Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dollar Dives, Silver leads Gold now heading to Highs, CME rate hike Coming, Gartman ready to downplay metals

The US Dollar index took a shit just now, on some good or bad news-really who cares what it is I dont want to bore you with Econ 101 text book bullshit that is made up by some arbitrary bookrat a century ago.

Silver is now leading Golds move higher. I'll say that again, SILVER is now leading Gold participation in the metals market rally. This is bullish, as all eyes are on the front month of March now.

As per usual, I'm hearing rumbles of Blythe slamming doors, cutting off baby's heads and doing lines of white stuff with Lady Gaga in her office last night. Word is she has called down to the Dimon, and has put in a request for a silver CME margin rate hike.

I am also expecting Gartman to come on CNBC this week and downplay whats really going on in the metals market, calling it a 'dead cat bounce' or some other chart pattern you can find in Bulkowski's 'pattern of charts' encyclopedia.

On to the real news from yesterdays COMEX (Which may be fudged now too since it is run by the Morgue) but if its fudged in our favor, I'll take that for now.


-silver's OI is diverging from golds
-142,000 OI contracts is making Blythe want to change her sex
-March contracts not rolling over, staying for the delivery
-more massive withdrawals
-2.1 million standing, added more contracts as they want the physical
-SLV ADDS metal (Houston we have a problem!)
-All round BULLISH, big time


Deutsche Boerse agrees to merge with NYSE, PP Empire index surges, PM's surge on UK in inflation rate, Tungsten prices outperform JPM stock, and yes EGYPT is still burning!

Expect new 30 year highs in silver and the margin hike to follow. See you tonight for SLV Anomalies Part 2. And grab some inflation soup, its still cheap.


  1. Silver...a precious metal AND a commodity. The Blyther can't keep a good metal down forever!
    Thank you, SGS!

  2. looks like the blythe just decided she better whack silver down before it runs. From 30.93 to
    30.66. I think some people are getting very scared right now. It will be fun pissing on the morgues graves.

  3. I noticed that too. I wonder if she is going to do that everytime it gets close to 31

  4. silvergoldsilver - thanks for all your work and thoughs and time and ... you are on "My blog list" now!

  5. This is exciting stuff. I just hope the price remains steady for a few more days. I ordered a Chase Slate card in the mail and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I still need to purchase some more silver on JPM's dime.

  6. Fuck Gartman the son of a bitch..... said gold silver ratio would soon be back to 55:1 a few weeks ago, what a fraud.