Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Silver Ready for Stratosphere, After CME Rate Hike



(who cares, pass GO, collect $200 and go straight to silver)

-OI explodes 4956
-sitting at an OI of 147,450 equivalent to 737 million oz's....WHAT!!???
-Front delivery contracts RISE by 483 contracts
-Total ounces standing in this NON delivery month stay the same, as someone needed silver today
-SLV sheds 73,000 oz's (right...)
-Can you say BULLISH?

I'll make this quick. We are approaching a new phase in the silver bull. I can taste $50...and the idiot who wrote my $35 strike a while back is going to be eating Blythe's elbow in about 4 weeks. I'm hearing of another rate hike, this should come as no surprise to anyone but my grandmother. Lets see how the Asians bid it tonight, stay tuned, the Spring is quickly approaching, but make no mistake, she's pulling an all nighter tonight, I walked by and saw her can full of Rockstar and Redbull and condoms (WHAT!?)


97% of days in 2010 the Morgue made money, Fund Managers confidence all time high for stocks, Shalom Bernank blames blogs for 'confusing the truth', Prices Paid index off the charts, Asians buying SLV and taking delivery, Silver Spot about to go into stratosphere, Rate hike immanent.

Is this where Americans get their info from? This was from 2006. Shit son...he's spot on, the rest of these fucktards are plugs.


  1. I got the urge to buy me some March calls out of the Money. Im torn by SLW and SLV. SLW has earnings the first week of March do it could be a double whammy when we finally see whats up Blythe's Skirt

  2. I love Peter Schiff - Awesome composition .I supported him during his run for senate.

  3. I'm going to read this guys book, Crash Proof, How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse. He seems to know what he's talking about.

  4. I can't see the video because I'm at work so I'm sorry if it's the same video.


    Here he talks about his book.

  5. Looking at the MAR futures, Blythe hit 'em at 8:50 and 9:05 hard- but looks like the bogus sells got soaked up and were heading North.

    SGS- any site/news outlet you like best to get "real time" info re. say the CME announcing Margin hikes.

    Thx again for you insights. I never realized how much of a "war" this truly is! Fascinating, yet very sobering since it will impact the country hugely whoever wins.


  6. There is NO news source quicker than Zerohedge. None. Futures reversing here, I am awaiting a text message if the HIKE is during trading hours today...