this figure, it will increase the price of silver in an attempt to lower the March OI as the delivery date approaches.

    Guess what Blythe? The Leader says that we are seriously thinking about standing for physical delivery instead of taking a cash premium. He is afraid that you might default later on (after March) and not give us a cash premium. Not only that, our group will be buying the bulk of the contracts as the delivery date approaches so neither Blythe nor the Comex will have any idea what hit them.

    We want to leave you with these happy thoughts as you contemplate your next move.


  4. Don't know what I'm supposed to compare, as both reports you posted are identical.

  5. Net Transaction LTD = Goldmoney = Turk. You think he fucks with inventory?

    Last week Dutch gov. made it impossible to Dutch citizens to open a Goldmoney account.

  6. GKHovenier,

    Do you have a link to that info? Thx.

  7. Finn,

    here's the link.


    It's a Dutch article. Also check out Goldmoney's side. Netherlands was listed under the fasttrack registering countries. Netherlands is not listed anymore.

  8. Much appreciation for taking it to these fascist pigs. You have a lot of fans and support, keep up the good fight.~

  9. "BTW reagrding 1387 - do you think it will really go that high? (to run some limit buy orders above 1385?)

    I had my sell orders already a bit earlier. "

    please explain more, I'm lost as to what needs to be answered, thanks.

  10. SGS

    Thanks for the new link (iShares SLV audit), or maybe it was my comp. I the same charts.
    I see what you mean now.

  11. Thanks GK....

    Wasn't it just the Netherlands that forced that pension fund to sell their gold? WTF? They are not very gold friendly eh?

  12. Finn,

    Begin of this year, Gov. here raised VAT on silver coins from 6 to 19%. So silver isn't a favorite either.

    No they are not friendly to PM's, actually they are very unfriendly towards everything that thinks for it self.

    I guess they see a lot of money being hoarded in the form of PM's.

    The pension fund is a crazy story. Specially after I read that the big pension funds here heavily underperformed with their paper investments.
    The fund that had to sell most of their gold is a very small fund. They will fight the verdict, but that might take years. Meantime they have to sell the gold within two months.

    You're from the lowlands?
    One of my sons has the same name as you have.


  13. SGS, thanks for this. First thing I would state is that the ishares, is only an INSPECTION and not a CERTIFICATE OF AUDIT. Not that I have any relevant experience in this but this would seem to indicate that less level of detail and accuracy is required for an inspection. They basically counted how many bars there were in the JPM vaults. That is all. The audit considered the purity and weights.

  14. Fair enough. I cant seem to track down the audit for the SLV. Would this be public info? Something still not right about it, its like the matrix when neo knows something, but just cant put his finger on it...

  15. Some of the points were already mentioned by Mark Anthony on SeekingAlpha:
    In another article, he also points out duplicate serial numbers in SLV's published material.

  16. post other article please cant find it, thanks.

  17. sure sgs, here is the link:
    see also the comments.

    thank you for the great site.

    and let's see if we can punch that girl tonight.